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Monica Foster

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Monica Foster
Born Alexandra Mayers
7 January 1979 (1979-01-07) (age 35)
Kirkland, Wash.
Height 5 feet, 6 inches (168 cm)
Weight 135 lbs.
Measurements 34C-24-34
Eye color Brown
Hair color Black
Ethnicity Black
No. of adult films 30
Official website
Monica Foster at IMDb
Monica Foster at IAFD
Monica Foster at Adultfilmdatabase

Monica Foster is a former pornographic actress, exotic dancer, model, and current web cam model.

Monica Foster, born Alexandra Melody Mayers on Jan. 7, 1979. Contact email: monica@monicaf.com. Find out more about this performer's life before porn by looking at the porn star's real name page, Alexandra Mayers.


Family and Friends

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Early Life

Monica was born Washington state to a mother who was an art and music major, and a father who was an engineer

Monica grew up in the outskirts of Houston.

In 1993, Alexandra, along with her mother Joan and sister Victoria, moved to South Florida, where she attended high school. On My Space, the following information about her high school career is posted:

  • Deerfield Beach High School - Deerfield Beach, FL
  • Graduated: N/A
  • Student status: Alumni
  • Degree: None

Later, after getting her GED at 18, Alexandra enrolled in Florida Atlantic University. After one year at the university, she dropped out of college.

Exotic Dancing

Alexandra found several benefits to exotic dancing: the easy money, the flexibility of only working when she wanted, and the camaraderie of others she worked with.

After a few months of dancing, Alexandra decided that exotic dancing wasn't something she'd want to do long-term at that stage of her life, so she put her stripper shoes on the shelf and quit.

Pornography career

Beginning March 2008, Alexandra decided to get into the world of adult video. On March 31, 2008, she gave Christian Michael Wians (aka Christianx aka Tranny Fucker) head, fucked him, and he jerked off to pop on her face.
Monica takes a pop shot from Trannyfucker, March 31, 2008.
May 2009, Alexandra retired as an adult actress (with a total of only about 35 scenes performed).

Monica Foster Hooking/escorting history

In December 2010, Foster escorted for former Major League Baseball center fielder Lenny Dykstra to earn money for a flight home to Florida for the holidays. Dykstra paid Foster with a rubber check ($1K).

She ripped into Kacey Jordan on an Internet forum when Jordan announced she'd abort a baby that may have belonged to one of Jordan's wealthy celebrity johns. Foster has long been looking for one big score, and may be trying to get knocked up by a celebrity so she can retire. She's already failed with Dykstra. Wealthy johns should look elsewhere!


Monica Foster Web Cam

Monica Foster hooks on web cam. Her cam site profile says: I'm a sexy ebony model and webcam girl who loves to tease, play, strip, roleplay :) She lies about her age, claiming to be 34 even though she's 35. Those who've attended her shows report that she behaves much like a starfish on cam, no energy or enthusiasm for the job, not very friendly and watching her on cam is basically a wood killer. She's also overpriced compared to girl next door type cam girls because she milks her former porn name and overvalues her worth.


Death Threats

On Dec. 27, 2010, a teary-eyed and visibly shaken Alexandra logged onto her video blog and made death threats to people who'd re-posted public information about her family on an Internet message board. After realizing what she'd done and the consequences, she later removed the video and created a cleaner version with no death threats and no crying. She also made a death threat to someone on Twitter which was screen-capped and placed on the Porn Wiki Leaks message board.

UPDATE: She is threatening again and I am am posting screen shots of the old threats and the new threats.

UPDATE: @MonicaFoster I do plan on KILLING whoever has created & maintains the pwl site. Whether I kill what you love most or just you - it WILL happen.
Rsz 1rtthreat.jpg

She's the one making death threats but keeps saying that she fears for her life? This crazy woman has never been threatened by Porn Wiki Leaks, but she has spent a considerable amount of time threatening to kill their members while complaining that her life is in danger. Someone get this woman into a mental ward.

Monica Foster making death threats on Twitter.

More death threats occurred on 6/10/2011: she was now asking the KKK and Jews to kill people for her.

210932770 MonicaFosteronTwitterJune10 123 242lo.jpg

Suicide Threats

On Jan. 3, 2011, Monica Foster threatened to end her life and posted threats on Twitter. At 1:59 a.m. she wrote: "I don't know what to do. I embarrassed my family and put them in danger and now I'm being terrorized by whoever Donny Long is getting to do this to me. I feel like throwing up and I wish that whoever wants to kill me would just do it and get it over with. Fucking cowards. At 2:04 a.m., it appeared she'd decided to take her own life. She wrote: "I'm DONE. I wish I was dead because I have no options left and I can't handle this." Sadly, she never went through with the plan, and that is why this wiki exists and is constantly needing updates.

She said this in a blog entry on April 28, 2011:

Tuesday night, I was finally pushed over the edge after receiving a slew of hate filled messages online. I seriously contemplated ending my time here in this world.

Then LIED and said this:

however my mindset at the time was in a place that it's never been before

This is a lie as she'd made suicide threats in January and April.

Monica uses the "suicide card" any time she feels the need for some sympathy, which is why if she ever does decide to finally go through with it, no one will believe her, and her suicide will probably go unnoticed. She's cried wolf way too many times.

Monica Foster making more empty threats.
Monica Foster making suicide threats on Twitter.

Threatens to go on killing spree

Read from the bottom up:

  • MonicaFoster
  • To all my Twitter peeps, who in your life have you always wanted to track down & elliminate? Why? How? Share your thoughts I'm listening.
  • @Enoch327 that's a hope I suppose some people would have.
  • @Enoch327 the particular character I'm working on would have to say "no". She wouldn't kill everyone, just trouble makers the law can't get.
  • Good thing I have the domain schizonympho.com - when/if I do totally lose it I'll blog about my killing sprees there.
  • Probably get away with it too. Especially if the targets are widely disliked to begin with. If I did go schizo I'd hope to go nympho too.
  • Does not, someone as creative and sensitive as me could potentially go schizofrenic and go on a killing spree. Someone like me could
  • A split personality and not even realize it. I guess that's why the justice system working properly is so important, because when and if it
  • I mean considering all the bs I've had to deal with over the past few months, for my own psyche to protect itself, I could EASILY develop
  • I sure hope that I don't wind up going schizofrenic and slip permenently into any of the characters I've developed for my various projects.

Monica Foster went private on Twitter immediately following these outbursts, which suggests she knows her Twitter account could be suspended for her behavior and that she could be in trouble with the law for these threats.

Forum Activity/Twitter/Popping Off

Monica Foster is a controversial figure on several adult Internet discussion forums. She often posts under anonymous names and defends herself. She often loses arguments when she decides to engage forum members in debates. This leaves her threatening to quit the forum and never return, a promise she always goes back on. Several times she's threatened to "name names" of people in the industry who are racist, but she never follows through. She plays the race card often on the forums. Foster is a regular reader of the Porn Wiki Leaks message board, and whenever her public information is posted on the forum she runs to Twitter to urge her followers to call the police and FBI and get the forum shut down. She has failed at this time and time again. On Feb. 8, 2010, Foster briefly set her Twitter feed to private. Then the idiot realized she needs her Twitter to be public so she can solicit johns from that site. On April 28, 2011, she again went private on Twitter after making death threats.

"You're All Losers"

Monica Foster is a 30-something loser in life who has achieved nothing and is going nowhere and is so desperate that she begs for a wealthy husband or boyfriend on Twitter. However, she still feels like she's in a position to call anyone that offends her a "Loser" and uses that word every day on Twitter and on various Internet discussion boards. Keep in mind that those she characterizes as losers aren't going on the Internet and asking strangers if they can move into their homes with them. Monica Foster is, on the other hand, doing this type of thing.

Posting on Porn Wiki Leaks

Monica Foster is a registered member of PWL but hasn't used her account since December 2010.

Other Crimes

Please visit the Alexandra Mayers aka Monica Foster Crimes List wiki to see a complete list of crimes that Monica Foster is guilty of.

Admits She Uses Unregistered Names

On May 20, 2011 Monica Foster admitted to using Unregistered names to cause trouble on the Porn Wiki Leaks forum:

Fine you won: Therealalexandramayers posts above are mine. This will be my final post here. You won whoever you are. Everything I worked for has crumbled since your attacks have begun and I'm out of resources and options. You won so gloat, jump for joy, whatever. I'll probably end up on the street at this stage, but at least my faith in God has been reaffirmed and I've come to realize that I would much rather fuck someone like James Jamesson over every man I ever encountered who claimed to be 'straight'. Fuck you, die and that's all I have to say.

Foster resumed using Unregistered names to troll the PWL forum the very next day.

Monica Foster Owns Christianx

On Feb 6, 2011, Monica Foster posted:

"on my first trip to LA for adult video bookings back in 2008, I was booked for a scene with this creep. If I’d have been more informed about CXXX I never would have agreed to do the shoot.".

Monica Foster Twitter Feud with Tristan Stadtmuller

Exposed seedy john and sex trafficker Tristan Stadtmuller. She'd posted a blog saying that she had enough evidence to convict him. She also pointed out that he owns firearms. She discussed his stalking of Nikita Denise.

Monica Foster Wiki Cleaned Up/Then Restored

Donny Long okay'd this wiki to be cleaned up and family information removed based on Foster's cooperation on Twitter. As such, there has been major clean up on this wiki recently (2014).




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