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Asia Carrera

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Asia Carrera
Born Jessica Andrea Steinhauser
6 August 1973 (1973-08-06) (age 44)
New York City
Alias(es) Asia Carera, Asia Carerra, Asian Carrera, Jessica Bennett
Height 5'8"
Weight 130 lbs
Measurements 36C-26-36
Eye color Brown
Hair color Brunette
Ethnicity Mixed Japanese and German
No. of adult films 407 (approx.)
Official website
Asia Carrera at IAFD

Asia Carrera born Real Name Jessica Andrea Steinhauser is a pornographic whore and hooker. Find out more about this person's life outside porn by looking at the porn whore's real name page, Jessica Steinhauser. Twitter:


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Family and Friends

Jessica was born in New York City to a Japanese father and German mother, the oldest of four children. She was raised in Little Silver, N.J., attending the Little Silver School District and Red Bank Regional High School.

Jessica was married to so-called director and suitcase pimp Bud Lee (believed now to be a troll employed by Derek Hay). She later married so-called fitness guru Don Lemmon; they had two children together, but Don didn't live to see the youngest born as he was killed in a car wreck beforehand.


Jessica isn't believed to have done either but has fleeced many fanboys out of their hard-earned funds from their minimum wage jobs by claiming her husband didn't pay his life insurance policy. After collecting thousands of dollars and gifts, she miraculously found the life insurance policy, and it had been paid to the date he died. She also admitted she had a boyfriend for part of that time, thus crushing the hearts of many a fanboy who thought he could be with her.

She now lives in Utah and is pimping her small kids in beauty pageants and photo contests.


Jessica is a half-breed Asian with part German blood. She did attend Rutgers on a scholarship. She has an Internet gambling problem.

Pornography career

She's made hundreds of movies ... and she may make more after her money is lost to some off-shore casino or falls on hard times caused by other circumstances. But to do that, she'll need to lose the weight she's put on since she now looks like a homely Asian fat girl. Most of her movies sucked eggs because they were "directed" by either her ex-husband Bud Lee or the at-the-time heavily medicated Buck Adams. She'll likely be facialed with much crossover fag cum down the road.

She had a small nude role in The Big Lebowski, playing a porn actress in the fictitious Jackie Treehorn masterpiece, Logjammin'.

Forum Activity/Twitter

One can check out Asia's tedious musings at Asiasbulletin.com — somehow she got some sucker to pay for her server and such.



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