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Twitter is a social media website for attention whores, homosexuals, attention whore fags, greedy affiliate spammers, Captain Save a Hos and Fan bois. The website is also used by trolls and straight porn gods like Donny Long who like to publicly own the fuck out of disgusting faggots, kicking them around and costing them work. Fags like Christianx have been virtually run completely out of straight porn by gods like Donny tweeting girls, warning them about fags like him. As such, he has been reduced to being an affiliate spammer, spamming links to porn sites and trying to get people to join, earning him income.

The mods behind twitter are a bunch of Jew, gay loving, liberal homosexuals that will remove your free speech right and ban your account if you are caught speaking truth about gays, blacks or Jews. Read Donny Longs twitter, You don't see him being a stupid monkey see, stupid monkey do, taking pictures of his food, or pix working out in the gym, saying, wee wee, look at me, look at me, cause this type of shit is for fags, closet fags and attention whores.

Dumb, racist hooker Mariah Milano opened her fat mouth on Twitter in January of 2014 and made racist remarks while bashing American icon Elisabeth Hasslebeck. Bald homosexual chef and drug addict like Mariah, Andrew Zimmern agreed with her and they were both ripped new ones over on Twitter over the next few days.

Porn fan boi Bono One tweets hookers with complimentary remarks and they, in turn, ignore him.

Twitter is a safe haven for complete pussies that like to block everyone that says something that offends their sissy ass. They can't block people on a site like PWL because we tell it like it is over here and they can't do shit about it. Twitter is unlike the real world because on Twitter, when they read something they don't like, they drown it out by using their block button. Perfect for overly politically correct pussies that have thin skin. Some of the most prolific shit talkers are also some of the most prolific blockers. They include, but are not limited to:

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