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The Famous Trannyfucker Warning Site

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The Famous Trannyfucker Warning Site was one of the earliest versions of Porn Wiki Leaks and featured a splash page with information on Christianx as well as a forum that was meant for discussion about his sick and twisted ways. The site closed and reopened multiple times and saw a revival of sorts in the year 2015 but for all the wrong reasons. As of 2016, the site appears gone for good.

ChristianMichaelWians.com, closed for business


The Famous Trannyfucker Warning Site Origin

The Famous Trannyfucker Warning Site started in 2010 as a way to warn the public about the sick and twisted actions of crossover performer Christianx who is known for double dipping; working on both the gay and straight sides of porn, as well as doing some escorting. The site had a small but loyal following and built an audience slowly and steadily.
ChristianMichaelWians.com original splash page

The Famous Trannyfucker Warning Site Closes

When DerekAndrewHay.com was created in late 2010, a site that would later become the phenomenon that is PWL, Christian's site closed and all discussion of him was moved to DerekAndrewHay.com.

The Famous Trannyfucker Warning Site Reopens

At some point between 2011-2014/2015, Christian's site reopened with very little participation. But the site was open for posting, although registration had closed and all posting was anonymous.

The Famous Trannyfucker Resurgence

In 2015, after PWL closed their posting to members only, The Famous Trannyfucker Warning Site saw a resurgence by those PWL users that were interested in anonymous, open posting. After being tipped off by a PWL editor that Christian's site was open for business, a few PWL users made their way over. What started as a way to anonymously discuss porn and other things that usually get discussed on the PWL general forum quickly turned ugly when the wrong element made their way over to the site during a PWL outage.

The Famous Trannyfucker Warning Site Goes to the Dogs

The forum eventually became a dumping ground for trolls, homosexuals, fag hags, save-a-hos and disgruntled, unhappy former PWL supporters and staffers, especially Knockworstface and Monica Foster, who used the site to completely throw PWL editors and Donny Long and Heather Deep under the bus while using various anonymous, unregistered usernames. None of those posting derogatory comments about PWL and it's staffers had any balls to do this under their registered names on PWL and so the site became anti-PWL with members of the gay mafia and gay mafia forums joining the defacement of a once useful site.
ChristianMichaelWians.com forum, goes to shit

The Famous Trannyfucker Warning Site Unexpectedly closes

To the horror of the gay mafia trolls, the site was unexpectedly pulled off line with the following message displayed when visiting the homepage:

This account has been suspended. Either the domain has been overused, or the reseller ran out of resources.

To make matters worse for the trolls, the homepage wasn't all that was affected with the forum going down as well and an error message being displayed when clicking cached links to the forum in Google. The site is all but dead with nowhere for the gay mafia to vent.


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