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Mike south

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Mike South Real Name Michael Thomas Strother (born on December 26, 1957) is a Jewish pornographic mope, lousy director, pervert, pedophile and purveyor of child pornography, big mouth, fat ass, scumbag, woman beater, squatter, criminal, crybaby, thief and shitty pornography blogger.

Contact email: [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] Twitter: http://twitter.com/mikesouth1226 Phone: 678-245-2430 Current address: 3399 MISTY HARBOUR TRL, UNIT 3, ATLANTA, GA 30340

Michael Thomas Strother
Mike South is an HIV+ fat ass
Born Michael Thomas Strother
26 December 1957 (1957-12-26) (age 60)
Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Height Short
Weight Fat
Eye color Brown
Hair color Balding and covers with a skull cap
Ethnicity Jew
Official website
Michael Thomas Strother at IMDb
Michael Thomas Strother at IAFD
Michael Thomas Strother at Adultfilmdatabase


Mike South shoots without testing talent

Multiple eyewitnesses confirm that Mike South, an amateur pornographer from Georgia who regularly lectures the mainstream adult business about health and safety issues, is shooting boy/girl and multiple partner sex scenes without requiring full STD screening — even from amateur male talent off the street.

South is also accused of not providing his own test results to females before performing condom-less vaginal and oral sex with them; not requiring performer panel testing from female performers hired to have oral sex on multiple men in one scene; and not offering to wear a condom in scenes in which he will engage in vaginal penetration. Participants in his shoots also claim that the only testing they have seen South require of the males in his bukkake scenes is an ELISA-based OraSure home HIV swab test, which the men purchase themselves and bring to set.

Mike South Exposed

In March, 2014, a dancer and amateur performer from Ohio named Jessica Chase came forward in the wake of an ugly post written by Mike South that referred to her as Bimbo and a dumb bitch. Jessica Chase had met South when he worked as a manager of a strip club in Dayton. Eventually, South released three scenes starring Chase, all of which were shot in Atlanta, Georgia: A boy/girl scene with South as male talent, and two bukkake scenes featuring multiple males.

On January 6, 2014, before driving to Georgia to work for South, Chase got herself tested through Talent Testing Service. She recalls, I went through Talent Testing on my own accord (he had actually told me not to waste the money because he tests everyone with an OraQuick HIV test).

Chase arrived in Georgia on January 10, 2014, and stayed in a room South got for her at the Embassy Suites Atlanta – Perimeter Center. That day, the two taped a condom-less boy/girl scene, including oral and vaginal sex, in her hotel room. South posted this scene on his website in January, but suspiciously the clip disappeared last week after Jessica Chase’s story appeared on a porn blog. He did NOT offer to use a condom, says Chase.

He told me he had been tested, and having known him previously, I did not think he would lie about it. Obviously he did. He NEVER showed me lab results.

Chase’s first bukkake scene was shot the following day, in the same room. The scene included oral sex with multiple men, and facial pop shots.

Chase says she was never shown lab test results for any of the other participants. The guys came in and were swabbed with an OraQuick test, then South logged the results and ok’d them to work.

As for the actual swab tests, Chase says South did not provide them. The guys brought them.

All the guys apparently aren’t properly tested. I realized this when my partner Brian who was in the bukkake said he saw a written log that looked like testing dates and all were just handwritten OraQuick results. This was when I was in bathroom getting cleaned up after shooting so he and I could leave. I feel like an idiot for having trusted [South].

Mike South Bukkake site performers not paid, tested properly

On her next trip to Atlanta, Chase shot a second bukkake scene for South on Feb 12 or 13th. But by then her January 6th TTS test result was out of date.

I was going to get tested again for the second one, and he told me not to because there wasn’t going to be penetration.

Once again, Chase was never shown any STD test results for the group of men who participated in the scene.

I asked if they were tested — he replied yes. I didn’t ask how. I honestly think it’s a money thing. He had made the comment to me to ‘not waste my money.

These guys aren’t getting paid. These are basically shoots he sets up at a hotel — fly-by-night BS. He has a button on his site. Guy sends pic of himself and [driver's] license. South checks it, if the guy is good, he performs. He gets the date and time a bit in advance and room info same day.

HIV Positive

South is HIV+ and below is the test to prove it. South is no longer performing in porn and spends most of his time on the Internet mouthing off against retired and disease-free porn god Donny Long. This is because South is bitter about being out of porn and dying from HIV. One of the side effects of certain HIV meds is bloating, and as we see from his wiki photo, South is a bloated fat fuck who needs to down various harmful HIV meds every day just to keep himself alive.

Mike South HIV-positive blood test.

Owns a gay child rapist website

This document was leaked to Porn Wiki Leaks that shows South as owner with Mark Spiegler of a website that is for gay child rapists.

Mike south Mark Spiegler child rapist illegal.JPG


Michael Thomas Strother beats up on women.

Michael Thomas Strother is a woman beater that feels like a big man when he hits females. South is a fat, out of condition, crippled old fuck that would get the shit beaten out of him if he ever dabbled with anyone who could hit back. So he takes his frustrations out on women who are of no threat to him physically. Most likely, South gets hostile when women reject him for sex and batters them. This is why the only sex South gets is when he pays women to appear in movies with him as they wouldn't touch him if money was not involved. Photo shows the charges against Strother in Dekalb County.[1]


In addition to being old as fuck, in May 2007, South underwent surgery to remove a nerve-sheath tumor on his spinal cord caused by excessive masturbation and being a complete and total fat ass. As such, any of his tough guy style posts should be ignored as South would get beaten from pillar to post if he ever raised a hand to anyone who is relatively young and/or in reasonably good shape. This crippled old man should continue to fight his battles from behind a keyboard as any physical confrontation would see South's head caved in. Keep in mind no one would go looking for South or instigate a fight with the old man, but the nature of his message board posts are confrontational, and he goes looking for fights. The purpose of this section of the wiki is to let everyone know that South is of no danger to them physically.


South speaks with a noticeable lisp. This is said to be due to two factors. One being that South has only around 3 teeth left in his hillbilly mouth and two being that he is a homosexual with feminine qualities.

Drove man to suicide/cold-hearted prick

Mike South is responsible for the suicide of Frank Savoie, husband of Vicky Vette. Savoie reached out to Jew Strother in a letter shortly before his suicide. Strother did nothing to help. Didn't lift a finger. If it doesn't involve money for him or getting a female to degrade herself, he can't be bothered. It's all about him.

It has been reported that South was working on getting into Vicky's pants at the time of the suicide. South is a pervert and is always working on getting into the pants of some whore. As of this writing, his new project is black downtrodden hooker and porn failure Monica Foster. It has also been reported that South was stealing money from Vette's husband, a home builder, at the time of the suicide. The money being stolen was coming in from Vette whoring herself out. Reports have South talking to the man right up until the time he killed himself, leading some to believe that South was coaxing the man to do it. Mike South is a disgusting scumbag and nothing would surprise anyone at this point.

Message Board and talk

South is going bald and has been called on it on the Porn Wiki Leaks forum. Some examples:

Is that him? Looks half toad. Guys with hair of top of their heads don't wear that type of hat. It's code for saying "I'm ashamed of being folically challenged."
True, just ask Brian Surewood.
South looks like shit. He needs to lose the rag on his head and shave whatever is left off and get his fat disgusting ass in condition.

Family and Friends

Mike in a warm embrace with his girlfriend Jenny, TheRealDoll.
Victor Strother, unfortunate in so many ways not the least reasons being that he is a geek that is related to a child pornographer.
Hagged out Johanna Strother who has lived a hard life of smoking, drinking, living in the South and being related to a child pornographer.

Mother: Katherine B Strother

She's 74 years of age. However, since the age of 21, when she chose to bring South into this world rather than abort, to the age 74 not a day has passed when she hasn't deeply regretted that weak moment in which she decided to unleash South on the world.

As repentence, she lived a life of hardship for a while in Buford county, GA, home of Buford Highway, which is where you go if you want to pick up illegal Mexican labor for cheap.

Being the recluse that she is, and we don't blame her because we too would be reclusive if South was a product of our genes, it has been hard to uncover an address. However, since PWL rarely disappoints, we do have one possible address although don't quote us on it:

Address: 208 Sharon Cir, Americus, GA 31709

Phone Number: 229- 924-1466

Brother: Victor E Strother

Ol' Vic is in his 40's and works as a General Contractor in Gwinnett county in ATL. His license number is GERBQA001172 Unlike his failed, fatass brother Mikey, though, Vic has his own company called NES Construction, Inc

Phone: 678-377-8555

Address: 1768 Blue Oat Court, Grayson, GA 30017

Sister: Johanna Culley Strother

Here we have South's sister Johanna Culley Strother. Apparently, she's 60 so was born to Katherine when Kathy was only 14. We suppose that in those times, it was okay to have kids at 14. We won't judge.

Unlike South, Johanna did go to High School at Tucker High in Tucker, GA. She is in the Class of 1968. She went back to college in 2003. One wonders why it took her 35 years to realize that a high school degree gets you nowhere.

Ms. Johanna is widowed and she describes herself, as recently as in Mar 2010, as "Johanna Strother Widowed, no children. Always interested in new adventures and new places." Quite a feisty lady that. I suppose the phrase "swinging 60's" applies very well to her. To each his or her own - we don't judge

She's happily settled, "looking for adventures", in the Kansas City metro area. Her professional resume and Linked in profile, both of which include a photo of her face, are below. We do have one question for her - she's dabbled a lot with software early on in her career. What made her become General Manager at Miller's Landscape & Lawn Care in Kansas City?|}}

Isa Salisbury

Mike South started Isa Salisbury's career. Together they are disgusting and repulsive.


In lieu of paying rent on his apartment, Mr. South has instead financed a Real Doll, cost $6,000. Mr. South has sex with the doll, takes her for rides in his pickup truck and on fishing trips.

Hacker and Self Promoter

mike south uses name: Tabercil to hack www.pornwikileaks.com. He is being helped by Moses Awad as they work together. Tabercil on http://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Mike_South&action=history was the first entry ever made on wikipedia. IP Address confirms that Tabercil is Michael Thomas Strother or Mike South.

Broke into Porn Wiki Leaks in June 2011 and stole content. Mike South is a failure at getting wikis removed and at getting PWL shut down, so he decides to commit crimes against PWL instead. This guy is a scumbag and criminal and should be thrown in jail where, we hope, he gets fucked in the ass and made a bitch — or perhaps not since South would probably enjoy that.

Outing Sensitive Information And Should Be Reported to the U.S. Government

In addition to hacking into personal emails, South and fellow criminal Sean Tompkins stole information about a Raytheon employee from the email they broke into. They proceeded to out information about an individual who worked for that company. The individual that had his privacy compromised had absolutely nothing to do with PWL. Because Raytheon does a lot of work for the U.S. Government, South and Tompkins should be reported to the proper authorities and dealt with accordingly.

Recent Addresses



South is unable to afford a home and unable to rent an apartment without being evicted after a few months once his landlord finds out he is a child pornographer. As such, South moves around a lot.






Sued For Failing To Pay His Rent

South is a squatter who can't make his rent because he sits on the Internet all day slandering PWL and its members, trying to hack the site and making up silly stories about lawsuits that he will file. As such, South is being sued for not paying rent.

Biography Before Porn

From 1984-1990 South says he worked for NASA at Marshall Space Flight Center and at the Kennedy Space Center. He could have worked there as a janitor or cafeteria worker, but there is no proof or verification of this anywhere. I guess we can just take his word for it. After he's had a few drinks in him he might also tell you he worked for the CIA.

He also claims to have a degree in "PolySci" [sic], though he won't reveal where his degree is from.

Pornography career notes

Quit Making Porn

South needed to quit doing porn because pretty boys like Rocco Reed and meathead UFC types like ChristianXXX pushed balding, aging fat-ass South out from in front of the camera. He was called on this on his blog. All his little 50-year-old+ fan boys came to his rescue.

"Dantes" February 10, 2011 at 8:22 pm

How on earth could you getting to fuck a bunch of hot women give "regular guys" hope? How stupid do these "regular guys" have to be to fail to realize that the only reason why you get to fuck them is because you're paying them to appear on film?!

Porn used to feature only "long hairs and body builders" fucking these women because, even just 20 years ago, people realized that porn was just fantasy. A kind of "this is what movie stars and titans of industries look like when they're having sex" moment. The fact that that became boring, or even offensive, to "regular guys" is because "regular guys" don't know how to fucking think analytically anymore. They're completely wrapped up in their short-term interests and their emotions.

These are the same kinds of guys who have invaded the porn industry itself and no longer made it "fun" for you to be in the business. You — with your "regular guy porn" and it's implicit message — contributed to that mentality (or at least contributed to preventing it from being corrected). It created one fewer part of life where rational thought and proper perspective was encouraged. So seriously, stop complaining. You reap what you sew.


"Did you or did you not used to steal Den's reviews without his permission and without crediting him as the original writer, posting them as your own on your website, and sell the screeners you received? On a related note, for all his claims of "telling it like it is," Mike showed a willingness to remove reviews unfavorable to some in porn after railing about how bad a title was; limiting his credibility to those who might have relied on them. Can anyone trust his reviews if he uses them to curry favor, assuming of course that he doesn't still simply steal them from others in the first place as he was said to do in the past?" --'Houstondon'


A shining example of Mike's blatant contradictory statements and hypocrisy.

Accuses Porn Wiki Leaks of invading privacy but then we find THIS out:

Did you not brag about all the good you did in publicizing the Atomic Punk affair, ultimately exposing the personal information of hundreds of performers (including SS#'s) to scores of people publicly rather than handle it quietly in the then-dead thread on a relatively obscure forum? You were blathering on and on about how you deserved the Sturman Award for your efforts, even though your publicity helped spread the information like wildfire to stalkers everywhere


As far as the Jessica matter: were you or were you not the one that 'didn't have the time' to debate the matter when the issue was raised that under current 2257 law, there really isn't a means by which companies can amend their records? By 'outing' her, didn't you endanger her, every company she had worked for, and all those associating with her to federal scrutiny — said scrutiny amazingly finding its way to Wicked Pictures soon after you went on your half-baked crusade? Keeping in mind her stable employment as a contract performer for years, posing no additional 'threat' to anyone even if your original guesses were correct, why the need to draw attention to possible violations? (From published accounts, Wicked passed the record keeping investigation by the FBI though, also in contradiction to your initial claims that they did not have her information correct on file, IIRC.) I still thought it was amusing that after the company finally replied to you, you shut up about the whole matter like a spent bitch...


In addition to this, South played with the privacy of PWL members by hacking into the site and releasing email addresses of some of its registered users. Many members were innocent parties who were not enemies of South. Now they are. The majority of the email addresses the fat-ass Jew posted were either fake, non-existent addresses or "throw away" Yahoo or Gmail addresses. South = FAIL! That seems to be the theme of this loser's life: failing at one thing after another. Some of the more internet-savvy PWL forum members laughed at South's weak attempts to expose the site's members and wrote him off as an amateur. Regardless of what he says, South is extremely sore about this wiki and will stop at nothing to get it taken down. But South doesn't have the smarts, savvy or resources to get the job done.

Crybaby, Egomaniac and Temper Tantrums

"Did you or did you not complain repeatedly about X-Fanz not putting a 'star' next to your name, eventually pissing all over the place because they didn't recognize your self-deluded greatness and then follow up by not removing your name from the posts you had already made ('Do I need to start flaming people to get this account deleted?')? Right after that, you started claiming the company owner was pushing the .XXX matter down everyone's throats, suggesting this based on nothing of substance (ie: that evidence you never seemed to mind having prior to Bone's dilemma). If that wasn't a case of revenge..." -- 'Houstondon'

Smears other directors

"Do you or do you not think it's fair play to insinuate other directors are engaged in filming kiddie porn in a thinly disguised effort to attack them as in your tirade against director John Bone? Bone has been tentatively accused by Thai authorities of owning/operating a website with links to porn sites. Mike, providing no evidence to the contrary whatsoever, thought it was okay to further advance the possibility even going so far as to say things like: 'Rumors have been rampant that T Bone is shooting underage performers. If you have any of his product on your shelves you might consider your options here; there is no scam that John Bone wouldn't pull' and 'I have had some pretty good indications that he is shooting underage performers, I have more that I have yet to go through but as of now he is only being accused of it by others, lots of others.' Granted, Bone may not be popular, but if Mike wasn't just engaging in another round of making up 'sources,' as some think he does all the time, he'd be listing them or providing something substantial that Bone could address." -- 'Houstondon'

Plays Dirty

"It's also reported that Mike likes to shit-talk the industry to new performers, just so long as he gets to shoot them himself. The general idea that he's better than everyone else in the industry seems to be indicative of his mindset, a mindset that apparently doesn't have an issue with screwing people over to get his way. While that might be okay with some in Porn Valley, others might find it the opposite of the persona he tries to cultivate when he wants something from you (the infamous claims that he was someone important at this year's AEE and better not be made to wait in lines with the riff raff was a classic example of his holier-than-thou self-importance — one that a number of people were laughing at during the show with him in earshot)." -- 'Houstondon'

No Respect For Fans

"His contempt for the so-called 'fanboys' of porn says it all. Say what you will about those online and standing in lines to meet their industry favorites, but those are the people that pay the bills of those in the industry. For someone so unconcerned about all of us nameless consumers, he sure spends a lot of time on various forums or commenting about us (personally, I appreciate his ill-informed, foolish hillbilly comments since they do send traffic reading my reviews on www.dvdtalk.com and elsewhere). I wasn't certain he could show more contempt for the consumer than the crappy porn he shoots, but you can't blame the guy for trying his best to look like a fricking jerk to the masses." -- 'Houstondon'


"In any case, I appreciate that he ran away with his tail between his legs after some of his recent past was brought up in the other thread. It was probably difficult for his repeated pleas for sympathy over his medical problems to deal with how much of a self-important, some say delusional, jerk he was portraying when faced with very real questions regarding his behavior towards those in the industry. I don't care much about his poor grammar or often illiterate ramblings, as Bone did on his blog, any more than I care about his justifications for hiring private detectives to investigate his enemies (he'd have fit right in at the witch trials in Salem or in the McCarthy hearings back in the 50's), but I thought it was a good idea that someone mentions it from time to time (the industry has a short attention span)." -- 'Houstondon'

Outs Himself

"He told me to my face about stealing the reviews and selling the unseen screeners, I watched him fall apart on the X-Fanz forums over the lack of a 'star' by his name (http://xfanz.com), debated the Drake matter via email with him as well as spoke to the other side of the matter, and watched the Atomic Punk matter explode thanks in large part to his exploits. The other stuff is found on the net, often at his own website though he can rewrite history there, so check it out for yourself." -- 'Houstondon'

Forum Activity/Twitter

Pops off on several porn blogs, most notably his own blog and also Luke Is Back, another shitty porn blog full of losers.

Peers Have No Faith in South

It has been reported that the virgin forum nerds of LIB have place a $1,000.00 wager AGAINST South filing any charges against PWL by 2012. And since South has now broken laws and no longer has any leg to stand on legally, their bet is safe.


Mike South

I have put up a site with pictures of local streetwalkers doing their thing. Do you guys think this is viable? Would you guys send photos to grow the site to cover other cities? What should I do with it from here? Lemme know. The link is www.streetsofatlanta.com


Mike has even been know to post in: alt.sex.bestiality.pictures!

Breaking The Law

This ancient piece of shit ENCOURAGES people to BREAK THE LAW and attack Porn Wiki Leaks by way of DDOS attacks on his piece-of-shit blog. This is simply because Porn Wiki Leaks is still standing after constant attacks:

Lots of people are asking if anything can be done to stop them, and the answer is yes, and many of you are doing it, and it is helping.

What makes what we are doing successful is that we are being relentless.....barraging everyone with dmca's and take down notices, complaining to the registrars and the hosting company, keeping the pressure on. In addition the traffic, probably some DDOS attacks and other such stuff has made the site as unstable....

And guess what, Porn Wiki Leaks IS STILL HERE!!!!! YOU FAIL!

Popular on Porn forums

Mike South has a loyal following on many porn forums. Here are just a few of the comments posted about South:

From what I've read from Mike I find his personality to be very annoying, off-putting and incredibly arrogant


Someone get Mike South some water and vinegar because he's a real douche!!!

Rosco Fuji

I think Mike South is a real jerk


Owned on XPT

Mike South was completely owned on XPT by username "Houstondon," which forced South to drop off the internet for a time. The juicy details are above. Basically, he is a bitch, liar, thief and scumbag who likes to run his mouth as long as no one talks back. When they do, and he gets exposed for what he really is, he runs and hides.

Crusade Against Porn Wiki Leaks

Along with hooker Monica Foster, South has been one of the biggest crusaders against Porn Wiki Leaks. However, like Foster, South is a self-righteous piece of shit who is by no means innocent and squeaky clean. These two are in no position to attack PWL, and all you need as proof is to look at the disgusting acts they have committed that have been recorded here on Porn Wiki Leaks.

Shot His Wad

After Mike South's theft of some of PWL's members e-mail addresses, he figured he had the upper hand. Sadly for South, when that lead went nowhere, he was seen on his blog waving the white flag and basically conceding that he had lost. Another reason for this could be that what he did in stealing those e-mails was illegal and South knows that he has pretty much fucked himself if he planned to take any actual legal action against the site, which was not likely anyways. And yet one more reason is that each time South opened his mouth, more of his crimes were being exposed and he figured he better lay low as he is already in a lot of trouble in Dekalb county and authorities have their eye on the scumbag. This proves that South is of little threat to PWL as he does not have the smarts or the resources to do any harm to the site and is little more than a minor annoyance that likes flapping his dentures. At any rate, the frustrated tone in the June 23, 2011 blog on Mike South's site is evident. And South is losing this battle badly.

Supports Child Pornographers

South has come down hard on Porn Wiki Leaks but demonstrates what a fucking scumbag he is by showing his full support to accused child pornographer Zuleydy "Lupe Fuentes" Piedrahita.

Fuentes is MIA since March 2011 when she became wanted by Colombian police for questioning in a case of child pornography and document falsification. When Spanish police had questioned Fuentes' ex-husband and former producer, he claimed she was in charge of casting young women for pornographic productions in the cities of Medellín and Bello in Colombia. The principals of the Javiera Londoño school reported to the police that one of their students, a minor, was paid by Fuentes to perform in 10 of their productions. An international arrest warrant was issued by Interpol for Fuentes, who is believed to be residing in the United States.

This does not keep South from giving Lupe Fuentes the benefit of the doubt. South writes:

Guys, y'all must remember that just because Lupe has been accused it does NOT make her guilty. We don't know the story on Lupe but she is innocent until PROVEN guilty. Word I get is that she is co-operating fully.

Bogus "Secret Formula"

Mike South thinks he has it all down on how to have info removed from Porn Wiki Leaks. South has blogged about this topic and written a long-winded description about what he thinks needs to be done to be removed. He even has his new friend, Monica Foster, retweeting this information as if it has any merit. Let's remember that she has failed over and over again to get her own wiki removed from this site, so she is looking for any help she can get. Seems that South has pulled this formula out of his ass because no one has ever been removed via his method. And what South doesn't understand is that PWL has a thread pinned at the top of their forum that explains how performers can be removed. There is no great secret formula here. You simply need to visit this thread on PWL: http://www.pornwikileaks.com/forum/showthread.php?t=32005 and follow the directions. You MUST be respectful with [PWL in order for your info to come down because becoming confrontational will get you nowhere.

Fake Doctor


subject: Cheri Party Fri April 15 in Atlanta

Posted: Tue Apr 12, 2011 8:42 am


WE got a brand new cutie, 20 year old Cheri. Its a blowbang/bukkake

If you want in PM me your photo and a number to contact you on Fri. also if you need a test they are available for 45.00, Its an oral swab and you will do the test yourself (its easy). I will sign the results and its good for 60 days.

If you will need a test from me let me know so that I have enough on hand.

I need to hear from everyone asap....Thanks guys

Wishes HIV on people

South posted a sickening blog entry on June 11, 2011, where he said he hoped that Donny Long was HIV positive:

....if anyone on earth deserves this fate it'd be Donny....Ya I said it.....

Everyone should steer clear of working with or for South as this statement PROVES that South does not care about the well-being of performers and actually hopes they get HIV.

Interviewed By Sean Tompkins

Tompkins talks to his hero, child pornographer Mike South.

Sexting With Sean Tompkins Nightly

@MikeSouth1226 @TheXXXXXXX text me new phone came but i dont think its workin 23 Jun


Fattest, oldest, ugliest, baldest, least-in-shape piece of shit ever to grace a porn set.


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