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Sean Tompkins

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Revision as of 10:06, 25 November 2014 by SeanFailkins (Talk | contribs)
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Sean Matthew Tompkins
Tompkins family (24).jpg
Gender Troll
Aliases Fathead Tompkins with his fat sister and dead mother-he's banged both of them/Mark Spiegler the child rapist
Cell phone number 818-326-5403
Birth date 1968
Height Short
Hair Balding/Backwards Cap/Beanie

Sean Matthew Tompkins is a wannabe porn actor, wannabe porn insider, porn super fan boi/hired goon, hanger on/yes man, Attention Whore, Online Tough Guy, thief, scumbag, deadbeat dad, homosexual and Christianx supporter whose impotent fake paternal pimp act consumes his private life and substitutes for real intimacy. Don't fall for THAT shit. Sean has four half-black kids with three different ex-wives and is wanted for outstanding child-support. He spends his whole life trolling the internet as a keyboard warrior claiming that he can kick the ass of anybody who'll dare to meet him, however when confronted he usually twists and turns and wiggles his way out of any possible face to face confrontation by requesting numerous stipulations that must be met before he will actually agree to go through with any fight. Because of this, he has yet to meet anyone from online for any face to face physical confrontation, even after 3 years of pleading for fights with anyone who will listen. He regularly attempts to DDOS/hack anyone who bans or talks back to him.

He turned on Porn Wiki Leaks and went by the name Docsfreakyflixxx stealing content from PWL and placing his whole family in jeopardy by teaming up with pornographic whores and hookers that are members of the Gay Mafia.

Sean kissing ass of Mark Spiegler,Michael Whiteacre, and some other porn trash.


Sean Matthew Tompkins Thoughts About This Wiki and PWL

Sean Tompkins gained a bit of notoriety with certain porn scumbags, by stealing some PWL passwords in 2011, and subsequently making threats to PWL forum moderators. This was his "break out" moment as many whores and scumbags who were exposed with embarrassing wikis, befriended this turd and took him into their circle even as he was just a lowly fan boi from Texas.

Over the years however, Tompkins reputation has plummeted and he has earned a reputation as a troll and a trouble maker. Harassing performers on his site and on Twitter, calling them "trolls" and "tards" and doing everything to performers that he said PWL had done. In short, no one in the business respects him and all his pathetic attempt at becoming part of the "cool" porn crowd has done, is ruin his life and the lives of his family, and it has put all their futures in jeopardy.

Because of this, Tompkins, to this day, has a great deal of disdain for this web site and its contributors. He is also very jealous of the international attention this site once got, attention, that his site has never come close to getting, despite his theft of part of the name of this site. In turn, he challenges many PWL contributors to physical fights as he knows there is no hope of defeating them in an online capacity. He gives out his telephone numbers and addresses randomly in a pathetic cry for attention and to act as some sort of hero to someone, possibly porn performers. At the end of the day though, very few people know or care about this turd and as of this wiki edit, he has under 40,000 views on this wiki, even as it is 3 years old. In contrast, performer Christianx, has the most popular wiki on the site at well over 200,000 views.

Other Sean Matthew Tompkins family failures

Ron Barthold homosexual brother of Sean Matthew Tompkins
Patricia Barthold fat fag hag whore

Daughter Brooke lives in Cibolo, Texas his father William Tompkins also lives in Cibolo, Texas his sister Shannon M. Rangel advertises herself as a certified public notary at 337 Soapstone Cibolo, TX, 78108 Shannon Rangel relatives - John Ahrrison, Heather Duckworth, John Harrison of Auburndale FL, Samantha Prescott,45, of Cibolo, TX. Brooke tompkins of cibolo tx is Sean tompkins 18 yr old daughter Brooke tompkins Smithson Valley High class of 2012 cibolo tx is Sean tompkins 18 yr old daughter http://www.mugglespace.com/profile/BrookeLTompkins AIM/Skype/MSN/Yahoo! screennames doyouanime

Homosexual Sean Matthew Tompkins gay father was William Tompkins kicked out of Texas Military Institute for sucking cocks https://www.facebook.com/william.tompkins.984 Sean Matthew Tompkins niece facebook account- https://www.facebook.com/mallory.peterson.92 Mallory Peterson Sean Matthew Tompkins other niece- she works at an IHOP https://www.facebook.com/crystallyn.harrison crystallyn Harrison boyfriend of his niece https://www.facebook.com/david.enciso.96 Avid Enciso' 2 half brorhers are fags Kevin Barthold and Ronald Barthold time for Bitch-tits Tompkins to surrender and shut his mouth uh-oh - Bitch-tits Tompkins half brother is San Antonio city auditor Kevin Barthold http://www.sanantonio.gov/cityauditor/ uh-oh Bitch-tits half brother Ron Barthold is Senior Research Technologist at Southwest Research Institute http://www.jigsaw.com/scid13568035/ron_barthold.xhtm lets all say it together - Dance Bitch-tits DanceRonald barthold looks like an ugly gay serial killer- wonder if he molested Sean Matthew Tompkins https://www.facebook.com/ron.barthold.7?fref=ts heres the other faggot brother Kevin Barthold https://www.facebook.com/kevin.barthold.10?fref=ts time for fatso Sean Matthew Tompkinsto apologize and beg for mercy- he's been very stupid together the faggot Barthold brothers sucked every cock at La Vernia High School in the 80s Ron Barthold fucks this ugly cow https://www.facebook.com/patricia.barthold these relatives should know that Sean Matthew Tompkins spends his life online trying to get attention from porn whores and trying to slam great straight porn gods like Donny Long instead of paying his 4 kids child support. Sean Matthew Tompkins stepfather Melvin Barthold of Converse Texas took his anal cherry https://www.facebook.com/melvin.barthold maybe Sean Matthew Tompkins 3 aunts would like to do some granny scenes - Valdene Staples, Nancy Ward and Tracey DeGroodt whore Kelly Bean is Sean Matthew Tompkins old friend in Mount Vernon, WA http://api-v4.alltrails.com/members/beanster the office of gay brother/ San Antonio city auditor Kevin Barthold is seeking job applicants on twitter Carlos [email protected] Looking for an Audit Officer/Staff Auditor in San Antonio, TX http://www.bullhornreach.com/job/659083_audit-officerstaff-auditor-san-antonio-tx?referer=t.co&shortlink=1596860 Michael King @MikeRecruits Are you a good fit for this job? IT Auditor in San Antonio, TX http://www.bullhornreach.com/job/481041_it-auditor-san-antonio-tx?utm_campaign=v1&shortlink=1278010&utm_content=6&utm_source=twitter.com&referer=t.co&utm_medium=referral feel free to leave a comment on the blog of Kelly Beane http://kellbell-whywouldanyonereadthis.blogspot.com/2013/01/ozette-triangle-at-last.html Fagkins is backing down- he is dancing the macarena http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XiBYM6g8Tck Fagkins has a dead brother Stephen Tompkins - sounds like an Aids case San Antonio auditor Kevin W. Barthold lives in a dump http://www.city-data.com/bexar-county/H/Heraldry-5.html Hotel Planter needs to know that whore receptionist Kelly Beane is mixed up with fagkins http://www.linkedin.com/pub/kelly-beane/59/404/876 Fagkins cousin Keiley Degroodt sucks inmate cock at the prison where she works https://www.facebook.com/keiley.degroodt any thoughts on niece Rachel Bartholds tits https://www.facebook.com/rachel.barthold Northside Independent School District was crazy to hire that hoe Patricia Barthold I found a picture of Fagkins dead HIV imfested homosexual brother http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/1/14/Human-Skeleton.jpg Looks like Fagkins cousin Keiley L. Degroodt staged an accident to commit insurance fraud http://pressrepublican.com/monday/x728820083/Police-Log-June-4-2012/print her supervisor at Clinton Correctional Facility should know about this the father of cousin keileys bastard kid scott leduc' was her fraud accomplice

video found of Buckwheat's momma Vantrese Tompkins http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tpAOwJvTOio

fagkins buys into fake wrestling like a retarded 8 year old - lol

waaaaay more pathetic than bonoone

fagkins has a hulk hogan lunch box

Stephen Michael Tompkins 1973-2006 - died of AIDS after giving it to Sean

even buckwheat is to mature for wrestling

Topkins only white kid turned 18 and was sold to Mark spiegler and in Teen Moffin Tops fucking a black dude

Sean Matthew Topmkins sells his own daughter

Baldkins pulls a Desi Fox and sells his daughter to a gay child rapist suitcase pimp Mark SpieglerIt was leaked to us that ffagkins sold his 18 year old daughter to Mark the day she turned 18 and she appeared in a DVD called Teen Moffin Tops we have attached a pictures of it on the right.

Sean Matthew Topmkins mods a huge pirating site

Sean Matthew Tompkins & witega's is a huge content thief and I am sure you all are happy about that right?


Google "docsfreakyflixxx intporn"

Intporn is one of the biggest piracy forums and Tompkins is a super moderator there with over 2000 posts! !!

Homosexual dad William Tompkins outside a gay leather bar with 2 trannies Photo
Homosexual dad William Tompkins Photo

Sean Matthew Tompkins balding

Just like everything else Sean accuses people of, including people being gay, he is balding fast and we believe now he has no hair at all left. He is never seen without a hat of some sort which means one of two things: 1) He had bad hair transplant work done and is trying to cover the scarring or 2) He has lost enough hair to where he is bothered by it and so he covers it with beanie hats (In a pathetic attempt to look tough) or backwards caps, thinking that this would be a good look for him, at 45+ years old.

Sean tweets lies saying Donny Long is bald now, even though Donny Long has no history of hair loss in his family and recent pictures show him with a good head of hair. Sean is just jealous of Donny being everything Sean cant be, including straight and having hair.

balding fagkins

Sean Matthew Tompkins Lonely Loser

Tompkins is such a lonely loser that he posts ads on San Antonio meetup.com looking for people to play board games with ahhaha.

Sean Matthew Topmkins Lonely Loser

Sean Matthew Tompkins Homosexual

Tompkins wants desperately to be Christianx. So much so that he copies the big, bald homosexual's mannerisms; Tweeting photos of food, stock performances, during cardio workouts at the gym, during travel, etc. He is a big ally of the bald faggot as both are Texans, homosexuals, perverts and are in no way fit to be around children. Christian was at least smart enough to not have kids while Tompkins decided it would be fun to have unprotected sex with a bunch of ball busting black chicks and get stuck paying for their kids for 18 years rather than putting on a 25 cent rubber. Classic white trash. But anyone who treats Christianx like a role model is a flaming homosexual.

Sean Matthew Tompkins Ties to Christianx

Anyone who has a problem with Christianx on Twitter, and there are a lot, gets accused by Tompkins of being a "Troll" or "Tard" or "Friend of Donny Long." Problem with this logic is that Christian is hated by most of straight porn and at least half of tranny porn by his own admission. So not everyone fits that description. Tompkins is simply defending his workout buddy, fellow Texan and a man who he desperately wants to have sex with.

Sean Matthew Topmkins banned from ripping people off and not paying fees on Ebay

Tompkins was banned from selling on Ebay because of complaints about him ripping people off and keeping there money. See picture to the right or search google.

Sean Matthew Topmkins thief

Sean Matthew Topmkins alt id and alt youtube

on You Tube Fagkins is registered as Whores and Headlocks

http://www.youtube.com/user/WhoresAndHeadlocks he commented on you tube that San Antonio rap is the best in the world. both niggers and wiggers would laugh at this. he is the fat bald hick version of the wigger in this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ui1tUS6Ho-c

Sean Matthew Topmkins sisters even hate him

in 2009 Baldkins threatened his fat sister Shannon Rangel several times on Myspace to stay away from his 4 black kids. Looks like they were fighting over the belongings of there dead homosexual brother Stephen Michael Tompkins that died of AIDS.


Sean Matthew Topmkins baller and good businessman

Baldkins online business selling tshirts and hoodies on Etsy has has exactly 9 sales over the last 2 years http://www.etsy.com/shop/vinegarstrokes he probably made a two dollar profit on each sale - what a baller!! baldkins occupation = selling tshirts at flea markets

Sean Matthew Topmkins CHILD SEX OFFENDER

the reason Baldkins won't go back to Florida‏ IS CAUSE HE IS A CONVICTED SEX OFFENDER. See image to the right or google it.

Sean Matthew Topmkins CHILD SEX OFFENDER

Sean Matthew Topmkins Not Paying Child Support

Notice of Child Support lien for Sean Matthew Tompkins
Nacey E Tompkins wants her $22,796,57
Sean Matthew Tompkins needs to be put in jail.

Sean Matthew Tompkins Friends

like Sean, his sister Brooke has inherited the Tompkins melonhead jean
Seans bastard daughter enjoys a food stamp meal courtesy of the American taxpayer.
Sean's negro son is already on parole.

Kaiden Tompkins, son.Brooke L Tompkins, sister.

Sean Matthew Tompkins Son is mentioned on PWL

Kaiden's dad made a big mistake messing around with the Porn Wiki Leaks folks and his family got exposed. Sean called PWL "pussies" for putting the name of his son on the PWL forum. But Sean, YOU put your son's name on the PWL site by making the big mistake of turning on them. Not a smart decision.

Sean Matthew Tompkins Runs illegal porn filesharing and stolen password forum

Tompkins runs an illegal porn filesharing and stolen password forum hosted by CirtexHosting.com: docsfreakyforum.com cirtexhosting.com/tos.shtml was noted on the Porn Wiki Leaks forum that Tompkins is violating Cirtex's Terms of Service:All services provided by CirtexHosting.com may only be used for lawful purposes. This includes, but not limited to: copyrighted material, material we judge to be threatening or obscene Tompkins can be reported to his web host here:Cirtex Corp ([email protected]) 8884247839 Fax: 115 West 30th St New York, NY 10001 US [email protected]

Sean Matthew Tompkins Fat Texan

Everything is bigger in Texas including Sean's fat gut, triple chin and bitch tits.
One of the 3 the bastard Tompkins kids throwing up gang signs.

Sean Matthew Tompkins Baby Machine

Sean has never heard of a condoms, nor does he care to learn:

Why do each of my baby mamas think the other baby mamas are hoes. It was revealed to PWL by one of his wife's ex that Sean is a scumbag who goes around spreading his seed but doesn't have the money to pay child support. Here's a quote: This motherfucker is a deadbeat dad he doesn't like paying child-support. I think he owes or use to owe his second wife like 20 grand in back child support. I know his first wives name was Lori and 2nd was Nancy then my girl Vantrese. Maybe it was only 3 times. I know this motherfucker has tons of kids and he doesn't like paying support.

Sean Matthew Tompkins 3 Baby Mamas 4 Kids

@DHPMUSIC Sean Tompkins I spend 20 mins a day arguing with each baby mama. 7 hours a week 21 hours a month. Baatches.

Sean Matthew Tompkins Jerk

Sean trying to fit in with the ethnic crowd.

@DHPMUSIC Sean Tompkins @Kimsuet yea he called Sherrif Dept on me for parking my SUV half on sidewalk an half in street @DHPMUSIC Sean Tompkins i just killed a fly an called my neighbor a fag....hope no one gets mad

Sean Matthew Topmkins Uneducated

@DHPMUSIC Sean Tompkins @devDillinger u no me. The only punctuation I use is ..... Those lil dots.

@DHPMUSIC Sean Tompkins @Attevocai yea well I went college on a athletic ride not english. So they can kiss my white ass. Haha

@DHPMUSIC Sean Tompkins @Attevocai stop using big words. Your gonna confuse people. Lol

Sean Matthew Tompkins Weirdo

@DHPMUSIC Sean Tompkins Todays advice. If u got 4 kids. Don\'t post naked pics of urself. Lol

@DHPMUSIC Sean Tompkins @DamaliXDares kroger is the best place to pick chicks. They have double cupon day.

Sean Matthew Tompkins On Probation

@DHPMUSIC Sean Tompkins @witega I'm sure he will give a day pass to invade as long as I come right back

@DHPMUSIC Sean Tompkins @witega my PO frowns on me leaving the county. Not to mention he's on my follow list. Lol. Shhhhh

@DHPMUSIC Sean Tompkins Waiting at my POs office. Doors are locked an lights r off. Not a good sign

Sean Matthew Tompkins Leech On Taxpayers

Does anyone seriously think this fat ass can afford to support his 4 kids by 3 baby mamas? Hello food stamps!

Sean Matthew Tompkins Whiteboyz

Like "Cliff" in the movie Whiteboyz, Tompkins is a wigger who attempts to look and act black. Like Cliff, played by Danny Hoch, Tompkins also impregnated his girlfriend(s). Unlike Cliff, Tompkins was dumb enough to do it numerous times. Tompkins brags on Twitter about petty crimes he committed in an attempt to appear "hood." He requested that his crimes be added to this wiki but we will tell the truth about this petty criminal and his desire to be ghetto because he thinks it's cool. He would not survive jail and would cry himself to sleep at night if he was ever incarcerated.

Sean Tompkins is a wigger like Danny Hoch.

Sean Matthew Tompkins Forum Activity/Twitter

Sean Matthew Tompkins family Notes

a working black woman supports his lazy lifestyle of trolling the internet and brown nosing porn whores all day. People can show support for vantrese by calling the CHCS at 210-731-1300. @Karli_Fries84 will need to have a talk with Shannon Rangel about pervert Uncle Sean Mathew TOmpkins @TRPWL this faggot @diegosfallensky should tell his Southwest research coworker Ronald Barthold to look at his wiki. maybe @witega is Plumpkins fat sister Shannon Rangel? BINGO! twitter of Ronald Bartholds coworker at Southwest research @diegosfallensky this tompkins niece could be the next spiegler girl @Karli_Fries84 twitter for the niece fagkins beats off to the most- @Karli_Fries84

Video Monica Foster made about Tompkins even a girl makes him look stupud lol

Sean Matthew Tompkins Something Not Right

Several Porn Wiki Leaks members knew this guy was trouble from the get-go because of his suspicious behavior. This hunch turned out to be correct and Tompkins was exposed as being behind a fake PWL with stolen images and layout. The Hooker behind the project was Mercedes Ashley, a mentally unstable whore who has one of the best wikis on PWL. Tompkins had been patting himself on the back about "being undercover" on PWL and "trying to get to know the enemy" whilst members of PWL knew all along that this guy was trouble. He failed as badly at his undercover attempts as he does at paying child support.

Sean Matthew Tompkins Meathead issues physical challenges

Because Tompkins is about to get a nice wiki, complete with embarrassing photos of himself and his family, he made sure to issue a physical challenge to all PWL who visit his city - which is San Antonio, Texas, famous for churning out homosexual and transsexual porn star Christianx and his diseased whore buddy Alexis Texas. We think Tompkins may have been a john for one or both of these whores when they come back to San Antonio over the holidays.

=Sean Matthew Tompkins Defends Monica Foster

Docsfreakyflixxx Leave family members alone an stick to what you set out to do. Monica fosters mom. ??? Really. What kind of shyt is that.

Foster did not return Tompkins affection for her and she takes cheap shots at this wigger all the time, frustrating Tompkins. Sean's little plan of making Monica baby mama #4 did work out.

After not being able to handle the rejection, Tompkins went on a crusade against Foster, stalking her, berating her and constantly writing up articles about her and poking fun of her drug and alcohol problem on his parody site. His sidekick Ari Bass moved to Henderson, NV, just to stalk her full time and showed up to her court dates. This is how this gutless punk treats women that turn him down, and it mirrors the behavior of his friend Christianx, who is also known for stalking and harassing women that refuse to work with him.

Sean Matthew Tompkins Involved with Mercedes Ashley

Teamed up with Mercedes Ashley to form a fake Porn Wiki Leaks in an attempt to take attention off the real PWL. They failed and instead made things worse for themselves.

Tompkins talks to failed hooker Mercedes Ashley

Sean Matthew Tompkins Clueless

Fundamentally. Some of you have good ideas. However. Most of you are KKK applicants. Once again, the good old fashioned race card is brought into things when Porn Wiki Leaks opponents get in over their head. Now, because Sean's son and several of his "baby mamas" are black - the race card comes in nice and handy. If any of his whores or the kids they shit out were Hispanic or Asian, Sean would not be able to pull the race card. Blacks pull that trusty tactic whenever things start to go downhill for them. It's a wonderful crutch.

Sean Matthew Tompkins Forum Post Whore

Is a registered member of dead forum XPT and proudly displays the logo of his fake Porn Wiki Leaks site in his avatar and a link to that cheap, low traffic PWL knockoff in his signature there. Any comments made about PWL or it's supporters sees Tompkins post whoring in the thread while regular XPT contributors ignore his cries for attention. Maybe Tompkins should focus on getting a job and paying the thousands of dollars of back child support he owes, which grows by the day.

Tompkins talks to his hero, child pornographer Mike South

Sean Matthew Tompkins Shameless support of scumbag child pornographer Mike South

Tompkins made this horribly embarrassing statement on an internet forum about crippled old man, Mike south: hes a true hero to say the least..Baseball has Babe Ruth, Football has Jerry Rice, Hockey has Gretzky, Basketball has Jordan, and Porn has Mike South Tompkins just compared a low life child molesting scumbag pornographer to some of the greatest athletes of their time. We feel it may be time for Sean to stop smoking whatever he smoked before making this statement and also time for South and Tompkins to get a room. Sean is also vindictive and will use any means necessary to expose those who have the balls to take him on in his crusade to get laid for being Captain Savahoe just like his idol and Jew, Mike South.

Sean Matthew Tompkins Child Support Lien


Sean Matthew Tompkins Crimes

Boasted about his criminal past on an adult forum.

Sean Matthew Tompkins defrauds crack users out of cars for fraudulent resale

a white guy, decided he would go thru the process of becoming a notary public. Then when the geeker(usually a black person btw)came thru, we would try and get them to sign over their title and I would notarize it..You would be surprised at how easily the crackheads (usually a black person btw) would give up the bucket. Soon we had enough cars to open a shithole corner lot in the hood..Of course we got shut down by the AANTF but it was a good run..

In the 90s my friends(usually a black person btw) used to trade 50 packs to a geeker,(usually a black person btw)for their car. They would ride around committing various crimes using the car, half the time the smoker (usually a black person btw) would come down and report it stolen resulting in a 3rd degree felony when my friends(usually a black person btw) were caught

Sean Matthew Tompkins reveals true feeling about blacks and says, as a white, he is a superior criminal

White people are smarter then black people..We have to steal way more to get caught..When there is a riot, black folk steal TVs, we take credit card slips...

Black people run a faster 40, white people are better criminals

Sean Matthew Tompkins Contact Information

Primary: (210) 394-9295 (Texas, USA) Secondary: 830-660-2698

Sean Matthew Tompkins Behavior At 2014 AVN Convention

During the week of the AVN Award Show and AEE trade show, Sean obsessively snapped selfies of himself and pictures of and with Michael Whiteacre and Mark Spiegler. He shared these images on Twitter with the intentions of showing off in front of Porn Wiki Leaks and Donny Long. When PWL posted a blog on their site that questioned why he was not shooting photos of his face, and maybe he isn't even in Las Vegas, Tompkins went on a rampage of selfie face shots in response, proving that his entire life revolves around PWL. When PWL questioned why he was at an adult convention but had not taken a single picture with a female, Tompkins ignored them and eventually called them trolls. While Whiteacre and Spiegler are seen in several photos with women, Tompkins never posted a single photo of himself with a woman, confirming that he is a homosexual that is as scared of women as they are of him.

Sean Matthew Tompkins Returns To AVN In 2015

Tompkins is already making plans to return to the show in 2015, and his parody porn site is offering packages. No word on whether or not he actually intends to stand within 15 feet of a woman this year. With his 2014 AVN roomie Ari Bass now married and living in Vegas and possibly headed to prison, no word on who Sean's AVN roomie will be this year. Word is that he will again don the baggy shorts and backwards cap, even as he is 1 more year closer to age 50. As of this wiki edit in November 2014, Tompkins is already trying to make a big splash (Make an asshole of himself) at the AVN weekend by calling out random people for fights, for absolutely no reason at all. This attention whoring is a possible attempt to get someone to notice him at the show this year, as he walked around humiliated last year when he was informed that no one knew who the fuck he was, nor had they ever heard of his bullshit site. He acts as somewhat of a lesser (Much, MUCH lesser) known Stuttering John Melendez of Howard Stern Show fame, who once had a bit where he interviewed celebrities on the red carpet and asked them vulgar questions.

Sean Matthew Tompkins References

Sean Matthew Tompkins External links

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