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The Famous Trannyfucker Warning Poster

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The Famous Trannyfucker Warning Poster was a poster that hung in the offices of Donny Long Studios in 2008 and has become legendary on adult blogs and forums. The poster shows straight, gay and transsexual porn performer Christianx performing fellatio on a homosexual male as well as acting as the bottom in a gay anal sex scene for homosexual Tommy Brandt in Falcon Studios production Tommy's Tale. It was signed by many porn stars such as Lee Stone, Brandon Iron, Missy Stone and Donny Long and many others who all agree that gay and transsexual porn is gross and dangerous to the performers on the straight side that Christian worked with.

Legendary Trannyfucker Warning Poster that once hung in the offices of Donny Long Studios

In May, 2008, Christian discussed the poster on his blog. Christian admits that the poster "shows me in 2 of my gay porn scenes from 2005, Tommy's Tales and Up All Night."

In 2008, after learning about the poster, Christian claims to have shown up at a building where Donny Long was scheduled to perform a scene. Christian is said to have brought adult performer Derek Pierce with him for backup. He threatened Donny's assistant Benjamin, and requested that he tell Donny to come outside. Christian and Pierce were eventually kicked off the property by the building owner and Christian took to his blog to complain about it. It is believed that Christian had no intentions of fighting Donny Long that day, saying on his blog that he was satisfied just to have disrupted Donny's scene. Performer Alex Gonz, now infected with Hepatitis-C and out of the business, is said to have shown up outside the building just to watch Christian disrupt the scene.

Christian seemed pretty proud of himself at the conclusion of the blog entry but it is obvious that the poster still bothers him because as recently as 2014, Christian has mentioned the poster on at least one adult forum where he argued with poster signee Brandon Iron:

Brandon wrote: You are a hypersensitive person who does not understand that writing "Live and let live" on Donny's poster was endorsing your right to take tranny cock in your ass, you fool.

Christian followed with: there is something funny about blaming me for not understanding his rationale for signing the poster. Obviously he could have just not signed it at all, but he did and then thought up some strange & random reason for doing so. But if he didn't sign it, then Donny might not let him shoot cheap scenes there.

The discussion continued:

Brandon: You are a complete moron. Donny's location was an ideal place to have 50 people for a bukkake shoot. I used it a few times just as I used Remmet Studios a few times and the Captain and Tennille house, too. (For the record, that doesn't mean I support Muskrat Love. By your logic, I like their music because I shot in a house they once owned.)

Christian: Shooting in Long's studio is fine, who cares, but signing the poster of your own volition for no reason other than to offer your support is exactly what it looks like to every single rational human being but yourself. You had a choice....sign it or don't and you choose to sign it. End of story. The circumstances don't matter to anyone except to assuage your own conscience.

Brandon wrapped up the discussion with:

Brandon: I'm sorry that your language skills cannot process the meaning of "live and let live." The rest of us have no problem.

The whereabouts of the poster are unknown, but there have been offers made to purchase it to keep as a collectable.

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