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Tony Haboush

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Tony Haboush
Born Tony Haboush
0 December 0000 (0000-00-00) (age 2017)
Cincinnati, Ohio
Height 5'4"
Weight 300
Hair color Balding
Ethnicity Camel Jockey

[email protected] born Real Name Tony Haboush is a Loud Mouth, Fan boi and Captain Save a Ho. Find out more about this persons life before porn by looking at the porn stars real name page Tony Haboush Born Date Of Birth: Contact email: Twitter: @tman1469 YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/UGotHookah/about


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Tony Haboush came to the Porn Wiki Leaks forum and popped off and made threats because hooker Allie Jordan has a wiki here. He wrote the following message:

can anyone tell me why everyone here is talking shit about Diana Jihad Ayyoub aka Allie Jordan?? I dont like anyone disrespecting her or any other stars. None is better then they are, and unless your all perfect, dont talk bad about her or anyone else. Everyone has a different story, and i personally dont appreciate anyone dissing her or calling her a whore. You all shd stop doing it, cause How would you all feel if someone called your wife mother gf family member that stuff?? i know you all would be pissed on and talk Crap and you wouldn't like it.

So don't do it period. If u somehow know her and have issues with her personally then deal with it off line. Its not the worlds business to know anything that goes on personally between two0 people. So don't do it actually remove this wiki page about her.

because If she does get her lawyer on you guys you will lose a lot more then you gain. that's the honest truth. So just delete this page its best for you all to avoid conflicts, like this. I know how to find anything on goggle, and I dont want to have to ask you to remove this page, But as her friend, iam gonna ask nicely cause i don't want any trouble, from anyone but if this page isnt removed soon in a week or less I will personally make sure You get in trouble. And please im gonna ask again nicely, cause I hate people who disrespect and talk bad about others. If you have personal issues deal with it face to face or in a professional matter. Iam not taking sides just dont like seeing stuff online because its noone elses business. So that is all im going to say. so remove this now, if not then i personally will have it removed by google and i Have people who work for google and will take this very seriously thanks any issues email me [email protected]

With this message, Haboush fucked himself and opened himself up to ridicule. The Allie Jordan thread was buried several pages back on PWL and the wiki had not been updated in 2 years. Moreover, all Haboush had to do was pay the $1,000 removal fee and none of this would have been necessary.


Biggest dumbfuck award, 2013.


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