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Kurt Lockwood

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Kurt Lockwood real name Steven ??? wiki gay describes them as an adult working in the adult industry as a sex worker, and porn star. They may have a profile for contact here http://www.xxxfilmjobs.com/Kurt_Lockwood

Kurt Lockwood
Kurt Lockwood not gay he just sucks off gay men with tits lol
Born 0 December 0000 (0000-00-00) (age 2018)


Kurt Lockwood doing the gay version of Call On Me

Kurt Lockwood Biography

Kurt Lockwood not gay sucking off another man and taking a creampie in his ass from the fag

Lockwood also has a child, lets hope the child will never be told who their real father is, in fact the child would be better off thinking Christianx is its father.

Kurt Lockwood Pornography career

Kurt Lockwood gay wiki is going to be so fun to write cause this closet case has some serious history with his closet gayness. Kurt Lockwood made adult media everywhere for ripping his shirt off and getting in reporter Gram Ponante face pushing him many times outside a porn studio for calling him gay and claimed he wasnt gay.

Now funny thing is at the time Kurt had not done any gay or tranny porn but right after that he went a did a bunch of gay and tranny porn lol. Now he still claims not to be gay. This was all captured on video and put on youtube and we have attached it here for your viewing pleasure.

Kurt Lockwood trying to fight with gram for calling him a homosexual

Kurt Lockwood vs. Chris Evans

Lockwood layed down a beating on Chris Evans at the 2015 AVN Adult Expo as his wife Alana Evans looked on unable to stop him.

Lockwood posted photos of his unblemished face from his hotel room taken immediately after the fight ended. Evans has yet to post any photos. He is said to be in rough shape.

Mike South, banned from any and all adult trade shows for being a lying disease spreading cancer, not to mention too poor to travel from Georgia to Las Vegas for the show, believed rumors and lies that the Evanses had circulated about Chris beating up Kurt. As usual, Mike was wrong and reported the story wrong on his shitty blog. When will people stop taking the word of this porn outsider who reports second and third hand reports and is never actually on the scene to confirm if what he is reporting is true?

Kurt Lockwood Forum Activity/Twitter

Openly celebrated the death of August ames in December, 2017 because he claimed that she "Advocates homophobia."

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