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Alexandra Mayers

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Alexandra Mayers turned into a whore and went by the name Monica Foster doing porn degrading the whole family name being a pornographic whore, and Hooker. Find out more about this persons porn job by looking at the porn stars wiki page Monica Foster Born Date Of Birth: January 7, 1979, Kirkland, WA

Alexandra Mayers
Alexandra Mayers smoking crack in a joint.
Born Alexandra Mayers
7 January 1979 (1979-01-07) (age 39)
Kirkland, WA
Alias(es) Monica Foster, Monica Dumpster, Coco Loco
Height 5'6"
Ethnicity Black


Family and Friends

The Mayers family is very strange and has been involved in one failure after another. In addition to Ivan the homosexual getting married and fathering two children while dreaming about dick, the Mayers sisters have failed at one thing after another. Victoria Mayers, DOB: 06/08/1983, was busted for DUI on June 30, 2010 and then picked up again for a probation violation on December 29, 2010, just two days after Alexandra's infamous death threats were made live on air on her video blog. This follows Victoria's horrible public failure on American Idol in 2003.

Victoria Mayers makes an idiot of herself at 3:04

Parents professional information

Ivan Mayers retired from ExxonMobil in 2002 after a 33 year professional, managerial and executive career. In Ivan’s last position, he was Distributor Business Strategy Manager. In this position he formulated business strategy and policies for a $10B motor fuel retail business. Ivan earned an MBA degree as a Consortium Fellow at Indiana University. As a New York State Regents Scholar he earned a Bachelor of Science (Mechanical Engineering) from New York University. Ivan has also participated in the multi –year intensive leadership program conducted by the Center for Creative Leadership.

Ivan grew up in a housing project in The Bronx not far from Yankee Stadium and The Bronx Zoo. During his ExxonMobil career he has lived in Houston, Dallas, Seattle and Washington, DC.

In addition to volunteering at ESCH, Ivan has volunteered with the Houston Area Urban League, Center for Healing Racism, Houston Friends of Music and United Way Management Assistance Program. He serves as a local precinct chair for a major political party and is vice president of his neighborhood civic club.

ESCH Experience: Ivan joined ESCH in 2003 and since then has helped numerous nonprofits through training and/or management consultation services. He developed a new consulting component – strategic plan implementation – and used the model to help Dominic Walsh Dance Theater. He also serves as chair of ESCH’s Training and Education Committee.

Impression of ESCH: Ivan believes that ESCH serves a vital role in the Houston community. He also believes that ESCH couples the robust energy of business professionals with the passion of nonprofit leaders and professionals. In today’s complex world no person, organization or professional discipline has all the right or almost right answers. But through common purpose and cooperative attitudes the synergy of many professional and business strengths can lead to success.

Quiet Waters Elementary

Message Board and talk

Monica Foster Talk


Young Alexandra Mayers

Early Life

Alexandra was born in the state of Washington to a mother who was an art and music major, and a father who was an engineer and a closeted homosexual.

Alexandra grew up in the out-skirts of Houston, Texas, and spent most of her early years in the solitude of her bedroom.

In 1993, when her father, Ivan Leacock Mayers came out of the closet as a homosexual, Alexandra, along with her mother Joan and sister Victoria, moved to South Florida, where she attended high school - but never finished due to laziness. On Myspace.com, the following information about her High School career is posted:

Later after getting her GED at 18, Alexandra enrolled in Florida Atlantic University. After 1 year in the university, she - surprise, surprise - dropped out of college.

Failed Jobs

Warning to potential employers

As of June, 2011, it appears that Alexandra Mayers has finally decided to get a day job as her gold digging and cam hooking days appear over. This page should serve as a warning to any potential employer who may consider hiring this woman -- DON'T -- and you will save yourself and your company time, money and embarrassment. This woman is a liar, thief, hooker, is lazy, vindictive, angry and will be a hazard to your company and your employees. Throw the resume of this high maintenance whore in the trash.

Exotic Dancing

Because of her laziness, Alexandra found several benefits to exotic dancing. The easy money, the flexibility of only working when she wanted, and the comradery of other whores she worked with.

Alexandra was always an entitled little whore, so of course she could not handle it after awhile - the overly aggressive drunken men, the drug scene, the constant propositions for sex from both the club customers and management and everything else that goes with the territory in that business were things that Alexandra couldn't handle. The fact that Alexandra thought she was better than she really was and refused to suck and fuck club members and management like a good little whore was the beginning of the end of her career as an exotic dancer. After a few months of dancing, Alexandra decided that exotic dancing wasn't something that she'd want to do long term at that stage of her life, so she put her stripper shoes on the shelf and once again quit something in life.

Problems with drugs and alcohol

Alexandra Mayers is an alcoholic and pothead and is rarely seen without wine, beer, whiskey or a cocktail. She is often drunk during her video blog or cam shows and often talks about her marijuana addiction on Twitter. This may be due to her trying to drown her fathers homosexuality out with booze.

Mental Issues

It goes without saying that anyone, much less a girl from a wealthy family, that decides to enter porn, has some mental problems. One example is the psychotic Mercedes Ashley and latent homosexual Christianx. But Alexandra has shown worse mental problems than these or most adult stars. It is unknown what psychiatric medications she is on, if any. Her suicide threats and threats of killing sprees are a cause for alarm.

Family members home addresses

802 Lamonte Lane -- Houston, TX 77018 -- Subdivision: Garden Oaks -- Neighborhood: Oak Forest -- (713) 202-7113 -- [email protected]

Franklin Park Apartments

Alexandra Mayers used to live at the seedy Franklin Parks Apartment complex in Hollywood,6615 Franklin Ave CA 90028 323-851-1398. It is unknown if her landlord knew of her hooking activities.

Henderson, NV

Mayers now lives at 1706 Tristan Flower, Henderson, NV as a live in whore, paying no rent to her benefactor.


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