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Knockworstface real name Jeff turned into a post whore, turncoat and crackhead and went by the name Knockworstface trolling porn wiki leaks degrading the whole family name being a post whore, and troll. Born Date Of Birth: 70's. Contact email: Twitter: @Knockworstface

Born Jeff
1 January 1970 (1970-01-01) (age 47)
Alias(es) KWF, Jeff, Knocks, The Clonus Knockworstfart, The Clonus Knockworstface, King Porno, Jason Almafi Army, Ween, Crackworstface, JohnJanieroXXX
Height 6'4"
Weight 220-235
Eye color Green
Hair color Bald
Ethnicity Masshole/Caucasian/White Trash American Nationalist
Official website


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Knockworstface Family and Friends

Claims to have a live in girlfriend of 10 years, Mrs Knockworstface, but also could be gay as he is middle aged, unmarried and without children, never discusses women anywhere on the forums, is obsessed with male performers and is obsessed with the words "gay" and "faggot," referring to all his internet foes as "fags," faggots and gay.

Junkie sister overdosed on heroin at age 21 and died. Please don't do anything drastic. My sister died from a heroin overdose in 2003. She was 21. - The Clonus Knockworstface, 5/31/2015

Knockworstface School

Brags about holding a Bachelor's degree but this is unconfirmed.

Knockworstface Biography Before Porn Wiki Leaks

Trolled many forums, used drugs, blew thousands of dollars while using while holed up in sleazy motel rooms.

Knockworstface Drug Use

Knockworstface Drug Use Due To Dependency On Women

It wasn't weeks it was over the span of three months. Long story short....a guy who worked for the same company I did at the time was a sometimes recreational user of freebase or crack cocaine. I just ended a 4 year relationship and I was depressed...my buddy at the time decided that he'd smoke crack with me. I tried my first hit and it was immediate love for the drug. That being said....I was off and running after that. I met "The Drug Dealer" and the rest is history. Crack is a million times more pleasurable than snorting blow and you don't get the post nasal drip like you do with powder coke. The product was very good and...You just get caught up in it. So instead of driving around in my car smoking crack which I often did at the time....I'd rent motel rooms for the night. I'd get my shit...smoke it for a few hours. Run out. Pop some pills...Xanax, Valium, klonopin...whatever downer I had at the time...smoke some weed...eat and then go to bed. I'd go to work the next day and after work I'd repeat the process. I loved the shit.

That's it in a nutshell. No arrests and no cops ever were involved.

Knockworstface advice to other drug addicts

In May, 2016, Jeff offered some advice to fellow crackhead Mope Money on the PWL forums when he was asked how to quit a crack habit. In true drug addict form, Jeff suggested that instead of getting clean, his fellow dope addict should simply swap one drug out for another:

Just make the effort to just not use. Switch to weed. Crack is too expensive.

This suggests that Jeff would still be using crack if his finances allowed it.

Then Jeff, upset about this wiki and the information that he has publicly divulged, took the conversation with his fellow crackhead to private messages.

Knockworstface Job and Living Situation

Current resident of Florida, but is not thought to be a native of that state. During a discussion with John Janiero on the PWL forums, KWF claimed to to hold a job in the field of Agronomics. When called out for his poor dietary habits, KWF told his detractors that although his diet is poor, I burn more calories in a day than you fucktards do in a week. I'm in better shape than you miserable pricks. I can eat and drink anything I want. Therefore I do., suggesting that KWF is a manual laborer of some sort.

Claims to have spent time living in Glendale, California.

Knockworstface Porn Addict

What dude isn't a porn junkie? That's the real question. I'll never stop looking at porn. My girl knows that. I'm up front and honest with her about that. It's just the way most normal dudes are wired....we like watching hot naked girls doing hot shit on screen. Nothing wrong with that.

Knockworstface Porn Performer Wannabe

Jeff Knockworstface poured his heart out to John Janiero in a teary eyed post that saw KWF admit that he not only wanted to be a porn performer when he was growing up, but that he would like to have been in the shoes of male performers that did gay porn at some point in their careers, namely Peter north. He claims that his childhood heroes were gay porn performers as opposed to athletes like all the other kids.

The Clonus Knockworstface

Trying to clear the air and set the record straight here.

You've lived the life that myself and many normal dudes would love to live. Ever since I saw my first porn film on May 13th 1988...I've always wanted to be a porn star. I grew up wanting to be Tom Byron, Jon Dough, Randy West, Peter north, Mike Horner etc. those guys were my childhood heroes all throughout high school. I'd love to be able to ask you questions about the industry. I'm fascinated by the porn industry. You've banged some super hot girls. You've done things I've dreamt about doing. I wish I was you during the 90s.

I'm just trying to clear the air here. I'm not here to insult you or make you feel bad.

I'm the real deal. I'm not a liar. You can ask me anything and I'll give you the honest answer. I'm a good guy Janiero.

Hopefully you'll give me a chance. I'm not a moron.

I hope we can be friends someday.

If this bothers you...then I'm sorry. Tell me to leave you alone and I will.

I don't want to be friends with anyone who doesn't want to be friends with me.

I'm just taking a shot in the dark here Janiero.

-Jeff aka Knockworstface.

Knockworstface Porn Wiki Leaks trolling career notes

A troll of the highest order, posts about food, excrement, pop culture, never about porn outside of his obsession with former male performers.

Knockworstface trolling of PWL partner sites

There are other forums that PWL owns that are open to Unregistered posting where Knockworstface posts without an account and trashes PWL and its contributors, only to crawl back to PWL and pretend to be their friend.

Despite claiming to be part of The Long Family, KWF has yet to defend Donny Long from homosexual trolls on said PWL partner sites, whose attacks on Donny and Heather Deep are relentless. This suggests that KWF is just as bad as these Gay Mafia trolls.

KWF and his Gay Mafia cronies like to air their grievances on PWL partner sites and not sites of their own because they're incapable of creating sites of their own and generating traffic. Basically, they're biting the hands that feed them by trashing PWL on PWL owned sites.

In May 2016, KWF and his Gay Mafia pals lost access to the primary PWL partner site that they used to trash PWL, Donny, Heather and PWL contributors when the site was suspended. This left these Gay Mafia trolls confused, angry, lost and without a place to vent their frustrations over their wikis.

Knockworstface Lifestyle

Gas Station Hot Dogs. Doctors have declared hot dogs to be as bad for one's health as smoking cigarettes.

Is said to be a user of marijuana and a former user of many illegal drugs.

Based on his PWL topics on food, diet is high in sodium, fat and sugar, low in fresh fruits and vegetables, putting him at risk for a number of different diseases. Restaurants he has discussed have generally been cheap fast food establishments and even gas stations, suggesting a lack of funds or extremely poor/cheap taste in restaurants and no regard for what he puts into his body. As one PWL associate put it when a blog trying to justify KWF's lifestyle was posted, What a bullshit, uneducated article. This guy is killing himself. No worse for the wear? Bullshit. Gas station food? What the fuck?

Knockworstface Forum Activity/Twitter

"Friends" on Twitter with many Gay Mafia members, most notably Sean Tompkins and once told Tompkins via Twitter that members of The Donny Long Army that post on PWL need to be flushed out.

Because Jeff has no real identity of his own, no balls, and no one cares what he has to say, he must troll as hard and obnoxiously as possible to gain people's attention. He has multiple internet handles that he uses to troll sites with. How many is anyone's guess. Below are confirmed KWF aliases: (Note that he uses only his alts to attack PWL contributors on PWL and has no balls to do it with his primary account.)

Knockworstface Confirmed Porn Wiki Leaks Usernames

Knockworstface Confirmed Twitter Usernames

Knockworstface Suspected Unregistered Handles Used on PWL and Partner Sites (Incomplete)

Knockworstface Failed PWL Moderator

KWF had a brief stint as a PWL moderator. He was terminated when he was caught fraternizing with enemies on Twitter. After being unmodded, Knockworstface went full potato, created numerous PWL alt accounts to troll with and turned on PWL and began a revenge campaign against them that he carried out both on and off the PWL site.

Knockworstface failed forum endeavor after PWL unmodding

After he was terminated as a moderator on PWL, KWF started his own forum in protest in December of 2015. Ironically, he tried advertising his forum on the very site he was staging a mini protest against, PWL. His efforts failed. Since that time, his forum has been a failure by anyone's measure, receiving just 30 or so posts in its first 4 months of operation. KWF is currently begging other trolls, dirtbags, cowards and cretins from abandoned and out of control PWL partner sites to participate. The campaign has not worked thus far and he continues being reduced to joining PWL's porn failure, drop out and fan boi enemies in trashing PWL and its associates on PWL's own partner sites, all of them too gutless to do it here.

Knockworstface Long Family Endeavor

In a desperate attempt to stay relevant after being fired from PWL and having his own forum fail, KWF used the name of porn star Donny Long in a social media and forum campaign where he demanded that certain individuals take the name Long. The campaign was successful in promoting Donny Long and Heather Deep because Donny and Heather are popular and well liked, however, it was not successful for KWF in the end. Even though he spearheaded the movement, he was forgotten about shortly after all members were in place and it did nothing to elevate his status on PWL or on social media. It is believed that he never had the best interest of Donny or Heather in mind when he started the campaign as he called Donny supporters names on PWL partner sites while at the same time recruiting them to join the team. This proved that he had only his best interests in mind. It also proves that he can't stand on his own two feet and get anyone to care what he says and must use the success and hard work of others to get noticed.

Knockworstface trashing of Donny Long/Heather Deep

Although he used the Long name to gain notoriety for himself and claimed to be a Donny Long and Heather Deep supporter, Jeff blasted the duo under his Jules Schmenko PWL forum troll account in 2016. The white trash American Nationalist took bigoted shots at the dark skinned beauty Heather as well as Donny, who Jeff is reportedly upset with because Jeff believes Donny had a role in the unmodding of The Clonus Knockworstface forum account, and also PWL staffers that Jeff feel wronged him and who he is upset with as they have more power/presence on PWL than he does or ever will.

Knockworstface role in 2011 harassment of PWL contributors

In 2011, after scumbag Jon Felosi sold PWL's passwords to Gay Mafia kingpins Mike South and Tompkins, allowing them into the PWL database to harass contributors, a post was authored by an Unregistered user in a PWL forum thread entitled What happened to PWL?, that outed the real name of respected PWL forum contributor and wiki editor, Cali. The post was signed using Cali's real name and stated: "Cali is fucked. That cunt made a huge mistake going up against "The Rod Fontana Army". Her everything will be crushed and ruined. Watch and see" The emoticons used on the post are commonly used by KWF and as mentioning male performer "Armies" is not in the style of South or Tompkins or any other PWL visitors, that pretty much narrows down who authored the post. KWF has also posted on both South and Tompkins' blogs in the past. The conclusion is that KWF has been an in-disguise enemy of PWL for years.

Knockworstface loses Trannyfucker warning site

In May 2016, the famous Trannyfucker warning site that he was so fond of as a way of anonymously channeling his frustrations and anger over his complete and total failure of a PWL posting career, and a place that he used as a home base to potshot PWL friends, closed, leaving KWF heartbroken and without a way to anonymously attack those that he felt had wronged him. As Jeff refuses to attack PWL contributors under his registered name on PWL for lack of balls and fear of completely outing himself as a PWL enemy, he is left only with his racist polititrolling as an escape from his frustrating failure of a life.

Knockworstface Problems With The Donny Long Army

Knockworstface has made it known, under his anonymous handles on PWL partner sites, such as The Famous Trannyfucker Warning Site, now defunct, about his true feelings on Donny Long supporters. He doesn't have the balls to speak up about this on PWL but he goes off on pro-Donny supporters when he is hidden under an anonymous name, away from PWL and Donny's watch, calling such supporters "Faggots" or "Drones." When he crawls back to PWL or Twitter, he pretends to be pro-PWL, pro-Donny, anti-trannyfucker, anti-gay, which, with the verifiable evidence provided on this page, is clearly not the case. KWF has made it very clear that he is in bed with The Gay Mafia or at the very least, acts as a free agent and has no loyalty to PWL's cause.

Knockworstface Association With Dirtbag Charles May aka Clonus Rick Grimes

The following was posted to the PWL forum to describe KWF friend and associate Charles May aka Clonus Rick Grimes on the PWL forums, Twitter name @shimmyyah2:

Yo.... I know he won't be banned but just look at the type of dorks Knock is associated with

odb lockdown ‏@shimmyyah2 @NewbieC27 Thank you so much for hacking Porn Wiki Leaks. They were a bunch of lowdown scumbags,

odb lockdown ‏@shimmyyah2 @Knockworstface What happened to PWL? Looks like it was hacked by a bunch of Indonesian Cyber Ghosts or some shit.

Now who wants to bet that fanboi has an account or multiple accounts here the same as Jeff? - Senor Cabo 6/29/2015

Knockworstface 'As Bad As The Gay Mafia'

As one PWL visitor noted, KWF is Gay Mafia or just as bad:

He didn't say you had anything to do with the hacks but your interactions with limp dick trolls and anti-PWL folks like Tompkins hasn't done you any favors.

Also of note is the admiration shown by KWF towards Pauly Hark, Rick Madrid, Tommy Pistol and John Janiero... all of whom have blasted PWL and its members in the past.

You are as bad as the gay mafia and offer nothing to this site.

Knockworstface Rise And Fall Of 'Team Clonus'

After registering to the PWL forums using the name The Clonus Knockworstface and becoming way too prominent for the boards liking, KWF's Clonus name built momentum and followers and Team Clonus was born. Although unpopular with PWL forum regulars, the team became a large part of the forum. Porn discussion took a backseat to pop culture, food, video game and sports discussion and the forums began to deteriorate and take the focus off of dangerous Gay Mafia and Crossovers, which is believed to have been KWF's goal. After the unmodding of KWF, the disintegration of Team Clonus followed and the board resumed the discussion around porn and porn performers, however, the boards are currently a lot less lively then they used to be, suggesting KWF and other Gay Mafia left the boards in ruins in their wake.

Knockworstface Anti-PWL Blogging

When he reached rock-bottom, lost his PWL moderator job and his Team Clonus endeavor folded, KWF took to the PWL homepage to blog about PWL members that he felt had wronged him. His blogs were brutal, scathing entries in which he poured on the hate, never considering that the typical PWL homepage visitor is there to read news about porn performers and not his forum drama. This suggests that he never had PWL's best interests in mind. He also never took the time or effort or displayed that amount of hate towards Gay Mafia members that he did towards PWL staffers and forum members/wiki editors.

Knockworstface: "PWL IS MY HOUSE!"

Although he has proven that he holds no loyalty towards PWL or it's members and has no stake in PWL and only served as a moderator for a week before being fired, never edited a wiki or written a relevant blog, KWF has long since thought of PWL as "His House," and a site where he can run amok, pay tribute to enemies and gays, talk down to PWL friends and thinks there will be no consequences for these actions.


Knockworstface: "I'M NOT LEAVING HERE!!"

On several occasions, KWF has thrown child-like fits and proclaimed that he will never leave PWL until permanently banned, even as that is next to impossible as he has half a dozen log-ons. If those log-ons are banned, he will simply create new log-ons. These displays of rage suggest mental illness for a man of KWF's age. No PWL forum member has ever suggested that he leave or tried to get him to leave the forum. It is believed that when he does not receive the amount of attention he desires, he throws a "bitch-fit" to try to generate attention towards himself and to disrupt the community. This suggests that he lacked adequate attention when he was a child in 1970's Massachusetts.

Knockworstface Love/Hate Relationship with John Janiero/Owned By Janiero

After begging John Janiero to post on the Porn Wiki Leaks forum and finally getting his wish, KWF had his ups and downs and drama with Janiero for the better part of a year. In mid 2015, Janiero threatened suicide over some of KWF's mean spirited comments made about Janiero's career choices. Janiero was off the forum for days, leaving KWF deeply depressed and guilty over the matter and even motivated KWF to make a phone call to the Downtown Las Vegas motel that Janiero had claimed to be staying at:

Just got off the phone with a front desk operator at The Downtowner in Las Vegas. There was no one by the name of John Janiero who checked in recently. I don't know. I'm hoping that John Janiero is still alive. I'm at a loss for words here. Does anyone here know John Janiero? and if so could you please reach out to the guy. Please.

When Janiero returned, the two waged war in a brutal sparring match that saw Janiero invite KWF to fight him in a Florida gym. The fight never materialized.

As of this wiki edit, Janiero is missing from the PWL forums and the mentally ill KWF has created a rendition of Janiero on Twitter, JohnJanieroXXX in which he mimics Janiero's PWL posting style to the letter but with a twist - KWF uses this name to post about politics and social issues and to make racist remarks, which the real Janiero certainly wouldn't appreciate. In all likelihood, KWF has not received a green light from the real Janiero to use the name on that platform. The real Janiero is not known to be active on social media although there is a Twitter username JohnJaniero1 that posts occasionally about porn related issues and it is possible it belongs to the performer.

Knockworstface Forum Posting Style

Creates several "armies" for various porn mopes. Some of his armies include The Rod Fontana Army, The Dirty Harry Army, Jason Amalfi Army and of course The John Janiero Army. It is not unheard of for him to create a male mope thread and then respond to his own thread 15-20+ times using his alternate forum accounts, suggesting mental illness.

Usually rates his own threads 5 stars before the thread gets any views or responses, suggesting that he is aware that no one cares about anything he writes except himself.

Talks about food and starts various threads about food in the PWL general porn discussion forum.

Starts threads about science fiction films, TV shows and action figures on the PWL general porn discussion forum.

Starts many threads about video games, particularly video games from past eras.

Abandons most of his threads which suggests that he is simply starting threads to piss off the forum and disrupt the porn discussion.

Obsessed with the words Theorem and Conundrum, which he uses often and which gives away his alternate accounts every time.

Overuses hashtags (#), even using hashtags on PWL and other forums, which makes him look like a d-bag.

Sends unsolicited private messages to several male members of the forum, suggesting that he enjoys intimate conversations with men.

After getting owned in a discussion, Jeff always goes one of two ways; He either changes the topic completely or folds like a cheap tent and concedes that he has lost the argument.

Knockworstface Signature Put-Downs

The following put downs are used often by KWF. Usually, he uses these cliche put-downs on people that have upset him but that he knows very little about, suggesting that he is "flying blind." In other words, he throws every cliche put-down in the book at his foes to hopefully offend them. Sadly for KWF, he usually swings and misses with these overused insults and no one cares what a crackhead says anyway.

Knockworstface Constantly Calling People "Faggot" and "Fag"

Because he uses the term "Faggot" and "Fag" ad nauseum to describe straight people on the net that he is not fond of, added to the fact that he is obsessed with male porn performers, never putting forth any effort to talk about female performers when the girls are the most prominent part of the industry, it is believed that KWF is projecting and this puts his sexual orientation under suspicion.

Knockworstface Stalking Of Retired Male Performers

Obsessed with retired male performers that never made a lot of money in porn and get no type of porn pension or benefits and who made poor choices at times in their lives. Instead of leaving these men alone to move on, he starts threads devoted to them and constantly bumps the threads, pressing the issue, demanding that they post on the forum and share sensitive personal info such as their real names, locations or non porn jobs and share stories of their on set experiences, which they probably aren't proud of. Some of these threads have gone on for years and years, from the earliest versions of the PWL forum, suggesting an unhealthy obsession and mental illness on KWF's part.

Knockworstface Playing For Multiple Teams

KWF pretends to be 100% pro-PWL and pro-Donny Long, however, as one PWL contributor put it, KWF Strokes Donny off with his left hand, gives him the finger with his right...

Knockworstface Pays Tribute To Members Of Anti-PWL Forums

Threads have been started on the PWL forum by KWF that pay tribute to members of sites that are anti-PWL and that ban any members that post positive comments about PWL or Donny Long on their forums. This is obviously a major conflict of interest and proves that KWF has no loyalty to PWL. These types of topics should never be allowed on PWL just as PWL related topics are not allowed on anti-PWL forums. At least two members of an anti-PWL site have been celebrated by KWF on the PWL forums, the two being Mark Spiegler flunkie Bono One, who KWF has referred to as 'God,' and elderly porn collector Goldstein.

Knockworstface Paying Tribute to Homosexuals and Trannyfuckers

Without doing his homework, KWF has several times started "Armies" on the PWL forum for male performers that have been found to have performed in gay and/or tranny porn films.

Knockworstface Paying Tribute to Bitter Enemies of PWL/Donny Long

KWF started a thread on the PWL forums to pay tribute to Monica Foster Captain Save a Ho Barry Nelson aka @NYCFUNK, calling him a "Bass guitar icon." Nelson has posted derogatory commentary on Twitter about Donny Long and blocked nearly all of PWL supporters.

Knockworstface Paying Tribute to Mark Spiegler Associates

KWF started a topic on the PWL forums about a public appearance by 'Super Hero' Ralph Long. Shortly after the topic was started, a PWL associate posted a photo showing Ralph Long standing with Mark Spiegler, and acting as though the two are friends.

Knockworstface Save a Ho/Whore Sympathizer

After someone posted a thread to the Girls Do Porn PWL forum claiming to be GDP performer #E276 - Megan Van Tuyl, making outrageous claims of poor treatment on set and behind the scenes by GDP, the poster was kicked up and down the forum in classic PWL fashion. Enter Save a Ho KWF who tried to comfort "Megan" and even invited her to "Become part of the PWL family." This goes against PWL TOS as it has been mentioned many times that "GDP are friends and straight porn gods, no badmouthing them here." The thread is believed to have been deleted by PWL for violating the site's TOS.

KWF has also comforted the mentally ill mother of porn performer Dollie_Darko/Fabrizia_Suicide when she has posted on the PWL forums. These actions are hit or miss as Dollie has badmouthed PWL and its associates in the past. However, with PWL now on good terms with Darko boyfriend Pauly Harker, this is not believed to be a very good idea going forward.

Knockworstface ass set on fire by JayNight

In 2014 there was an all too brief posting career of the highly intelligent and entertaining JayNight. Jay discussed female porn performers, his dislike for crossovers and occasionally dabbled in politics and social issues. Jay started many interesting and controversial topics that garnered thousands of views. As KWF is not capable of starting an interesting discussion, several of Jay's threads were hijacked by KWF as KWF attempted to turn the topics into The Rod Fontana Show, and Jay called KWF on being the worthless homosexual troll that he is and shut down the hijack attempts.

Hey man, what are you not understanding? When men watch pornography, none of us really care about the guys, we don't want crossover fags, but we don't generally concern ourselves with the male porn actors. We mostly care about the female ones, why do you keep coming here promoting this guy? Don't you have anything better to do? Are you really that pathetic? I heard you've come here under different user names promoting other male actors, why? Why don't you get a life?

The funny thing is had you come here and pretended to be a female, you would've seemed a lot less creepy than you do right now. What kind of guy does what you're doing for a male porn star? You gotta be gay, there's no way in hell you're not. - JayNight to Knockworstface, 4/26/14

Why don't the admins take action against these trolls especially the unregistered ones. This guy is a complete fag with nothing better to do and if he really is having a conversation with himself, and I don't doubt that he is, than he's a fucking retard with no life, who will never amount to shit, trolling a site where he's clearly not wanted. The worst thing is this whole thread is completely unrelated to the bullshit he's been talking about for pages now. - JayNight on Knockworstface, 4/26/14

Yeah, he's a piece of shit. He took this thread into a whole different direction that has nothing to do with my original post. This site allows way too much of that, I get censored everywhere I go. Yahoo Answers doesn't allow me to say shit yet unregistered trolls have the privilege to come here and say whatever they want and they still complain.

I made this thread for one reason, shemales are not women and no matter how much they try to force us to accept them as women, it won't change a thing. - JayNight on Knockworstface, 4/26/14

Knockworstface "Polititrolling"

KWF is a right-wing wacko and self proclaimed American Nationalist that trolls Twitter with political comments and arguments. When he is finished with one of his political spam sessions on that site, he runs to PWL or its partner sites and pats himself on the back, brags and claims victory over his Twitter foes, who block him very early in the discussion.

As of May, 2016, it appears that Jeff has become a full time polititroll, juggling his angry, hateful, bigoted polititrolling posts between no less than 3 Twitter handles.

Knockworstface Racist

Knockworstface Bigoted Against Hispanics

Knockworstface is notoriously racist against Hispanics and has referred to members of the Hispanic culture as "Mexcrement" and "Spics."

Knockworstface Bigoted Against African-Americans/Blacks

KWF is racist against blacks and has called them "Niggers" from his Unregistered handles on other sites and while using his alternate accounts on social media. On PWL and Twitter, under his Knockworstface name, he acts more diplomatic, referring to blacks in a politically correct manner, calling them "Blacks" and "Minorities" while pretending to be a man of the people and a hater of racism.

@JohnJanieroXXX tired of these black lives matter niggers. Yes that's what they are niggers...promoting their idiocy. Bunch of pussies.

@JohnJanieroXXX nothing but a movement of whiny crybaby loser niggers. Yeah niggers.

Knockworstface Bigoted Against Armenians And Jews

Tom Byron's Ass Birthmark You are one fucked up mofo Patrick Norton! Your pointless rhetoric is ridiculous Patrick. Enjoy living amongst the homeless California faggots, Mexicrements, niggers, Armenians and the kikes. Venice beach is a fucking cesspool. Keep lying to yourself and to us. Seems to suit you well....jack off.

As of May, 2016, it appears that Jeff has become a full time race baiter.

Knockworstface and alts gang up on little elderly women

Being a gutless sack of shit punk, scrawny little drug addict, Jeff must not only use multiple Twitter handles to attack elderly little women, but hides behind the name of former porn performers while he does it. Big man:

Rick Madrid ‏@LoraCreates I'm not trying to intimidate anyone. Just calling you out for the phony dike that you are.

Rick Madrid @LoraCreates go complain about bullying & insults...perhaps you're too fragile for the interwebz.

Rick Madrid ‏@LoraCreates @Knockworstface go report me for thought crimes you thin skinned ninny.

Rick Madrid @LoraCreates @Knockworstface you're a fragile crybaby.

Rick Madrid #Istandwithknockworstface

Rick MadridHiding behind the block button you vile feminazi lezbo.

Rick Madrid ‏@LoraCreates @Knockworstface freedom of speech fem

Rick Madrid ‏@LoraCreates @Knockworstface @AnnCoulter he's spot on right. You're a vile dike Lora. Now run along & suck on Hillary's deflated tits.

Knockworstface "I'm a badass. I survive everything!"

Although he has been kicked up and down and all around the PWL forums, driven to tears by a mope's rumored suicide, unmodded, resulting in fits of rage and drama @ The Donny Long Army, exposed as a turncoat and friend of The Gay Mafia, had his alternate accounts laid out for all to see on this wiki, and ignored when he has cried for attention, KWF considers himself a "tough guy" and "a survivor." KWF doesn't understand that hanging around a forum after you've been beaten up and where you're not wanted and where no one pays any attention to you is not admirable and does not make one tough, it makes one stupid and in need of a life/hobby.

You see. I get over shit quick. I don't stew in shit. I move forward. I'm a badass. I survive everything. Including internet drama.

Knockworstface thoughts on this wiki

Palooka Jeff
Knockworstface is understandably upset about the unflattering portrayal of him on this page, however, there probably has never been a more accurate wiki in the history of PWL. 99% of what appears on this page is in KWF's own words, copied and pasted from PWL and other sites that KWF posts on. As such, he has absolutely no one but himself to blame for what appears here.

Even as he has been kicked around, pissed on, shit on and beat on like a pinata, had all his overused signature cliche put-downs exposed and outed as a gutless punk that needs multiple handles to fight his enemies, Jeff gets upset when he is blocked or ignored and prefers to spar with his foes so he can get beat up some more, but this wiki is proof that this palooka is past his prime and needs to retire. Beating on this clown at this point is the equivalent to robbing a senior citizen in a wheelchair. Block and ignore and move on with your day, leaving him alone and miserable.

Knockworstface Failed Return To PWL

In August of 2016, after a short sabbatical from trolling the PWL forums, KWF, bored with polititrolling and being ignored on Twitter and possibly now unemployed, returned to a forum that he called dead and a wasteland and whose contributors he used to take a crap on @ The Famous Trannyfucker Warning Site. Sadly, he learned nothing in his time away. Once again he went to the well and tried his food thread shtick, childishly five starred his own threads while one starring relevant threads that deal with PWL enemies (Which means he sides with PWL enemies), bumps his irrelevant threads to the top every time a relevant thread gets updated (And yet his threads still get no views while the relevant, porn related threads thrive, to his dismay - You left for a long time, asshole, take your threads to the back of the line behind people that have stayed and contributed all along), had conversations with himself and his alts and of course, dropped the name of porn superstar god Donny Long as KWF knows his topics can't stand on their own merit and without Donny's star power. To no avail. Obviously he didn't use his time away to seek psychological help or to get cleaned up off drugs or to learn how to generate interesting topics. He just learned how good he once had it here @ PWL before he started crapping on people and getting kicked to the curb. So now he's back. Perhaps Chowhound would be a better fit for Jeff instead of a porn forum. He's obviously not getting enough attention from his old lady at home and seeks it here but we're not buying what Jeff is selling.

Knockworstface Abuse Of PWL Forum Features and Severe Mental Illness

The bipolar, schizo KWF can't get anyone to reply, like or vote on his shitty PWL forum threads to save his life and so he uses his arsenal of alternate accounts to like his own material, suggesting severe mental illness and possibly early onset dementia or drug side effects. The "Like post" feature is new on the PWL forum and yet the only purpose it has served is for one demented, bored, unemployed loser to artificially prop up his lame topics and posts. But the thread views tell the story. Less than 100 views across multiple threads in a week or "work" for this clown shows his efforts are futile and result in nothing more than additional wiki updates.

Knockworstface Oldest Child In The World

It is almost impossible to believe that the KWF persona is run by a middle aged man. He runs off and pouts when he didn't like the direction that the site was going, only to return and childishly try to bump his uninteresting threads to the top of the forum - The same forum he hated on and claimed would die while he was running wild at the now dead Trannyfucker warning forum. Now he wants back in and to be the focal point of the forum. Time for this man-child to grow up and get a job, get off drugs, propose to his girlfriend and get a life.

Knockworstface Abuse Of Donny Long Name

There probably hasn't been a worse offender in the history of PWL when it comes to crapping on the Donny Long name than KWF. Not only did he crap on Donny Long and Heather Deep using his now defunct JulesSchmenko troll account but he repeatedly drops the name of Donny Long when trolling the PWL forum, thinking it gives him free reign to shit all over the site, side with PWL enemies (Monica Foster) and take the place so far off topic that it will chase away visitors and deflect from the real task at hand. This moron did this once before - With the Trannyfucker Warning Site and now he attempts to do it again here. If he can't be a moderator here, if no one pays attention to him, he figures he'll wreck the site. This scumbag is part of The Gay Mafia to the core and bar none the biggest attention whore in the history of the internet.

Knockworstface Abuse Of Forum Rating System

KWF has a little system for rating forum threads. Basically, any thread that he creates, he automatically rates 5 stars even as his threads are off topic shit that no one replies to or views. Every other thread that gets posted, even if on topic and if it exposes PWL enemies, gets a 1 star rating out of Jeff because like a petulant child, he gets upset and throws a fit when he sees a thread take attention away from his childish games and off topic nonsense. Currently he is trying to bury a thread about PWL enemy Monica Foster by 1 starring the popular, well viewed thread and bumping his off topic food bullshit to the top. Yet somehow he hasn't been perma banned yet when other gay mafia members are banned right away. Again, he uses the name of porn super hero Donny Long as a front for his games and to make sure he doesn't get shut down but he is pretty far from a Donny supporter.

Knockworstface PWL Wiki Page Gets Its Own Twitter Page

This wiki page now has its own Twitter feed thanks to Jeff not being able to leave well enough alone and just fuck off and stop disrupting the business at hand on this site. The page has been subscribed to PWL's feed and will mostly be on autopilot, tweeting the goings on at this site and raising awareness about this page and the douche nozzle that it's dedicated to. Expect this wiki to become part of the 10,000 views club in short order all thanks to KWF, the piece of work that is hell bent on wrecking this site and taking attention away from gay mafia performers and hanger-ons. https://twitter.com/KWF_PWL_WIKI

Knockworstface Awards

Shortest stint as moderator in PWL history.


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