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A depiction of a typical e-Lawyer.

"You can't do that to me! That's ILLEGAL. I WILL SUE!" Common phrase uttered during a flame war. Usually with more misspelling.

During a big drama meltdown, someone claims to have been the victim of some crime such as: slander, defamation, libel, copyright infringement, harassment, spam, forgery, impersonation, whatever. The victim's sock puppets then all rise up to describe and define the alleged crime. In 99.999% of these cases, the alleged crime doesn't even come close to meaning what the e-lawyer thinks it does.

Rising to the level of e-lawyer requires that one side start spouting off a bunch of legal sounding bullshit in the most serious manner possible. A good e-lawyer will use recycled arguments from TV shows like Law & Order or Matlock. The very best e-lawyers practice during their spare time playing Phoenix Wright. And of course, everyone gets a laugh when, on the advice of an e-lawyer, some aggrieved party actually consults a real attorney and has to pay $200 to be laughed at and told they have no case.

Another type of e-lawyering is a common occurence on communities such as lj_seattle. Someone will ask for advice on a real legal issue. "How do I break my lease?" is always popular. A number of people who think they have experience with this issue ("I'm the janitor at an apartment complex so I KNOW.") will followup with horribly bad advice. Often drama and hilarity ensues in followup comments to the community. Note that in these kinds of queries, the people that followup with references to real laws are those that get ignored.

E-lawyers Assholes often preface their arguments with ianal.

Professional E-lawyers

``Blogger misconduct,`` as defined by the good juris doctor, is inclusive to ``Scofflaw Bloggers`` that engage in defamation, copyright infringement, trademark infringement and hacking.

Also arguably worthy of note, Dozier believes that he can forbid the viewing of the HTML source to his web-page by means of an EULA on his web-page.

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