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Monica Foster Hall Of Shame

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This wiki will be used to document the absolute embarrassment that is Monica Foster's life -- her lies, hypocritical statements, hate for herself, her family, porn fans and industry insiders. It will document her failed relationships, her racism -- even racism toward other black performers (which is mostly jealousy), drinking problems, death wish, death threats toward others and her severe mental problems.

It will also discuss the scores of porn performers, fans and insiders who hate Monica Foster, the number of enemies she's made in the business and will cover their thoughts on what a complete joke and useless sack of shit she is. This wiki will also cover her fraudulent religious beliefs -- i.e., claiming to be Christian while at the same time selling her body for money, exposing herself on webcam to complete strangers and wishing death on people, even making threats to murder people.


Monica Foster Gallery Of Shame

Fan Comments About Monica Foster

@David_A_Raven @CarterPressley Monica Foster is a nut case. Every black girl in porn said she is crazy

Monica Foster - Jealous Of And Racist Against Black Performers

Monica Foster is jealous of black performers who are better looking and more successful than she is, and she hates them because they aren't down with Foster's sick cause.

@MonicaFoster Frankly I'm sick of sellout black women with weaves like Misty Stone making it seem like all black women are afraid of water

@JamesBartholet @MonicaFoster Monica, I don't know why you said that, but please stop your ranting on Misty, she's always been kind to you

More Jealousy And Anger For Misty Stone And HouseNiggers.Com

This was a nice little Foster piece where she goes off on Misty Stone just because Misty is trying to earn a living. Note the racism toward whites and blacks, the jab at "Old Men" and the jab at foreigners. Such an accepting, loving Christian she is:

Yesterday, Los Angeles porn industry professionals hit an all-time low by blatantly EXPLOITING Black History month. I can literally hear Martin Luther King rolling over in his grave. I personally can not believe the NERVE of Misty Stone – how dare she attempt to equate Black porn stars to African-American historical icons who have legitimately instituted progress and have MADE A REAL DIFFERENCE in our society?

Did Misty Stone forget that she assisted in SETTING BACK the image of African-American women by participating in scenes that flaunt the CONFEDERATE FLAG such as on CumBang.com (she used the name Jenny Stone for that scene)? Misty Stone, her agent (and possible pimp -- an old white foreign man by the name of Derek Hay) and her publicist James Bartholet of Galaxy Publicity (another old white man who regularly exploits ethnic entertainers) in my view should all be burned at the stake.

I’ve been debating for some time whether or not to go forward with my project www.HouseNiggers.com -- but considering the press release below -- I feel obligated to do so. The African-American community needs to be made aware of the activities of sellouts such as Misty Stone aka Jenny Stone and the old white men who pimp her, control her and utilize her for financial gain (who are often attached to criminal activity).

Misty Stone – please return to the trenches of escorting and shut the fuck up you disgusting self-centered whore. You’ve done more damage to the image of African-American women worldwide than you know, and the negative karma headed your way as a result of your thoughtless actions isn’t something I’d wish on my worst enemy.

FYI, Misty commands a hefty $2000/hr as an escort, which is a far cry from the pathetic and measly $140 Foster has trouble scrounging up to suck "Old White Guy" cock.

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