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Chad Diamond

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Chad Diamond
Chad Diamond .jpg
Born Chad Burns
0 December 0000 (0000-00-00) (age 2017)
Ethnicity carnie

Chad Diamond born Real Name Chad Burns is a pornographic whore,Hooker and former homeless vagrant. Find out more about this persons life before porn by looking at the porn stars real name page Chad Burns Born Date Of Birth: Contact email:[email protected] Twiter: Phone:805.813.4185


Chad Diamond Biography

Chad Diamond with a black dude and Chad boyfriend Michael Vegas photo

Chad Diamond fiancé beard is Alice Frost which is a loud mouth ugly old hooker washed up porn whore. Chad wear 2 earrings and talks with a lisp but claims he is not gay.

Alice Frost her boyfriend Chad diamond to the right and his boyfriend Michael Vegas to the left

Chad Diamond Pornography career

Chad Diamond which is a girls porn name got started out in gay porn and then started to date Fag Hag Alice Frost. the highlight of Chad porn career is when he popped off his fag hole to porn super god Donny Long and got this wiki page put up about himself and his wife. It is also known that Chad is boyfriends with Michael Vegas and u will find tons of pictures with them huging at porn parties.

Tucker Slain talks about Chad from 13:40 and 22

Chad Diamond homeless gay bum bukkake boy

Monica Foster interviewed Tucker Slain where he tells the true story about how Chad sleeps on peoples couches steeling food and works on bukkake sets moping floors. Watch youtube video to the right at 13:40 and 22

It's rare for porn companies to stoop low enough to hire homeless drifters, but that's exactly what happened with goofy looking Chad Diamond. Several porn websites wrote articles about him. He lived in his car for a while until repo men caught up with him. Then he became a full-blown skid row unbathed street person. If you're curious to know what it's like to eat in a homeless soup kitchen, ask Chad. And if you believe he hasn't turned gay tricks on the streets, then there's some swamp real estate in Florida I'd like to sell you.

chad diamond facial photo
Chad-Diamond-not-gay-3 photo
Chad-Diamond-not-gay-2 photo

Chad Diamond homosexual gang member

Chad Diamond day after day pops off on twitter to Donny Long making death threats and posting all sort of lies about the porn god. Chad Diamond is part of a gang of homosexuals that do this to Donny like Michael Vegas and Michael helps gang up on Donny's timeline with Chad.

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Chad Diamond is a known open gay escort and does a lot of bareback escorting in Vegas.

Pornography career

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Quietest Sleeper in the Homeless Shelter Award


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