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Adrienne Sweebe

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Adrienne Sweebe turned into a whore and went by the name Adrienne Sweebe doing porn on Girls Do Porn number E228 degrading the whole family name being a pornographic whore, and Hooker. Find out more about this persons porn job by looking at the porn stars wiki page Adrienne Sweebe Born Date Of Birth: Contact email: Twiter:

Adrienne Sweebe
Adrienne Sweebe.jpg
Born Adrienne Sweebe
0 December 0000 (0000-00-00) (age 2017)


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IamA former highschool boyfriend of Adrienne Sweebe, a pornstar (not famous) on girlsdoporn/pornhub AMA!

I made this once, but I did a poor job at explaining it. I did not date her while she did porn, she did it soon after we broke up after she began stripping. I went to a jesuit high school in my area, she went to a catholic school in my area. She was a normal girl, and was pretty attractive. We loved to blaze, listen to good music, and have sex. We had a blast the first year or so, then things took a turn for the worse after I hinted I wanted to break up. She became suicidal and involved in online relationships with people that didn't exist, kinda like catfish. The next 8 months or so I was dragged through hundreds of "if you break up with me I'm going to kill myself" situations and she was not kidding. I would often tell her parents but they took her side until she nearly OD'd and died from sleeping/pain pills. But oddly, during all of this we were together. I think I felt trapped so I kinda gave in and just enjoyed dating her again. Sex was definitely her weapon of choice in manipulation, and I gladly (I regretted it later) accepted. I was 16-18 years old and immature. I digress, she was a smart girl and wanted to be an anesthesiologist. When I found out about the video, via snapchat with her getting rocked and jizzed on *sigh* that was awkward, I was at first very distraught. I didn't like her anymore but it was very sad to see it come...cum....to this. After a week or so I took pride in it. I would joke with my friends that I sent her to the big leagues and often make that joke. TL'DR: I dated Adrienne Sweebe from 16-18. -https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UPR2ascyyKI -this sums up my post after I found out my ex-girlfriend starred in multiple pornos. here's the well...yeah: http://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=1852936075 and here's us at senior prom: https://imgur.com/xwPBzxk,ROCnVRp#1 and https://imgur.com/xwPBzxk,ROCnVRp#0 I was vague on my first attempt at this. I know people could probably fake these, but I screenshotted some old facebook stuff as more proof. http://imgur.com/AoIJNyG

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