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Alexandra Mayers aka Monica Foster Crimes List

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Alexandra Melody Mayers
Alexandra Melody Mayers
Born Alexandra Mayers
7 January 1979 (1979-01-07) (age 39)
Kirkland, WA
Alias(es) Monica Foster, MonicaF, Cross Eyed Monkey, Christian Pornstar, Monica Dumpster
Height 5 feet, 6 inches (168 cm)
Weight 121 lbs (55 kg)
Eye colour Brown
Hair colour Black
Ethnicity Black

This page will be a list of crimes that have been committed by Alexandra Mayers aka Monica Foster. It will also list the many crimes that Ms. Mayers has threatened to commit. Ms. Mayers contact information is as follows:

We urge all who read this to contact the proper authorities to alert them of what is going on in their area.


Murder/Mass Murder Threats

Death threats were made on her "Monica At Home" video blog on December 27, 2010. She edited the broadcast and removed all threats.

Made the following tweet which was later re-tweeted by Transgender porn star and escort Kelly Shore:

@MonicaFoster I do plan on KILLING whoever has created & maintains the pwl site. Whether I kill what you love most or just you - it WILL happen.
Shore retweets Foster death threat, April 27, 2011.

She has since made several death threats towards anyone that offends her on the internet.

Ms. Mayers made several chilling tweets in early 2011 about her desire to embark on a killing spree. The tweets are as follows and should be read from the bottom up:

"Monica Foster" went private on Twitter immediately following these outbursts which suggests that she knows her Twitter account could be suspended for her behavior and that she could be in trouble with the law for these threats.

More Death threats on 6/10/2011: She is now asking the KKK and jews to kill people for her.

210932770 MonicaFosteronTwitterJune10 123 242lo.jpg

Suicide Threats

This is not a crime as she only plans to kill herself and not others, however, Monica's mother should be advised that she has a suicidal woman living in her guest room. It would behoove her to evict her daughter so she can avoid having to walk in and find her dead and have to deal with the aftermath and trauma of witnessing a suicide victim.

Torture Threats

On Friday, May 20, 2011. Ms. Mayers "Named names" of people in the porn industry that she believed have wronged her. She made threats to find these people and run them over with her car. This would likely cause permanent, agonizing injuries but not death. And it is believed that Ms. Mayers would prefer to do this to her victims, instead of killing them outright.

Mayers goes off in an anger and hate filled video blog and makes threats to torture and kill people.

Rape Threats

Has stated on multiple occasions that she has a desire to use a "strap on" sex toy to anally rape certain members of the Porn Wiki Leaks web site and others on the internet that she believes have wronged her.

Unreported Crimes

Ms. Mayers claims to have been raped by a man that may be named "Chase or Chance" in the bathroom of a Hollywood home on New Years Eve, 2008. She claims that she did not report this to police out of embarrassment of being a porn star. If this is true, Ms. Mayers allowed a rapist to go free and not be punished. He may also have committed similar crimes on other women because of Ms. Mayers failure to report this. If this is false, Ms. Mayers is guilty of slander. No male should ever come in contact with Ms. Mayers as there are several scenarios possible here:

For your own safety, you should never be alone with this woman at any time.

Illegal Hooking

Ms. Mayers is on record saying that she met former MLB outfielder Lenny Dykstra at a hotel in Los Angeles in December of 2010 where money was exchanged for her "Companionship." The rate was roughly $300/hr and Ms. Mayers was paid with a company check for $1,000.

On May 18, 2011, she admitted on her Twitter page to hooking:

@MonicaFoster yea I AM a failed hooker and a failed pornstar - thank GOD I am because that was not what GOD wanted me to do with my life

Street Hooking

Says she will walk the streets of Hollywood and for money because she is desperate:

@MonicaFoster -- Time to try for a nap again b4 I have 2 go out to walk the streets for money. - June 11, 2011.


@MonicaFoster Remember you can keep me off the streets by booking me through my website www.monicaf.com -- June 11, 2011.


It is possible that Foster begging for escorting bookings through Twitter are a ploy to drug and rob men. This is commonly known as the "Trick Roll."

Drug Use

Ms. Mayers claims to use Medical Marijuana to ease her mental issues. This issue should be looked into. Her apartment should be searched for other illegal drugs. Ms. Mayers appears to be under the influence in several of her video blog broadcasts.

Admits to taking cocaine at a New Years Eve party in 2008-09.

Cyberstalking and Bullying

Mayers has targeted several members of the Porn Wiki Leaks "Project," as she calls it and harassed them non stop, threatening to sue them or call the police and FBI on them. She has done the same to anyone that she believed has wronged her. Her live video blog has featured several violent threats from Mayers, which she eventually edits. 75% or more of her tweets are threats to various groups or individuals. Mayers is a classic cyber bully. When anything is said to her in return she plays the e-lawyer card or the poor, lonely single woman card and cries and screams. She berates people online, calling them "Losers" or "Small dicks" and even though she is a failure in life, she feels she is above everyone. This is because her elitist homosexual father warped her as a child and made her believe she was better than everyone else and that she should look down on others.

As of 2014, Mayers continues to cyberstalk and bully innocent parties.


As of June 2011, she plans to stalk her ex-boyfriend, Matthew Holder, cameraman:

@MonicaFoster As I contemplate whether or not to stalk my ex, I'm listening to this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a9WL0WHc4Gg


Has slandered and libeled Donny Long and many, many others on numerous occasions when accusing Mr. Long and others of doing things that they had absolutely nothing to do with.

May have made up a story about being raped, New Years Eve, 2008. She does not know the name of the man in question and only thinks his name may be Chase. He is described as a black male.

She has implied that Jeff Mullen is a pedophile because some of his scenes involve young looking girls that are 18 and over. Ms. Mayers was involved in a pornographic film series called "Not The Cosby's XXX" that featured all the young members of the cast in sex scenes. All were over 18. Ms. Mayers played their mother. So she obviously condoned this type of activity when she was being paid for it but now that she has been blackballed from the porn industry, she acts like she is against it. Please never hire this woman for any kind of work as she will slander you and lie about you.

Takes major role in XXX film that she claims depicts children in porn

@MonicaFoster in EXTREME DANGER because it can trigger pedophiles to think it's "normal" to see little kids as sexy.

@MonicaFoster Not the Cosbys XXX 2 when they gave the character of "Rudy" of sex scene. The depiction of children in porn puts all of our society's kids

@MonicaFoster increasing rate. It is AGAINST THE LAW to depict a minor in adult content but Larry Flynt Productions and X-Play had no problem doing it in

And Ms. Mayers had no problem playing a prominent role in both of the Not The Cosby's XXX films and taking money for it.

Cult Activities/Devil Worship

Ms. Mayers has been seen on web cam conducting several Satanic rituals from her Apartment. She is also defaming the Christian religion by pretending to be a follower, and organizing "Bible Studies" for current or former Pornographic performers. She does not follow the teachings of the religion and continues to verbally attack and threaten people.

Is possibly a student of former Heaven's Gate cult leader Marshall Applewhite, and has mentioned this cult on numerous occasions.

Has stated that she was once involved with an Cult called the Ordo Templi Orientis (OTO):

@MonicaFosterTonight on the live broadcast of Monica Foster at Home I will ve discussing how many porn so called professionals are members of an

@MonicaFoster Organization called the O.T.O. Which is a cult that attempts to practice pagan / satanic rituals based on sex magick. I'll discuss my run in

@MonicaFoster With that group.

Child Abuse

Ms. Mayers has a young nephew that she reported visiting along with her sister and mother in Deerfield Beach, Florida in December 2010. Ms. Mayers is in no condition to be around children in her state and considering her occupation, probably not at all. Her sister, Victoria Mayers has reportedly cut off all ties to Alexandra for this reason. Parents with young children in the Lamplight Village area, be advised of what is going on at 1706 Tristan Flower and please steer clear of this area of the neighborhood.

Encouragement of 'Sextortion'

@MonicaFoster Simple ticket to Thailand you too can play the sextortion game."

Filing false reports with the Police and FBI

Ms. Mayers has claimed to have gone to the FBI and police numerous times in 2010 and 2011 to report people who she has lost flame wars to on the internet. This is abuse and takes time from these organizations who are there to help people that really need it. It is absolutely criminal that she was allegedly raped and never reported it but freely reports her flame war losses to the police.

Mayers claimed to be bothering the Hollywood Police in June, 2011 through fax and telephone. What's more is that she claimed to have "An appointment at the station" but never reported the result of said appointment. We believe there was no appointment and this was simply a tactic to lessen the heat on her from Porn Wiki Leaks who are not afraid of her threats.

As of 2017, Mayers continues to waste the police's time by filing bogus reports and restraining orders on people and some of them do not even reside in her country. The police have a job to do and are not there to get in the middle of her silly internet wars and she should be flagged by all police departments in Florida, Nevada and California as a time waster and trouble maker and all her future reports should be considered fake news. No one would attempt to harm her as she is a piece of shit that is not worth spending one hour in jail for.

Mental Illness

Has shown behavior that is consistent with mental problems which causes her to commit crimes. Some of the probable mental issues she is likely dealing with are:

Potential crimes that need looking into

Working out of her home without a business license/Not stating her true occupation

This should be looked into. She has stated that she was embarrassed about being a porn star and the same is probably true about being a phone sex operator and web cam hooker. It is likely that she is not stating her true occupation to the people of authority that need to know (IRS, Ted at Franklin Parks, etc) and as these are her only sources of income, this needs to be investigated further.

Shooting films in Hollywood without a permit

Shot homosexual James Jamesson in Hollywood in a short film for YouTube in 2011.

Not following terms of lease/keeping extra pets in apartment without paying $250 security deposit

Made several tweets about a bird that she had taken in. She tweeted several photos of the bird that lived in her apartment for several weeks in April and May of 2011. Ted of the Franklin Parks Apartments was notified of this. She has left the property and the L.A. area.

Possible tax evasion/Not paying taxes on illegal cam/phone and real life hooking

Warning to potential employers

As of June, 2017, it appears that Alexandra Mayers has finally decided to give up in trying to find a day job even as her gold digging and cam hooking days appear over. However, this page should serve as a warning to any potential employer who may consider hiring this woman should she go back into the work force -- DON'T DO IT -- and you will save yourself and your company time, money and embarrassment. This woman is a liar, thief, hooker, is lazy, vindictive, angry and will be a hazard to your company and your employers. Throw the resume of this high maintenance whore in the trash. You have been warned.

Marc Randazza vs Alexandra Mayers

After libeling and slandering Las Vegas attorney Marc Randazza's wife, Mr. Randazza filed suit against Alexandra Mayers. The case went on for years and eventually the judge sided with Randazza. Mayers was put in the hole for hundreds of thousands of dollars and what was left of her reputation was ruined beyond repair. As of this wiki edit, the case is closed and Mayers lost to the tune of $166,600. Mr. Randazza trolled Mayers with the exact dollar amount and purposely inserted 666 into the figure as a slap in the face to her bogus religious persona and ramblings.

Alexandra Mayers Pedophilia

Alexandra Mayers often posts creepy, suggestive comments on Twitter about how she wants to have sex with young virgins and sometimes she will post photos of barely legal (If not illegal) white young men and boys with vulgar comments about what she would like to do to them. She will also accuse her many foes of being pedophiles and she is obsessed with this topic. Because of these actions, it is believed that Ms. Mayers is a pedophile herself.

2018 more empty death threats

9/28/2018 Alexandra Melody Mayers aka Monica Foster is still making her empty threats which the coward still has no guts to follow through with and is still FAILING like she does with everything in her FAILED life while living with her scumbag piece of shit mother Joan Rucker Mayers of 623 NW 47th Ter Deerfield Beach, FL 33442. We all know Alexandra can do nothing but FAIL and hide behind her mothers dress while running and crying to police and courts like the coward she is.


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