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Monica Foster Trolls Porn Wiki Leaks

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Profile that Foster created before she lost the balls to post under her real name.

This page will document pathetic pornographic whore and hooker Monica Foster's trolling on the Porn Wiki Leaks forum, which, as of 2014, is still ongoing. The wiki will begin with her early posts under a registered name and move along to the stage where she lost her balls and couldn't get the courage to sign in anymore. Her posts are easy to find, and sometimes the loser even admits to her trolling. The bitterness over her wiki, to this day, is palpable, outing her every single time.


Monica Foster 2010

Monica Foster registered on the PWL forum as MonicaFoster on Dec. 9, 2010, and began acting like a bitch in her very first post, responding to moderator, worstnightmare:

If you'd bothered to actually watch the videos in their entirety you'd have no reason to be mad - unless you're just a complete ass (which you might be).

Monica Foster Talks About Fucking Christianx

In December 2011, Foster discussed the touchy subject of her fucking trannyfucker Christianx:

That was my 6th or 7th shoot of my "porn career." That was also the shoot where the director referred me to Type 9 models (I was with Giirlzinc at the time). If I'd known what I know now, and if my agent/manager at the time had given a rat's ass about my reputation as a performer, that scene never would have happened.

Monica Foster Linking To Her "Projects"

She began this in 2010, and continues it to this day under the Unregistered handles she posts under, outing her every time.

Monica Foster / Gia Jordan

She posted about Gia Jordan in her early days on PWL, and seemed to be fond of her. Which is probably why, when Gia's ethnicity on her wiki was recently changed to match some other online sources, the bigoted Foster freaked out and began attacking the wiki editor. Worse for Foster is that Gia's ethnicity is listed in several places as Caucasian. This is a group of people Monica hates because she feels inferior to them, wants to be like them and was dumped by one of them -- a porn cameraman, white guy and playboy, Matthew Holder.

Monica Foster Talks About Dykstra

Dykstra jerks off nightly, thinking about the free sex he received from this hooker. Then he laughs himself to sleep.
Yep, I was naive in this particular situation but you live and learn in life (I've actually never received a rubber check in this type of situation before).

Alas, I was stiffed, but at least I wasn't actually fucked being that he wasn't able to attain stiffness.

I'll be compensated in the end, maybe not willingly or directly by him, but he will be paying me what he owes me and the interest is racking up hourly.

Happy Holidays.

"In the end" she received nothing, while Dykstra is in jail as of this wiki edit, jerking off at the memory of fucking this dumb whore ... for free. Remember, she lied and said Dykstra had paid only for her time. In the above post, she admits he was naked and ready to fuck her, but couldn't get it hard (or so she says).

Monica Foster - "I Have No Issues"

Wtf are you talking about? I have no issues with or dirt on anyone in porn (mainly because I'm not IN porn - I do my own thing right now) - if I have something to say about someone I'll say it (and I'll say it loud) - I'm not like you hiding behind a screen name. Anything I've needed to say has been said at this point and I'm at peace. I lived and learned and am moving forward.

As of 2014, Foster is still haunted by her porn past (not at peace or moving forward in any way) and is on a very public anti-porn crusade. Moreover, she DOES hide behind screen names, which we will get to later in this wiki.

Monica Foster - Post The Check Or Shut Up

The following challenge was issued to Monica Foster in December 2010:

Monica we want to see a copy of the check. If this really happened and you really want to make Lenny Dykstra look bad and pay, then there's no reason you wouldn't go public and post a copy of the check right here where it will hurt him the most.

If you choose not to respond this would be the worst thing you could possibly do. No one will ever listen to you again and your credibility will be ruined for life after what we will do to your rep here. Trust my word on this one: we will post things you didnt even dream would go public before about your hooker life.

If you do come forward and post it or at least admit you lied, even if it was $100 in food stamps you got paid, we will go easier on you.

Foster's response:

Go ahead and release info on me. Please do. It's Christmas, I'm in Florida with my family and this is what I have to deal with after I've already dealt with what I have. I am not a liar and I have proof but considering this tone, attitude and bullying, this forum can go to hell and so can all you cowards hiding behind aliases. This forum, its peeps and Dykstra are all one in the same in my view. Crap heads with big mouths full of hot air but scared to say who they actually are.

Destroy me bitches, I have nothing left or to lose. I welcome death - it would be a vacation.

Foster continued:

No, I did not lie and no, I will not be posting the check or anything else for that matter here. This board if filled with the opposite of who and what I am - liars, cowards and turncoats. I currently do not have the check to post being that I'm in Florida. I will be back in Los Angeles on the evening of the 26th (later today). I took the check directly to the bank on the 13th of December, and it was immediately credited to my account. The bank is sending me back via mail a copy of the check which I will then post on my blog for public access to view and I will submitting a copy to L.A. county. By the time I get back to L.A. hopefully the check will have been mailed to me.

I think it's interesting how quickly this board turned on me and how those who run it were too stupid to realize that over a holiday when someone is out of town with family they aren't going to respond ASAP.

Again this is my final post here you racist assholes who obviously have no family to enjoy your holiday with. I encourage you all to trash me all u like, expose me and tell all my real info because I have nothing to hide or run from. My real name and info is out there for anyone to find. I have no criminal record and I have no children or husband for you to attack. Please harrass me so it can be in record that this board is run by corporate mob failures who are bitter.

Foster began to dig her grave and set the foundation for a legendary wiki:

No, u were dumb for pushing me. I was a supporter of this forum and now I no longer am. I will post the check on my blog only when I receive a copy from the bank which I have to wait 7 to 10 business days for from when it was first found to be either canceled of NSF as of Dec. 21. [Note: Of course, when a check that's deposited bounces, you automatically receive the check back stamped "NSF." You can also get a copy of NSF check online in seconds.]

Good move in running off the only genuine and non-cowardly poster this forum had. Dumb dumb and dumber.

Monica Foster - First Official Threat To Go To The Police

Monica Foster must have made 1000 threats on PWL to go to the police for various reasons. Here is her inaugural threat on the PWL forum:

Well I was waiting and it's been done. This board has pushed it too far by posting my legal DOB and legal name on various threads without my consent. I'm going to the police with this today to find out what my options are.

Donny Long, Christian XXX, and others who have put my life in danger, I'll be pressing charges.

Monica Foster Plays Race Card For Very First Time

Monica Foster loves the race card. She loves the victim card. Here is her first time playing that card on the PWL forum. Only about 1000 times since has she played these cards.

ChristianXXX and La Direct Models has won

Amazing how such a site can implode upon itself.

Initially I thought it was interesting, but it was overrun by psychos, Nazis and KKK members.

I think "worstnightmare" in actuality is a woman - men don't act like the person behind that screen name.

I'm disappointed to learn that Donny Long does indeed take it up the ass like those he regularly insults.

I personally (of course) feel now's the time to shut this down ... it's a shame because people ALMOST came together enough to flush certain people out of what could be a wonderful industry but oh no - certain individuals got stupid and overly egotistical.

Monica Foster Supports The Trannyfucker

After posting how she regrets working with Christianx, she then goes on to show him support:

Christian - you did win in this situation - no one will ever take this site seriously now. Congrats.

Monica Foster Supports Pimp Derek Hay, Wrongly Predicts Site Will Go Down

Derek Hay - most likely this domain will never be renewable shortly.

Maybe it was Derek Hay behind this site all along. That would be funny.

See you all live on www.derekandrewhay.com tonight.

Peace out - Alexandra Mayers - 31 years old - born January 7th, 1979 (orthodox Christmas).

Monica Foster - "My Thug Friends Will Get You!"

When it was noted on the PWL forum that Donny Long was a lifelong Florida resident, Foster launched into a "Do you know who I am?" type post, basically claiming to be a well respected, well connected star on the Florida strip club circuit. We all know this could never be true since she doesn't like people or get along with people and has admitted she has no friends.

I'm a Florida girl from a Florida family with lots of Florida friends who has just as many if not more connections - oh, and I worked in just about every major Florida adult club in the area prior to moving out to L.A., so you know exactly what type of friends I have'

I'm nice, but when you allude to hurting those I care about I'm your worst nightmare.

It should be noted that shortly after these veiled threats, her family was outed on PWL and "[our] worst nightmare" took to her video blog and broke down in tears, live on air.

Monica Foster - You're All Homos

Before her father, Ivan Mayers, was outed as a homosexual on the PWL forum, Foster played the "You're all fags!" card.

Wow, something about this photo is very homoerotic. Looks like a "pretty boy" still photo from a homosexual adult video.

But wait - AH - NO WONDER you guys here took to him so easily.

So much has been revealed about the operators and fans of this forum today.

Monica Foster - The Mayers Family Outed

Monica puts (C) Alexandra Mayers in big letters on the naked photos on her web site, like the imbecile that she is, but is then surprised that this name was punched into search engines, outing her entire family. She replied with a threat:

This is the best example of cyberbullying and Internet stalking to date. Thank you for singlehandedly bringing down the adult entertainment industry, Donny Long and friends.

Your lives are over.

Again I and my family are not afraid of you, but you should be very afraid now.


As of 2014, those who outed her family (she and Google actually outed them) are very much alive, and continue to clown her on a daily basis.

Monica Foster Attacks/Threatens Donny Long, Attempts Trash Talk

She attacked and threatened Donny Long, even accusing him of being gay. This is in the thread where her father was outed as a homosexual. Making gay slurs proves she hates her father.

You're a weak skinny loser who attacks people's families because you're too afraid to attack WOMEN directly. Again, you need to go to the AHF for help - I've seen recent photos of you and you look horrible - no one who's healthy is as as skinny as you are with skin as bad as yours is. Yuck.

Also why are you so obsessed with me still? This whole forum is about ME and my family now - which is kinda cool being that it adds meat to my book series.

The only person with secrets and lies is you and yes you are in the closet and you are definitely a homosexual. You don't even know how to keep allies - you turned on people you used to work with and they were more than happy to tell me where you are - EXACTLY.

You don't need to worry about a face to face with me, though, little girl, you need to worry about a face to face with who helped me flush you out. You are in so much trouble.

Good luck - keep making websites and forums loser while you can!

I'm coming to visit you soon Vanilla Ice - along with a few friends. I know exactly where you are thanks to an old friend of yours who used to shoot BTS for you and went on to have a stellar career in porn while yours went straight down the tubes.

I'll see you soon kid - you might want to store your computer stuff at your mom's before I get there. That is IF you have the strength and energy. You're getting REALLY thin and that complexion of yours looks really torn up - you should get in contact through Lubben with the AHF so you can get on some meds before it's too late.

Monica Foster Advocates Drinking And Driving

Foster suggested that drinking and driving is not a big deal and is just part of growing up -- ignoring the fact that her sister could have killed herself or someone else on the road, maybe even a family with small children.

OH NO my sister has a DUI like THOUSANDS of other young people.

Monica Foster Hates Self, Yet Flatters Self

People, be on the side with the pretty girl who has a sparkling clean record and who doesn't come from trash stock. I've won.

By the way, a Google search of Alexandra Mayers turns up anything but a sparkling clean record in the year 2014. Ripoff reports, racial hate sites, owned and operated by her, sites that stalk individuals she has a problem with, and of course, her wiki on this site.

Monica Foster - "I'm Coming For You, White Boy"

Threats to Donny Long that she never made good on. Hint: You have to come out of seclusion to follow through on these threats. Then you have to go out in public with "genetically inferior beings" and the real challenge: going to a (gasp) foreign (to you) country. Not likely.

Now start packing your stuff up now - I'm coming to get you. No one can help you now and no one will miss you when you're gone.

See you soon (you could always come out of the closet to save yourself).

Monica Foster Loses Her Balls, Posts Under Anonymous Names

Now she would make a series of posts claiming that high-risk HIV homosexual James Jamesson was the best lay of her life and "genetically superior" to the entire PWL forum and adult industry and all men in general.

Lol i've already been with James and he's the best lover I've ever had in my entire life. I really don't ever need to have sex with anyone else ever again because fucking anyone else would just be a disappointment. I totally understand why you hate crossover male talents so much. They are superior to the crap that's in your so-called straight porn.

If God put me through all this crap simply so I could finally experience a top-shelf grade-A man who has the most perfect cock ever - SO WORTH IT! (Posted under an Unregistered name).

She continued with her anonymous tribute to a homosexual and threw in some unfounded "kiddie porn" accusations (a subject she is obsessed with) on top of it:

And why exactly would any of that matter to me? You know who my father is. You see what I was born into and where I come from - correct? I am the daughter of everything you hate - and I'm glad.

James is more of an adult man in his early 20's than you are able to comprehend. I suppose that if I were an inferior specimen such as yourself I would be jealous too.

James Jamesson and companies like Nextdoor Studios are the future of porn. Bi sexual / pan sexual people are the future of earth. A future you will never get to be a part of due to your close-mindedness and lack of good genetics. Deal with it loser. You just are not good enough and neither is anyone you are associated with. That is why you primarily like kiddie porn - little girls you can trick into thinking you are men are all you can get.

Monica Foster - "Fine, You Won"

Finally, after being outed, and called out on being a lonely, suicidal, no-job-having, no-friend-having, angry at men, angry at the world, mentally ill loser, she caved and signed in for what would be her final post under a registered name on the PWL forum:

Therealalexandramayers posts above are mine. This will be my final post here. You won, whoever you are. Everything I worked for has crumbled since your attacks have begun and I'm out of resources and options. You won, so gloat, jump for joy, whatever. I'll probably end up on the street at this stage, but at least my faith in God has been reaffirmed and I've come to realize that I would much rather fuck someone like James Jamesson over every man I ever encountered who claimed to be 'straight'. Fuck you, die and that's all I have to say.

Monica Foster - Gutless, Unregistered Trolling

Monica Foster has said that she will never post on PWL again, but she meant as a registered poster. She is here every day, screen-capping posts and posting them on Twitter. No way she has the self control to read the board without posting. Whores have particularly low impulse control. Her new thing, as of 2014, is being a wiki critic, barking out orders of what should be on the wiki from behind her big, tough Unregistered handles. She is also in full-on panic mode, because PWL doesn't believe in using racial slurs on the wikis when describing the lives of down and out hookers and whores. Their real lives are a treasure trove of embarrassing incidents and activities. She can feel her ability to use the race card against this site slipping away, and that scares the hell out of a professional victim and racist like her.


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