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Cherry Torn

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Cherry Torn
Considering "other" stuff, being gagged by a fat black cock seems perfectly innocent.
Born Kayce Inabinet
29 July 1984 (1984-07-29) (age 33)
Greenwood, SC, USA
Height 5 ft 7 in (1.70 m)
Weight 114 lb (52 kg)
Measurements 34D-24-33
Eye color Blue
Hair color Varies (Pink, Scarlet, Brunette, Blond)
Ethnicity Redneck
Official website

Cherry Torn Real Name Kayce Inabinet a.k.a. Kayce Povey (born 29 July, 1984) is a repugnant pornographic toilet whore and hooker. Find out more about this person's life before porn by looking at the porn star's real name page Kayce Povey. Contact email: [email protected] Twitter: @cherrytorn


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Auditioning for the role of public urinal.
Uuuuummmm... breakfast! Fresh and warm.
Dean Povey, husband / pimp / fag.
Having great HIV times with gay crossdresser Mandy Mitchell.


Cherry Torn was born in South Carolina to (as she claims) religious rednecks. Naturally, religious upbringing backfired and Cherry started watching extreme porn as soon as she found out about the Internet. As a young girl she knew that she would like to do all those nasty things as well. It was at that time when she developed strange fascination with her own feces and urine, and became a coprophiliac. After high school she packed her bags and traveled to the UK to realize her dream which, apparently, was to become one of the most disgusting whores to walk the Earth.

After failing at college in England, Cherry started prostituting in Brighton, London's gay district. She met her gay husband there, Dean Povey (stage name Dean Torn). Together they set up a web-whoring site and started outputting the most revolting videos, even though Cherry refers to them as BDSM.

In 2007 she returned to the States with her gay husband and settled in the U.S. gay capital, San Francisco.

Cherry cautiously claims her family and particularly her parents are OK with what she does for a living. This is, of course, a lie or perhaps wishful thinking. There are no parents on this planet who'd be pleased with their daughter living on E.coli diet and drinking urine.

Cherry is an extremely introverted person: she doesn't do interviews, she doesn't like to speak with people face to face. She's obviously quite ashamed of herself. She also admits to having problems with substance abuse.

Family and Friends

Cherry is good friends with fat ass gay-loving hooker Kitty Stryker.

Pornography career

During her European adventure, Cherry became quite popular among the fans of kinky genres like "scat," partly due to her extremely bright pink hair. Next to her amateur work and web appearances, she was featured in several DVD productions for poop porn companies such as MFX/X-Models.

Since her return to the USA, Cherry has attempted to focus on mainstream porn; and by "mainstream", she usually means BDSM like Kink.com and Chanta's Bitches, because let's face it, after you become infamous for eating excrement, everything else is pretty much mainstream. Nevertheless, she's managed to shoot several scenes for more conventional porn companies such as RealityKings and a few others. Since Cherry practically has no limits, it should come as no surprise that she also fucks trannies.

Reportedly, Cherry still does disgusting cam shows with her gay husband, Dean Povey.


Cherry Torn is currently pimped out by 101Modeling for mainstream porn, as well as by her husband for everything else.

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