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Michael Whiteacre

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Michael Whiteacre real name Ari Bass is a try-hard Internet geek posting on porn-related forums, degrading his family by being a pervert, post whore and e-lawyer. Whiteacre is also responsible for distributing a number of bad softcore porn movies in the mid 2000's, failing in that field and then blowing his horn about his "accomplishments." Whiteacre also counts his YouTube page as an accomplishment. On YouTube he makes bad videos and then argues with those who post comments on the videos like the true Internet nerd that he is. He's also a beta male that hides behind Sean Tompkins skirt and retweets Tompkins challenges to fight everyone and their brother, knowing full well, neither of these pussies is going to ever fight anyone. Born Date Of Birth: September 25, 1967. Contact email: Twitter: @mrwhiteacre

Michael Whiteacre
On the LIB forum, Whiteacre denied that he wears a hair system and gets his forehead botoxed. You be the judge.
Born Ari Bass
25 September 1967 (1967-09-25) (age 50)
Alias(es) Devil Man
Ethnicity Jewish
Michael Whiteacre at IMDb


Message Board and talk

Socks pulled up to the knees-CHECK. Long Bermuda shorts-CHECK. Huge straw hat-CHECK. Chicken legs-CHECK. Geek Whiteacre is now ready to play shuffleboard with other Jewish tourists on "The Love Boat."
Whiteacre's fat-ass FSC girlfriend Joanne Cachepero waits patiently while the chicken-legged geek loads up on cotton candy.
"Devil Man."

Here secular Jew Whiteacre is seen mocking Christianity. He obsesses over insignificant Christian clowns like Shelley Lubben and sees Christian boogeymen at the center of all manner of evil conspiracies. He hates Christianity because it reminds him of his own otherness.

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Michael Whiteacre Family and Friends

Whiteacre resides in Henderson, Nevada with spouse Christina Parreira or @SinCityGrrrl on Twitter.

Michael Whiteacre School

Michael Whiteacre Biography

Whiteacre adopted the common Anglo-Saxon surname "Whiteacre" because he is ashamed of being Jewish and wants to "pass" for WASP American. The ruse is a waste of time because his ACLU worldview/leftist tendencies give him away every time.

Michael Whiteacre Hair System

Because he is insecure and vain, Whiteacre has never admitted to wearing a hair system on his head, but systems are always obvious and never look natural or good. A hair system is fake hair that is glued to the scalp and worn 24 hours a day for weeks on end at which time it is changed. With each system change, Whiteacre looks less and less natural and more and more like some sort of cartoon character. Monica Foster has actually created a cartoon parody of Whiteacre and his cronies called Jewacre. The parody has gotten rave reviews and is said to be a very accurate portrayal of the little Jewish midget.

Michael Whiteacre Pornography career notes

Responsible for several shitty softcore porn movies that were shown on cable TV late at night. Failed in that field and now posts constantly on forums that deal with hardcore pornography and acts like he knows what he's talking about.

Opinions on Michael Whiteacre

He is a forum geek and complete nobody, but is also an FSC tool. He makes YouTube clips about people FSC doesn't like (probably with their money) and fucks Diane Duke/FSC's fat employee Joanne Cachapero

Michael Whiteacre Self-Serving Egomaniac

Whiteacre wrote a Wikipedia article on himself which is self-serving and self-congratulatory. The wiki has been reported for this reason. His PWL wiki is more accurate as it tells the real story on this pompous phony. Laughably, he also has a Facebook "fan page" which has two fans. One of the fans is his fat FSC girlfriend Joanne Cachepero. The other has to be either him or his mother. Gee, Whiteacre, I wonder who could have created this fan page? It has a link to his joke Wikepedia article. What a great resource for fans to fulfill all of their Michael Whiteacre needs.

Michael Whiteacre Forum Activity/Twitter

After a failed career in film distribution, Whiteacre became a full-time Internet troll on porn-related forums.

Michael Whiteacre Beta Male

Whiteacre will retweet all the tough guy challenges to fight that his side kick Sean Tompkins makes on Twitter. Tompkins, in a desperate ploy to call attention and notoriety to himself, and to bring his totally irrelevant stalker site into the spotlight, challenges everyone and their grandmother to a fight - usually to take place around the time of a big smut convention in whatever city the convention is taking place. Sean has yet to lay a finger on anyone, but that doesn't keep Whiteacre from retweeting Tompkins bullshit while giggling like a 13 year old school girl.

Michael Whiteacre Posts on PWL

Whiteacre is one of many Unregistered cowards who posts on the PWL forum and makes derogatory comments about PWL members, as well as about anything that doesn't fit his agenda. Then he runs back to the safe haven of one of the porn forums he posts on and has a circle jerk with his fellow nerds and talks strategy about how to damage PWL.

Wishes Cancer On Darrah ford

@mrwhiteacre @DarrahFord Coming from U, that is really hilarious. I'm no spokesman, just doing my civic duty taking guilty fuckers down. Get cancer, cunt

Despite this statement, Whiteacre has yet to "Take anyone down."

Michael Whiteacre: Devil Man

In March, 2014, porn radio host and blogger Rob Black gave Whiteacre the nickname Devil Man.

Whiteacre kinda looks like a guy that you would see in a cartoon parody of somebody playing the devil. He’s got the black hair, a little mustache and he’s sporting a little grease bomb. Like you would see in a cartoon, “Hellooo… I’m the devil!” That’s what I’m gonna call this Whiteacre from now on. Devil Man. He’s the Devil Man.



Jew Whiteacre and other scumbags scheme to steal name of Donny Long's company.

External links

His Facebook page, where he lists Burn Notice as one of his favorite shows. He obviously doesn't see the irony of this.


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