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Diane Duke

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Diane C. Duke
Free Speech Hypocrite
Born 1961
Alias(es) Diane Dyke, Madame Mao, the tongue
Official website

Diane C. Duke is the bull dyke Executive Director of the Free Speech Coalition (FSC) whose committment to free speech ends as soon as something offends her own sensibilities. She is a Stalinist hypocrite who has had a lifelong obsession with lesbian porn.

Email: [email protected] Twitter: https://twitter.com/FSCArmy



in college Diane was a member of the Gay Panthers.
Diane Duke air freshener.
Sanger 12.jpg
Here's a clip of hypocrite Duke in one of her signature black/grey ensembles. The elderly he/she sitting to her to left is rumored to be one of her lovers.
Diane seen here supporting AIM and claiming that its shoddy testing works and condoms are not necessary, although she doesn't mind crossovers infecting straight performers. She goes on to claim HIV infection does not occur in the industry — what about the gay crossovers, bitch?
Diane Duke is a class-A hypocrite. She constantly prattles on about the free speech rights of pornographers and others to offend Christians/traditional values types. Fair enough. But as soon as someone says something that offends her, all the free speech talk goes out the window and she shows her true Stalinist authoritarian colors. She is using all of the FSC's considerable resources to suppress Porn Wikileak's speech with lawsuit threats and other thug tactics. Many believe part of her motivation is that she wants to get into Sharon Mitchell's pants. It's hard to fathom this because to most Mitchell is just an ex-heroin addict hooker with STDs and a fake mail-order degree. But I guess if you're a grey pubed fat-ass like Duke, Mitchell might seem like the hottest thing since tuna-scented perfume.

Duke has an obsession with lesbian porn, which she admits started young. This may have made her unpopular at times in college with her fellow man-hating anti-porn feminist dyke friends. But she was able to turn this negative into a positive years later when she was angling for the cushy FSC job. She was more qualified than the other degenerate applicants because "in a college feminist-theory class, I wrote a term paper on lesbian pornography!" Duke's highest professional title had been VP of Planned Parenthood Health Services of Southwestern Oregon, which means if she worked in the private sector she'd be competent enough to be a senior file clerk.

Some suspect that Duke once committed "Jewish lightning" during her Planned Parenthood years to get insurance money for the organization and to demonize political opponents. A suspicious fire once erupted at a Planned Parenthood location where Duke worked and suspiciously she was one of the first people on the scene. She unwittingly admitted this publicly several times while trying to make herself sound like a hero for rushing to the scene. Sorry, babe, I've been around too long and seen too much. The amount of money these greedy lesbians leech off taxpayers is never enough, so who could put this past her? Her type is hell-bent on aborting as many minority fetuses as possible and by any means necessary. The investigation into this fire needs to be reopened immediately.

Diane Duke and her minions (FSC assistant Joanne Cachapero and failed filmmaker Michael Whitacre) have frequently criticized nutjob Christian porn industry critic Shelley Lubben for claiming counseling/diagnostic expertise when her only degree is from an unaccredited diploma mill. Yet, laughably, Duke has frequently pointed to Sharon Mitchell as an authority on these same things. Mitchell holds a high school GED, but her only degree is from the unaccredited Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality. One of the YouTube clips posted on this page even features Duke touting Mitchell's joke "Ph.D."

Newsflash for Diane Duke: you don't have the right to not be offended by PWL's speech. When it comes to needing to tolerate offensive things, what's good for the Christian goose is good for the leftist FSC gander.

Grey/Black Pants Suit

There are many clips of Duke speaking on the Internet from different events spanning many years. In all of them she's wearing a black/grey pants suit ensemble. She is obviously doing this to cultivate a fake bohemian free spirit image for herself despite the fack that she suppresses others' speech if it happens to offend her. Also, the smelly over-used clothes are a nice match to her grey pubes.


Here Diane is protesting for the right to redefine free speech however she sees fit. She's so happy that her denture plates are about to fall out.
Diane with her fat FSC assistant Joanne Cachapero. Cachapero claims not to mind eating Diane's muff or riding her strap-on.
Diane flashing FSC cash to entice a porn whore into going home with her.

Planned Parenthood loyalist Duke thinks Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger is a great hero. Sanger was a leftist (I.W.W., American Communist Party) who wanted to use central planning to implement her racist and eugenicist views. She urged Congress to prevent peoples she considered undesirable (racially and otherwise) from immigrating to the U.S. Specifically she wanted to "keep the doors of immigration closed to the entrance of certain aliens whose condition is known to be detrimental to the stamina of the race, such as feebleminded, idiots, morons, insane, syphilitic, epileptic, criminal, professional prostitutes, and others in this class." She also wanted to "apply a stern and rigid policy of sterilization and segregation to that grade of population whose progeny is already tainted or whose inheritance is such that objectionable traits may be transmitted to offspring." Her "Negro Project" had the aim of restricting (many believe exterminating) the so-called inferior black population under the pretense of “better health” and “family planning.”

Misuse of FSC Funds

Under the pretense of needing to attend joke industry conferences, Duke has spent FSC money on several luxury dream vacations that PWL knows about. She's luxuriated in Lisbon (Portugal), Brussels (Belgium), Wellington (New Zealand) and probably other places. I'd love to know who went with her on these trips. FSC donors and members, is this how you want your money spent?

Money Laundering?

For some reason, Diane Duke and the cabal she represents felt the need to set up a second tax-exempt shell organization with separate accounts and tax filings in November 2010. This could sure come in handy for a crooked non-profit that needs to move around or hide money.

FREE SPEECH COALITION PO BOX 10480 CANOGA PARK CA 91309 Tax Exempt Status As Of Date * * *10/1991

FREE SPEECH ALLIANCE c/o DIANE C DUKE 7019 OWENSMOUTH AVE STE 202 WOODLAND HILLS CA 91303 Tax Exempt Status As Of Date * * *11/2010

Facebook/Twitter Activity

Degenerate Duke's Facebook profile shows she is a fan of Cybersocket (a lesbian/gay porn site), Honey's Place (a dildo wholesaler), Angelina Armani (a porn whore), Colt Studio Group (a gay porn company), Joy King (a hooker turned author), Kyle Thomas (a gay escort/porn performer), Eldorado Trading Co (a vibrator company) and The Queens of Drag (TV show).


David Duke, Emma Goldman, NAMBLA

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