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Donald C S-----

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Donald Carlos God S----- turned into a porn god and went by the name Donny Long, doing porn, building sets, directing, filming and producing adult films, running the hugely successful Donny Long Studios, standing up against fags and then retiring rich after fucking many pornographic whores, and Hookers, for a grand total of over 1,000 scenes - ALL straight scenes. Find out more about this persons porn job by looking at the porn stars wiki page Donny Long Born Date Of Birth: February 15, 1980 Contact email: Twitter: @xxxcamjobs

Donald C S-----
Donny Long with Amy Ried.
Born Donald C S-----
15 February 1980 (1980-02-15) (age 37)
Alias(es) Donny, Donnie Long, Donny Lane, God Long, King Long
Height 6'
Weight 176
Hair color Blonde
Ethnicity God
Official website


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Donald C S----- Family and Friends

Donald C S----- School

Donald C S----- Biography Before Porn

Donny was a successful entrepreneur, running Don's Mobile Marine out of Florida, opening the business at just 19 years of age.

Donny then opened Affordable Marine Inc at age 25 and opened a consignment/repair shop to get started selling and fixing boats. He hired people for detailing, cleaning boats and offered many services. Things grew fast and in less than a year he had over 35 boats on his lot.

Donald C S----- Pornography/Camming career notes

Donny Long is famous in the industry for being in over 1,000 movies for top companies as an actor. Was also an actor for famous websites and a smaller amount on DVDs.

Donny then opened his own studio and production company, running it and producing over 500 films until he sold it and retired in 2009 to move to Thailand.

In 2015 he left Thailand and came back to the USA and is starting up new mainstream and porn production company with a movie coming about his 6 years of travels in Thailand.

In 2016 he launched xxxcamjobs.com, which features cam models from all over the world. He is also a cam model himself, performing with up to four women at once, including Heather Deep as well as many Spanish beauties and drawing up to 10,000 viewers at a time.

Donald C S----- Forum Activity/Twitter

Donny has several Twitter handles and hands fags, fag hags and fan bois their asses daily. However, being a US based company, Twitter has a gay agenda and protects the fags while banning Donny. Therefore, it is an uphill fight against the fags. Donny has to fight not only fags, but the owners of Twitter with their gay agenda.

Donald C God S----- Stalked by A Hollie Stevens Fan Boi

Hollie Stevens, who is dead, has a Fan boi that has stalked Donny on this site, vandalized his wiki and posted fake/outdated documents about him on the PWL blog. Donny responded by getting laid and paid for a couple hours on web cam, then going to the beach, riding ATVs and then wrapping the night up at TGI Friday's with his young Asian wife. Donny wins.

Donald C S----- Porn Wiki Leaks Forum

Donny would occasionally drop into the Porn Wiki Leaks forum and make his thoughts known but as of the latest update of this wiki username The Real Donny Long has not been active on the forum since mid 2013.

Unregistered Trolls on the PWL forum are upset about this wiki and the fact that Donny is exempt from having his real name posted on this site. They are also upset that they did 1,000 scenes less than Donny and have never set foot into the industry while Donny was a master performer in front of and behind the camera. And so they have voiced their displeasure on the forum only to be owned by Donny supporters.

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