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Michael Crosson

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Michael Crosson or Michael W Crosson or Snowman is a failed lawyer turned stalker porn fan that likes to stalk and harass porn people online with his many of porn websites and porn forums such as raincoatreviews.com. He is into asian girls and owns many of asian porn stalker forums. Michael has failed at most things in life including being a lawyer. He is fat, old, and bald, has a very small penis and is HIV positive and on Atripla. Born Date Of Birth: Contact email: Twitter:

Michael Crosson
Michael Crosson.jpg
Born Michael Crosson
0 December 0000 (0000-00-00) (age 2017)
Alias(es) Snowman
Height 5'3" 1/2
Weight 295
Measurements Small
Hair color Hair Club for Men client


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Michael Crosson Family and Friends

Michael Crosson School

I'm a graduate of McGeorge School of Law in Sacramento (J.D., 1995). McGeorge is affiliated with The University of the Pacific, the first chartered university in California. McGeorge enjoys an long-established regional reputation for churning out scumbag lawyers like me.

At McGeorge, I worked as a research assistant for Intellectual Property Professor Jed Scully and blew Jed after long days at the office. In addition, I represented numerous indigent clients in family law and bankruptcy matters at the school's legal clinic and profited off their misfortune. I participated on McGeorge's Technology Committee and served as the System Operator of the school's bulletin board system in the days before the Internet become popular - which shows you how fucking old I really am. I was an active member of the Public Legal Services Society and Phi Alpha Delta legal fraternity, which is known as the gayest frat on campus. I would say that 75% of my frat brothers were homosexuals

As an undergraduate, I attended the University of Arizona where I majored in economics and political science (B.A., 1988). I performed economics research at Arizona for Professor Stanley Reynolds and was a winner in the annual Freshman Essay Contest. Stanley gave me my first blow job when I was just a young gay Californian, far from home.

Michael Crosson Biography Before Porn

Michael W. Crosson, Attorney at Law 2740 Fulton Avenue, Suite 200, Sacramento, CA 95821 (916)973-8288, (866)750-0040 (fax) www.mwcrosson.com

Michael Crosson Pornography/Hooking career notes

Crosson not only had many Asian porn girls complain about being stalked by him but he has also stalked, libeled and slandered super star porn hero Donny Long because he is jealous of the fact Donny has been paid to fuck just about every Asian porn star in the world and Michael hasn't. He has also stalked Straight Male Porn God Don Fernando Crosson secretly wants to live the life of a porn god, which is why he impersonated porn superstar Donny Long on the wiki. Dream on Crosson, you will NEVER be Donny!

Michael Crosson Forum Activity/Twitter

Serial Wiki Blanker

Blanked/vandalized his wiki and did so while impersonating respected wiki editors.

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