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Juanita M Torres

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Mercedes Ashley
Juanita wants cock.jpg
Juanita needs a cock to keep her mouth shut.
Born Juanita Marie Torres
19 June 1970 (1970-06-19) (age 47)
Honolulu, HI
Height 5'3"
Weight 128
Measurements 34D-28-32
Eye color Brown
Hair color Brown
Ethnicity Latin
Official website
Mercedes Ashley at IMDb
Mercedes Ashley at IAFD

Juanita M Torres turned into a whore and went by the name Mercedes Ashley. She got her pseudonym in 1986 when her first pimp gave her a Mercedes hood ornament on a fake gold chain. Juanita is primarily an ambitious and greedy hooker. She's also a pornographic whore, web traffic joke, scammer, spammer, stalker, pet kidnapper, Sudafed smurf, lost golf ball collector, extortionist, panderer, troll, bedwetter, and pathological liar on the hustle tip. Find out more about this person's porn by looking at the porn wiki page Mercedes Ashley.

Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/mercedesashley Facebook:http://www.facebook.com/therealmercedesashley YouTube:http://www.youtube.com/user/mercedesashley

Home Address: 4384 Torrey Pines Dr, Chino Hills, CA 91709 Phone: (877) 413-6085



Mercedes puts her two brains to good use

Juanita grew up in a housing project on welfare. After her father abandoned the family, her mother would frequently have sex with men on the couch while the kids were in the room. Juanita then ran away from home and became a streetwalker at age 14. She learned her trade charging $20 a pop. At age 16 she gave birth to her son, who is a trick baby. At 18 she started whoring in strip clubs. After 12 years decided to try her luck in porn.

By now Mercedes spends her time attending to her degenerate fans. Mercedes doesn't actually like them, she's just the only hooker on earth willing to humor these autistic shut-ins.


She claims to have done 180+ movies. IAFD lists about 100, most of which are no doubt VHS compilations.

Fake Boricua

Although she claims to be Puerto Rican, she speaks way too slowly to be boricua morena. THOSE bitches talk FAST. Since nothing she says can be taken for granted, she can just as well be ex-illegal Mexican. Which is why this statement should not be taken seriously:

@mercedesashley the dumbest shit you can do is stalk a Puerto Rican Chick. That is dangerous. SMH.

Self hating Latin

Too threatened by Black and Latino Angelinos to have them as neighbors:

[email protected] My home has heavy security and I live in a white neighborhood where the cops will swarm ur house for your barking at night. Lol

In fact she would rather suck a white man's asshole than live near her peoples. For real.

She called someone a "fuckin' spic!" on Twitter. This was during an angry flame war when she was trying to think of the worst possible insult she could hurl at her opponent.

Bullshit Artist

She claims she can draw. If drawing stick people is a skill, then yes, she can. Maybe she meant she can draw a crowd of people to laugh at her. That would make sense.

Mother Of The Year

Claims her kids are in their 20's which means she was knocked up as a teenager. They must be proud that their 40-year-old mother brags about all the money she makes from illegal hustles and entertaining drunken men at bachelor parties. Way to go mom!

Juanita has 2 kids, both of whom know that she is a hooker and porn whore. They are not allowed to have guests in the house. She is passing on her hustler whore mentality to them, so they will both likely turn out to be whores. Juanita said that if her daughter wants to do porn, she will "make sure she goes to the right company". For now Juanita's children participate in amateur paint huffing competitions against each other.

Admits she and her whole family are losers

Proudly talks about what a loser she and her family members are to try to make herself sound untouchable.

On Thursday 21st April 2011, @mercedesashley said:

This guy posted a porn stars parents pictures in her profile (Monica Foster), listed their names and where they worked. Luckily...I hate me dad, I need to send him a pic of him and my mom is still old school, dont know how to use a computer and not important. My family is pretty much hood, so he cant blackmail me in any way. lol. He ran into the wrong bitch I say. I dont have a rep to save, My family members are all rowdy and hood, so their reps wont matter. lol. So lets see, there is my dead grandma. Hmmm.

Juanita has a sister with strong moral values. This sister can not look at her without starting to cry. The shame of having an unrepentant uber-whore in the family must be a great burden to carry.


[email protected] Ya fuckin spic!

[email protected] I am not white, you cannot stalk a chick from the hood. lmao. That shit is dangerous.

But wait, she isn't from the hood. She "Lives on a golf course in a white neighborhood and drives an Escalade and S Class." Sorry honey, you can't have it both ways. Make up your mind about what you are.

l33t "Web Designer"

Knows nothing about HTML

Mercedes is one of those hookers who think they have brains. She does indeed have big brains both of which are made of silicon. She claims that she's a webmaster/designer and actively advertises her services. By looking at the source code of her own pages one can only conclude that she doesn't know anything about HTML.

Juanita uses every opportunity to pimp her site out from which she pimps herself out. She spams blogs, forums, social networking sites with comments where she always links to her sites.

Pierced Botox Face

In a lame attempt to look younger, her face is pierced. Her lip, tongue and brow are pierced and below her lip also. Regardless she appears to be stuck in 1995. Her droopy titties got did and redid so long ago her implants are old enough to drink. Back then they put the scars around your nipples to make sure you're not fooled. Every still you see is Photoshopped as fuck.

Mercedes Ashley's hooking profile on PamelaPeaks.com. Also note the typo in the price. Her actual rate is $150 but can be negotiated to $50.







Cam Hooker

Hooks on cam to supplement her income and scrape together the rent on her house and notes on her leased cars. Lies her age on her cam hooker profile by over a decade.

Bachelor Parties

Heads up a "company" (i.e. a group of whores) that sends whores - herself included - out to bachelor parties for $200/hr. Long list of requirements:

They need you to provide the sound system, so guys please…no alarm clock radios, play stations, computer speakers, or cars pulling up to garages please..lol. They are strippers and are accustomed to strip club sound systems and disco balls so please have a pretty loud system to accommodate them.

The dancers request a large dressing room that is clean. The entertainers arrive with lots of luggage full of props and lights as well as bags of adult toys..lol..they need room! The will also need a private bathroom access to use so the party is not fighting with them for bathroom use.

WARNING: The dancers smoke cigarettes! Beware! Provide a dressing room that they are allowed to smoke in. They bring their own ashtrays and trash bags so they will be sure to return your dressing room in proper order. If you would like a dancer that is a non smoker than request that, but you will have probably 1 or 2 to choose from, so you might want to weigh your options out for they will not arrive to a show if they are not allowed to smoke a cigarette or 2. Don’t worry, all dancers do not do drugs, nor do they drink. It’s only cigarettes, live a little will ya!

We think grandma Torres better stop smoking soon being 40 years old and all. Her voice is like a frog's and her skin is leathery. Her hooking career is already suffering what with her being an old lady. She shouldn't speed up the aging process any more than she has to.

Clearly no wedding party guest wants to see a naked Mercedes in attendence - she mostly goes to pay for gas and takes turns being a designated driver and warm body for the HOV lane.

40 years old and living with roommates
"My house sits on a fucking golf course and I drive an S Class and an Escalade"

Rich Bitch

Made the following statement on the Porn Wiki Leaks forum:

"My house sits on a fucking golf course and I drive an S Class and an Escalade"

This location makes her home an ideal stop for elderly widowers to pull their golf carts into her backyard. Juanita resents being known as "The Back-Nine Sandtrap."

She shares her rented house with multiple whores in order to enjoy a higher standard of living. By pooling their hooking money they can afford to operate their whore sorority in a more exclusive neighborhood. Juanita's home is lavishly furnished with luxury items and electronics offered by RENT-A-CENTER.

Contributing to a college fund for the education of her family would have certainly compromised Juanita's high standard of living, but luckily her children are functionally illiterate like their mother.

While she celebrates the material benefits of sexual slavery, her investments could use diversifying. Her liquid assets are regularly shifted into the active trading of fake gold. Her portfolio reflects an interest not in the stock market, but the flea market.

Home Address

Juanita gave out too much info and bragged about living on a golf course and now her address is here for all to see. Not smart, not smart.

The golf course Senorita Torres' house sits on is at the:

Juanita's address is:

Sure enough, her leased S-Class sits in the driveway since she has no job and nowhere to be in the middle of the afternoon

Compares herself to celebrities

[email protected] He posted my address. Lije I give a fuck. So is Kim Kardashians, Paris Hiltons address. I don't see them crying. Lol.

Pornography career

Lies about her age

Every site she is listed on has her birth date listed differently - some have her up to 10 years younger than she is.

Nick Manning calls her a pig

What is your limit with making porn?

Dont do anal and becareful what u say to me when fucking…whore, slut, bitch if fine…but Nick Manning once said the word PIG on a set and almost got drop kicked in the middle of fucking me. Lol.

Why was she upset by Mr. Manning making a true statement?


Blasted onto the Porn Wiki Leaks forum and began insulting their members because a conversation about her possible STDs from Twitter was posted on the forum. Why would she get offended if none of this was true? We think she doesn't want her potential johns to know about her diseases what with her "Escalade and S Class and House on a golf course" payments depending on her hooking income.

After losing it on the Porn Wiki Leaks forum, admitted being HIV positive:

"ha! I will not stop fag. LMMFAO!!! My parents are very proud, my kids still love me and my man is still marrying my HIV ass and barebacking with me daily. LMFAO!!!"

Lies and says kids and parents are happy she is a diseased whore

@angelicaraven He is planning to put my families numbers on the internet but too bad it wont work. My kids know and my parents.

Previously said her parents were proud of her and he then went back on this LIE on Twitter. Now claims that she has no family and has been on her own since age 14. Also says she hates her dad and that her mom doesn't know how to use a computer and can't log online and see what a disgrace her daughter has become. As noted before, she is a pathological liar that will lie to cover her ass and try to get the upper hand in arguments.

[email protected] He can't grab my parents pics. Because I aint seen em since I was 14. Lmfao!

So, how are they proud of her? She hasn't seen them since age 14. And how does she know her mom can't use a computer if she hasn't seen her in 30 years? Her mom has most likey looked her hooker daughter up and thrown a party at her decision to abandon this whore at 14. Now mom doesn't have to be embarrassed at the ruins Juanita's life has become.


Some speculate that Dr.Dre put her in his "Nothin but a G Thing" video as a reward for infecting Eazy-E with the AIDS.

Career is over

She has no career to speak of - In porn or otherwise and has time to engage in flame wars 24/7. Her thread on the Porn Wiki Leaks forum is pushing 10,000 views and has over 200 posts in the 24 hours that she began posting in it and she is responsible for the majority of the posts in the thread. She has spent most of April 19th and 20th, 2011 on Twitter babbling about "Winning" against Porn Wiki Leaks. A performer with a career would not have time for this. Her career is more over than Monica Foster's. NOTE: As of April 21, 2011, Juanita has punked out and will no longer post on the Porn Wiki Leaks forum because she can't take the heat. Much like Mike south, she will only post on sites where she has lots and lots of her supporters to back her up. In her case, 3 or 4 supporters is all she can muster up.

Juanita claims that her career is going good and that she is "counting her paper" while Porn Wiki Leaks "gets paid $0" for doing these wikis but that is untrue. She can't be making any money whining to her Twitter followers all day about how she got owned in a flame war. How much could she actually be getting done? Also, Porn Wiki Leaks gets more hits in an hour than her site gets in a week. She wish she was as popular as Porn Wiki Leaks

Blames her failing career on 9/11

10 years after 9/11 she is still blaming 9/11 for her crappy career. Maybe her career is failing because she is an old and ugly hooker that no one will hire.

Stated that the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 has hurt her Internet business - IMDB

Thinks people read her "Diary"

Took the liberty of blasting Porn Wiki Leaks on her blog that no one reads. Her thread at Porn Wiki Leaks where she got hammered already has nearly 8,000 views and the views of her wikis are climbing fast. She tried to match this fantastic wiki with a vanilla blog entry that maybe 5 people will read. No photos, no video, no family and friends info, no photos of residences, nothing but a woman scorned whining for paragraph after paragraph. Porn Wiki Leaks by TKO!

Thinks she is popular

Accuses Porn Wiki Leaks of targeting porn stars so PWL can "piggy back on there popularity." The only problem with this theory is that Porn Wiki Leaks gets more views in a day than Juanita's site gets in a month or two or three.

Has to resort to fucking her fans

She must fuck her fans to keep them members of her site (She is that desperate). By the looks of these guys its the only pussy they have or will ever get. If members decide to cancel their subscription she publicly berates them. This could possibly be a scam to keep members on board. She may handpick her paying johns for these so called "Fuck-offs" as she is a known scam artist, liar and fraud.

I have honestly checked everyone's memberships from the exact date and time and the order of entering the contest to keep it fair this list is true and correct.

The list changes weekly due to memberships cancellations and guys who cop out at the last minute.

Past lists are listed in my message boards/diary in the "Website Update" area if you may have missed your email calling.

1. Brice 2. EMM923 3. Ernietaco 4. SEAN_MAXWELL2001 5. TOM416999 6. Deringr 7. WHIZBANG76 8. KAJUNGUY2 9. ALBROOKS_GOERGE 10. DELTAFORCE112 11. KBEE17 12. Mowieboy 13. SILENTF13 14. SNAKEMAN6594 15. Fybkilla 16. Firstroundko 17. Grantm 18. RGAR1079 19. Geemonie 20. Archeye 21. Mbanks 22. MRBOUE1234 23. Ckcrock 24. Jtaggs 25. Akoniloi 26. BIG_REDD24 27. MATTYB27 28. DRL_2000 29. Tierrasoul 30. Joecritic 31. HARTRD25 32. KMC217 33. Keithemuhammad 34. Blueskies.Skydive 35. INTRINITY1 36. ORIGINALMAN00 37. JWILIAMS90210

The guys on listed below were on the list but canceled their memberships and are no longer members. (They are out of the games.) This is my member fuck off contest held for only for members in my site. Any questions e-mail me at: [email protected]

The collection of winners below won the 'Member Fuck Off' contest with Juanita. By the looks of these guys and the cheap motels these sessions are talking place in, Juanita likes to go back to her roots from time to time when she was a $20 street walker.

Forum Activity/Twitter/Popping Off

Foul Mouthed Cunt

Popped off on Porn Wiki Leaks about things that were said about her on Twitter (Not by Porn Wiki Leaks). Accused Porn Wiki Leaks of posting the thread to increase their already large amount of traffic even though she is an aging, little known hooker that would bring very little traffic to the site.

Instead of being respectful as new members should be, this entitled, aging whore blasted on to Porn Wiki Leaks and made her accusations as well as called some members "idiots." This whore has a large sense of entitlement and a poor attitude. This is not good since whatever looks she may have had are fading fast - in the form of lines in her face and a rapidly sagging body.

Her thread on the Porn Wiki Leaks forum is well over 6 pages as of April 20, 2011 and she is responsible for the majority of the posts. At one point in the thread she posted an ENTIRE PAGE of posts unanswered. She is babbling on like a mental patient when this is only going to dig her deeper and make this wiki more and more comprehensive. Her behavior suggests that she is operating on multiple prescription drugs, probably for mental conditions.

Needed help from her Twitter friends

Got her ass kicked so badly on Porn Wiki Leaks that she had her Twitter friends feeding her one liners in response to Porn Wiki Leaks members TRUTHFUL posts about her being a dirty, diseased, aging whore who's whole life was bought on credit.
40 yr old woman reduced to 'Yo Momma' jokes on the net - fed to her by Lonnie Barnes.

White Knights

Internet tough guy and 'white knight' Lonnie Barnes, aka 'LTBFresh4Eva,' a computer nerd from Virgina, decided to be stupid and defend this whore while she gets piled on at the Porn Wiki Leaks forum. Porn Wiki Leaks members laughed at his Ebonics style postings and did not take his threats seriously because he writes like a fucking moron. It was also noted that Lonnie's beard looks gayer and more carefully manicured than that worn by homosexual George Michael. He can be contacted at [email protected]

Juanita Torres and her white knight Lonnie Barnes IT'S LIKE THAT.

This section will also be used to document any other Twitter tough guys that decide to go to war for this hooker. By the time this section is complete it will look like a most wanted list.

Twitter Posse Thugz

Thinks she has a chance against Porn Wiki Leaks

@mercedesashley Donnie Log will never post shit about me again...for I will harrass and harrass till the days end. Lets run his credit.

The above comment is proof that she threatened to commit credit card fraud for the purpose of damaging the credit of someone who she THINKS is behind Porn Wiki Leaks (but is not) just because she got embarrassed on the Porn Wiki Leaks forum.

She actually believes she is winning against Porn Wiki Leaks when she is really getting her ass embarrassed at their forum and shit on on this wiki, Poor old lady is too dumb to know better. Again, this is proof that she is most likely taking multiple prescription drugs and is psychotic.

Criminal Threats

Mercedes Ashley made serious, criminal threats to Porn Wiki Leaks members because she had gotten embarrassed on their forums. Some examples:

"You saw me grab the owner of this sites social security number, home address, license plates to his car, bank account numbers. So if I can grab that up that fast, dont think I cant yours"


Despite claiming that Porn Wiki Leaks is stalking her, Juanita is stalking Porn Wiki Leaks and who she thinks is behind the site. Moreover, SHE came to Porn Wiki Leaks and began Popping Off when someone started a thread with her name on it. Then she continued the assault on Porn Wiki Leaks until she was run off the site. In retaliation, she has posted social security numbers, license plate numbers, has encouraged her largely criminal Twitter followers to open credit cards in Donny Long's name, threatened murder and assault just to name a few things. This woman is very dangerous and so is the criminal element that are her SMALL fan base. The residents of her Chino Hills neighborhood and the Los Serranos CC should be made aware of this. This woman has NOTHING to live for and would have no problem committing murder and then turning the gun on herself. BEWARE!

Owned on Porn Wiki Leaks

Despite this embarrassing wiki and her embarrassing thread on the Porn Wiki Leaks forum which has over 200 responses and over 7,000 views, she somehow thinks she "Has it handled." The truth is that she is getting her ass handed to her and so is any white knight that gets in Porn Wiki Leaks way.

She decided to stop posting at the Porn Wiki Leaks forum after one day because she was getting hammered from pillar to post and her one ghetto fan boy that was dumb enough to defend her was getting kicked up and down the forum as well. So she took to the friendly confines of Twitter where she has not just one fan boy willing to defend her, but a whole 3 or 4 who are willing to kiss her ass and make her believe she is anything but a worn out, diseased old hooker. Not surprisingly, all of them are as ghetto as they come.

Downplays this wiki

She is hurting badly because of how embarrassing this now legendary wiki has become but does not own up to it like Monica Foster did. She just tries to act tough and ghetto before she cries herself to sleep at night.

[email protected] To top it off he thinking he can release info. We all know we can get that anywhere like Spokeo. Lmfao! No news to us.

So why did she flip out on Twitter once her address was posted and why does she talk about her "Heavily secured home in a white neighborhood?"

Crossover Christianx has been hammered by Porn Wiki Leaks and exposed as the homosexual and tranny fucker that he is and has one of the most comprehensive, most viewed wikis of all time and has mentioned this site maybe once or twice. We believe he does not care about this site or his wiki. He cares only about money. We do not believe for a second that Juanita is unaffected by this wiki. She has not stopped Popping Off for several days straight about it. She is hating life right now because of this incredible wiki. And it's only gonna get worse for her. Women like her don't like being made a fool of because she is used to being in power with the pathetic sacks of shit that are her fans/johns. But she has no control of this situation and has taken the beating of her life over the last few days and she can't deal with that reality.

Mercedes WHO?

Alex Bolanos can't tie his own shoes but made death threats on twitter towards PWL. He might look tough here but this bitch is 5'4" with heels on.

If only she had restrained herself from posting in this thread:


I thought you guys were goona go hard on me..I truly did. LLMFAO! He,he,he..you guys are some weak ass chumps back here...man I am seriuosly getting bored...send me an email babe when you guys got a better profile and add into the shit with information that will really climb the wall. LMFAO. Weak ass sorry ass dudes back there. LMMFAO!

Well, hey, maybe we should leave her alone guys...

now head back into your caves and come back out with some good shit this time, let me know when you really got the dirt on me. But something that will truly effect me, not that stupid fake ass profile that the world knows is fake, for its over exaggerated greatly and not no old ass hit pic of me. Come on step up your fucking game you lame ass rabbits ass licking faggots.

I dunno, she asked for it she wants to play it like THAT. Eh, what the hell.

Once again it's on.

Questions for Juanita: Why did she run away from Porn Wiki Leaks and into the arms of her Twitter fan boys if Porn Wiki Leaks is nothing but a bunch of "Weak ass sorry ass dudes?" I guess she got tired of getting her sorry ass handed to her by those "Weak ass sorry ass dudes" in her now legendary thread.

Why would Juanita be upset if "old pictures" were being used of her? She is over 40 now. There are no good recent photos of grandma anymore. We're trying to do her a favor here and use the most flattering pics possible. There just aren't many flattering photos of this unattractive woman. Also, what is "fake" about this wiki? Her address and photos of her home are spot on. Her tweets are straight from her mouth. The fans that she fucked that are shown on this wiki, she really fucked. This wiki is the real deal. Juanita is just in denial of how pathetic her life is.

Shits herself after address posted/Murder Threats

How did PWL track her to Chino Hills? Must have taken a fucking detective.

Come on over to my neighborhood in gang bang land and let my homies rape them tight ass buttholes you got faggot. lmfao!! Lmfao!! Bring it muthafucka bring it! Fuck Klu Klux Klan transexual faggots you need to be slapped up, tied up, put in pink piggy tails and raped from the back. ha! I got a whole crew that would lay pipe on that azz.. Let me know what you wanna do guys? We can set this shit up right quick and in a hurry. Send me your fucking office address so me and the rolling 60's and the East LA homies from my black and latino side can take care of these matters...You fucking with the wrong ho!

Damn Chino Hills sounds brutal, mami.

In keeping with her ghetto personality, Juanita has taken to Twitter to try to act tough after her address is out there for all to see. She claims she is not afraid of PWL showing up at her house but that is not what she has to worry about. Now her address is out there for any of her ghetto fan boys to see and based on the lowest common denominator that she attracts, she should be very, very afraid. And she is, which is why she said THIS:

[email protected] I got a nice 45 right on side my bed to blow his brains out as he steps one foot in my house. Im ready.

And this:

@mercedesashley Good night everyone I am going to bed with the alarm system on deck, one eye open and hand on my bat and gun. In case he comes over. lol.

But wait, if she is a "Tough chick from the hood," what is all the fuss about? Guns? Alarms? Bats? We thought she didn't give a shit about her address being posted.

And more:

My stalker is posting my home address telling people to rob my house when I am out of town, but guess what...I dont live alone you ass and not only that. I am on the horn to my homeboys so when you turn the doorknob, your brains will get blown to the ground. Bring it! I will have the homies housesit for me and not only that. The cops will be called and shown that tweet you ass. Again bring it!


The people in her "white neighborhood on a golf course" in Chino Hills are probably glad to have gang members, criminals and johns driving in and out of their neighborhood every day while their kids are playing in the neighborhood. And the FBI should be glad to jump in and rescue her. They take good care of prostitutes and identity thieves who threaten to commit murder because they couldn't finish a flame war on the internet that THEY started. Juanita is dreaming.

Also, we know she does not live alone. As mentioned on this wiki, she shares her Chino Hills sex den with 6 other hookers, college dorm style - at 40+ years old.

The Delusional Chickenhead Reaches Popping Off Point Again

How she has the strength to twitter after jerking cocks all night is anyone's guess.

Owned on Twitter

Gets blasted on Twitter daily. Highlights below:

[email protected] u don't sponsor any damn children in Kenya. It's just another one of your MANY scams. stfu!!!

[email protected] lmao don't get angry with me. Nina is the one who exposed how shady u are. Not a real webmaster, u tried to shop out to her

[email protected] btw I didn't even know u read this shit. U post the same stuff day after day, after day, after day. I thought it was a bot.

[email protected] dumb bitch I'm not a performer. @alanaevansxxx didn't have shit to do with it. lmao teach me your con game, broke bitch!!!

[email protected] if u were reading this, why didn't u say shit to @nina_mercedez when we were talking about your jacked up sites. Lmao

[email protected] you know who Nina is. You tried to shop out your websites to look like hers and she turned your dumb fat ass down.

[email protected] so what? That's not shit. All broke bitches have dirty carpet and plastic on the floor. Take the sofas back to the corner

[email protected] so how much does it cost to order u off of Eros-guide.com

[email protected] you're a fucking lie. You have heard of @nina_mercedez you BEGGED her to build a site for u to pass off as your own, dummy!

[email protected] lmao because all of your sites look like shit, and hers are nice & shiny. I don't blame u. I would shop them out too. lol

[email protected] Hey want to thank you for taking so long to shut your fag hole and popping off so much and driving us so much traffic

[email protected] WE ALWAYS WIN WHORE You just made a fool of yourself to the world ahhahahha

[email protected] starting to cry. The shame of having an unrepentant uber-whore in the family must be a great burden to carry.

[email protected] is a skill, then yes, she can. Juanita has a sister with strong moral values. This sister can not look at her without

[email protected] 180+ movies. IAFD lists about 100, some of which are no doubt compilations. She claims she can draw. If drawing stick people

[email protected] but since nothing she says can be taken for granted, she can just as well be ex-illegal Mexican. She claims to have done

[email protected] At 18 she started whoring in strip clubs. After 12 years decided to try her luck in porn. She claims to be Puerto Rican

[email protected] 14. She learned her trade charging $20 a pop. At age 16 she gave birth to her son, who is a trick baby.

[email protected] sex with men on the couch while the kids were in the room. Juanita then ran away from home and became a streetwalker at age

[email protected] Juanita grew up in a housing project on welfare. After her father abandoned the family, her mother would frequently have

[email protected]_Storm_ Have you seen @mercedesashley herpes? http://www.pornwikileaks.com/forum/showthread.php?t=36362

[email protected] deem, dee, dee. doo, POW! Mercedes Ashley real name Juanita Torres has HIV http://www.pornwikileaks.com/wiki/Mercedes_Ashley

[email protected]_Storm_ I @mercedesashley could hurt a fly unless she fucked them and gave them HIV

[email protected] bow down because youe cure just FAILED like @monicafoster and @mikesouth1226 and the rest ahahaha

[email protected] @MikeSouth1226 I am still here so again your plan has failed and blown up in your faces ahhahah NOT DONNY dumb asses ahhaha

[email protected]_ak47 Did you know @mercedesashley is a dirty hooker with HIV? Read her wiki page http://www.pornwikileaks.com/wiki/Mercedes_Ashley

[email protected] To think I could give 2 shit what u tweet about donny just shows how stupid you are and that your HIV has went to your head

[email protected] To watch you going crazy making us more money if so funny. Thanks for the traffic ahhahahha

[email protected] = HIV and ever other STD known to man. Just read her wiki page http://www.pornwikileaks.com/wiki/Mercedes_Ashley RT

[email protected] Are you still popping off at the HIV fag hole? OMG get a life

Flat Out Owned

MORE White Knights Just Keepin It Real

Keep rubbin those nuts like a genie gonna come out, hooker, you might get your three wishes someday.


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