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John Stagliano

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John Stagliano gay wiki describes them as an homosexual adult working in the adult industry as a sex worker, and porn star. He is HIV positive since 1997 They may have a profile for contact here http://www.xxxfilmjobs.com/John_Stagliano

John Stagliano
John Stagliano photo standing to the right of gay child rapist Mark Spiegler
Born 0 December 0000 (0000-00-00) (age 2017)


John Stagliano Biography

John Stagliano has had many gay Jew boyfriends in porn including Mark Spiegler the gay child rapist. John is openly gay but calls it bisexual. From Eric's article doesn't discuss and wasn't publicly known - John's active bisexuality. Most people thought Buttman was only into female butts.

"I admire guys who can swing from both sides of the plate," says Bill Margold about men like Stagliano and Jamie Gillis. "Fifty per cent of the men in this business have had a cock in their mouth or had their cock in some other guy's mouth. Working in sex encourages bisexuality. As James Dean said: "Why go through life with one hand tied behind your back."

Patrick Collins, who worked for John for years before the two split in 1996, evidently knew of John's sexual tastes. In the January, 1997 issue of AVN, Patrick talks about their breakup. "I don't want people to think that John is coming off like a jilted lover... I hope this doesn't impact our sexual relationship. I am not ashamed to say that sex with Victor [Evil Angel sales manager] and John was one of the highlights of my life. Victor, at 220 pounds, is much gentler than John, and a lot less needy."

John Stagliano Pornography career

John Stagliano is HIV positive which he got from the a gay and being that he is openly gay and admits to having many sexual relations unprotected with other gays there is no question about if it came from the gay side of the business or not.

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