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Eddie Dzial

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Eddie Dzial born Real Name Edward Bernard Przydzial aka pornstarbrand aka Porn Star Brand aka Emerald City Records aka Emerald City Productions aka Lawson J. Denning is a HIV+ online troll and stalker and CHILD RAPIST that claimed to be a pornstar and was posting porn pix of himself everywhere but it was reveled in 2018 that this dumb faggot was good at photoshop from countless hours sitting stalking real porn stars online.

He has no life and has countless EPIC fails in life which e will detail below. He has never a real pornographic whore, and Hooker and he failed and did all he could to shame the Przydzial family name along with the Liczbinski family name. Find out more about this persons life before porn by looking at the porn stars real name page Edward Przydzial Born Date Of Birth: Contact email: Twiter:

Eddie Dzial
Edward Przydzial DL from Sharron Mitchel that gave up it and his positive HIV test

Douche Dzial next to some homosexual in a gay bar in hollywood
Born Edward Bernard Przydzial
16 December 1963 (1963-12-16) (age 55)
Brooklyn, New York
Height 5'8"
Hair color Bald/Hat
Official website
The only real porn Edward ever did was gay porn


Edward Bernard Przydzial FAMILY INFO

Edward had a daughter named Elizabeth Brittany Liczbinski that was taken away from him when after he was arrested for kid napping and raping her and her mother which was also Edward's wife named Maria Przydzial. Both his daughter and his exwife now have the kyriakaki last name which is the last name of the arresting officer that arrested Edward for kid napping them and then married Maria and changed both her name and her Edwards kid. Elizabeth Brittany Liczbinski is her name now and her mom is Maria Liczbinski and Elizabeth wants nothing to do with her real father Edward Przydzial.

Edward Bernard Przydzial Is Poopboy

There is a mentally ill sicko that runs around the net covering himself in poop and posting pix online and after carful research it was discovered from some hidden pix found in one of Eddies online profiles and him mentioning Poopboy that Edward is the Poopboy. One look at Edward and you can see it makes perfect sense.

Eddie loves poop in his mouth and loves eating poop

Edward Bernard Przydzial HIV Positive

Edward Bernard Przydzial has been caught faking HIV test and also taking pills that make a HIV test give a false negative and he was black balled in the porn industry by all the agents for this. Now he tries to book girls off Craigslist to fuck them on camera giving them his AIDS.

Edward Bernard Przydzial Positive HIV Test

Eddie Dzial Porn Videos

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Eddie Dzial Family and Friends

Estranged from his family after he was recognized in porn. Abused his partner Maria Kyriakaki physically and verbally for many years until she found the strength and courage to leave him.

Eddie Dzial Biography

Eddie Dzial remains employed as a steady loser at life but can still be found in his spare time stalking and harassing innocent people online, uttering death threats and in general being a complete psycho. Eddie Dzial's closest friends and family predict he will take his own life or the cop's will take his life in an intense shootout as he as previously written about in his pink secret diary.

Eddie Dzial Pornography career

Eddie Dzial is a failed pornstar who flunked out and could not even make it as a POV content producer. Eddie is said to have been verbally abusive and psychically abusive at times to the girls in his scenes, trying to make them do things against their will and paying them much less than what they are used to. This behavior of his has lead to his forced departure from porn but not before he could stoop low enough to pop off at his faghole and rip off a lot of well known people.

Eddie Dzial Hooking/escorting

Eddie Dzial denies it to this day but he has been seen several times skating down Hollywood Blvd in roller skates wearing a tube top and booty shorts ready to sell his ass.

Eddie Dzial Risky Gay Bareback Sex/Selling His Ass/AIDS/Hepatitis C

Eddie sells his ass for $20 during one of his frequent West Hollywood romps
Eddie loves letting men do this to him in public at gay bars in the wide open

Eddie Dzial Forum Activity/Twitter

Eddie Dzial registered to the PWL forums under the "deep throat" handle in February 2016 and was banned in April 2016. Edweird's two month stay on the forum was not for nothing as he averaged 8.54 forum posts per day and had a total of 539 posts at the time of his banning. Most of his time spent on the forum was time wasted but that did not stop the loon from spamming the forum, instigating arguments between long-time contributors to the site, and veering all other threads off-topic à la Knockworstface.

After his deep throat account was permanently banned, Eddie registered the name "informant" on the PWL forums and went on a similar posting binge all day on April 15, posting around 50 times within a few hours. Once again, he was banned after insulting Donny Long.

Eddie Dzial VS Donny Long

After he was called a Straight Male Porn God on the PWL forums, Eddie let it go to his head and thought it gave him a license to push around members of the site and to make arrogant and unrealistic demands. Eddie continued spamming the forum, making arrogant demands to have his wiki removed while attacking PWL contributors and The Donny Long Armed Forces. When his requests were denied as the site is run by the public and Eddie did not ask the wiki editors if they could tone down his page, he took his anger out on Donny Long and photo-shopped a fake medical document and posted many other libelous statements about the 1,000 scene straight porn veteran. Eddie was again permanently banned from the PWL forums and worse for him, he pissed off Donny Long and earned himself his very own forum, Eddie's wiki has also seen a jump in traffic since his outburst.

Eddie Dzial Child Rapist and Pedophile

After being kicked up and down the internet by Donny Long, a frustrated Edward Dzial began threatening to stalk and harass Donny's 2 innocent children. There is simply no line that this Polack scumbag will not cross.

Eddie Dzial Reaction To His Wiki

Eddie's spamming of the PWL forum was caused by the fact that he was upset about this wiki and had a desire to ask for this wiki to be toned down or deleted, claiming what is on this page is false. When his requests were denied, he attacked Donny Long with the same libel that he claims he has been a victim of on this web site. When PWL forum members attempted to cut a deal with Dzial, he claimed he was a victim of extortion. Once again, his appeal was denied and it was announced by the PWL big wigs that this wiki will stay on the internet until Eddie is old and grey.

Eddie Dzial Criminal Harassment

Edward Przydzial Criminal Harassment Incident and Court Data

Criminal Harassment complaint filed: 10/08/2009

Incident number: 9027336

Criminal Harassment court application filed: 10/15/2009

Application number: 10150901

Hearing: 11/09/2009

Outcome: Edward Przydzial failed to appear - Issued to Criminal Complaint.

Arraignment: 12/29/2009

Outcome: Edward Przydzial failed to appear - Warrant issued for arrest.

Eddie Dzial Quotes

Edward Przydzial Quotes

"i will TEAR into you and your life like no other and trust me kunt face others have tried and been CRUSHED by my tactics... you will not win rev ole boy..."

"why don't you get a life you loser. i'm still laughing at your police and law suit threats... you must need money talkin' you gonna sue me. you ain't suing donkey dick fool... your lawyer scares me. ROTFLMAO... jackass."

"i feel sorry for your fake hippy ass you dirty filthy protesting faggot. the war has just begun pickfucker. get ready."

"john tyler... you're a piece of shit and when you come on you to los angeles i'd like to see how good your army training was... like face to face. see army guys like you are so big and bad ass tough... have fun rev ole boy. what goes around punk mother fucking bitch goes around so come out to california and look ole eddie up. let's see how good your hand to hand is chump."

"why would a marine be so afraid of "eddie the boogie man"? i mean a 'tough marine' like rev tyler the "war hero" should have no problem coming out to hollywood and tracking ole eddie down."

"a true "marine" would have much thicker skin."

Eddie Dzial Awards

Dzial could not afford the Greyhound to Las Vegas and back every year to catch a first-hand glimpse of the awards.


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