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Adrian Chen

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Adrian Chen wiki describes them as an world class scumbag ass kisser Gawker blogger and claims to be a writer and shit talker. Adrian is a closet homosexual Jew and strong gay supporter of the Gay Mafia that has been ruining the straight porn industry for years now spreading HIV and causing condoms laws. Adrian is a gay Jew that failed during childhood and was abused by his parents and thats why he is the way he is. More to come stay tuned.

Adrian Chen
Adrian Chen.jpg
Told u Adrian Chen was a gay jew
Born 0 December 0000 (0000-00-00) (age 2018)
Height 4'11"
Weight 98
Ethnicity White


Adrian Chen Biography

Adrian writes many false stories full of lies about people PROOF INSDE

Only in a show Adrian can pretend to be straight but as u can see he still looks as queer as a 3 dollar bill.

Adrian Chen gay Jew ass licker

Adrian wrote positive things about a known fan boy gay child rapist suitcase pimp Mark Spiegler only cause he is a gay Jew like him and also hates Donny Long for speaking truth about gays. In the process Adrian also wrote many negative false lies about Donny including calling the porn god a "failed porn actor and director" when Donny did 1500 scenes in 5 years. How could anyone fail for 5 years on 1500 scenes and own the largest studio in LA Donny Long Studios For this reason Adrian is now exposed as just a gay Jew piece of dog shit homosexual faggot that likes to lick fag man ass.

Adrian Chen family failures

Adrian Chen's family spies for China- Kathy Chen David Chen Shu Chen Zi Chen

Adrian Chen again proves he is a closet gay homosexual

Adrian wrote about PWL and said "forums are full of homophobic slurs and ranting" no Adrian its full of facts on gays and they are not homophobic they are homotreified!

He then wrote how suprised and shocked he was that a fag had to prove he was clean after fucking another known HIV positive fag in the ass "Gay porn star James Jamesson was forced to post his negative HIV test result online to counter rumors spread by Porn Wikileaks that he had the disease." Yes Adrian when James Jamesson fucked HIV positive Cameron Reid in the ass see picture inside wiki, and then wants to work in straight porn we want to see his blood test.

Adrian Chen "Journalism" career

Adrian Chen wrote a story full of lies and bullshit about porn god Donny Long cause he is a gay Jew ass kisser of failed gay child rapist suitcase pimp Jew Mark Spiegler.

On April 1, 2011, Chen wrote a vicious article about the original Porn Wiki Leaks that was full of lies and bullshit. The highlight of the article:

"Perhaps the most extensive entry belongs to porn star Monica Foster. Foster's entry contains not just details about her career, but a dossier of personal information about her and her family, including addresses and pictures of their homes taken from Google Streetview, as well as the phone numbers for their employers. Some users changed their avatars to photoshopped pictures of her and her parents (LIE).

The harassment spilled into the real world. "They called my work,(LIE) they tried to call my dad's house," Foster told us. "At this point I was paranoid and afraid that someone might show up at my apartment complex and try to hurt me."

The truth is, that her parents pictures were already on the internet. Porn Wiki Leaks members did not photo shop the pictures. Foster used her real name on her web site photos and ONLY AFTER Foster fueled the fire and threatened to send her former strip club scumbags or her cop relatives after them did PWL members piece together some information and find the info. Foster was at fault for her folks getting exposed. Her sister is a Florida criminal and has mug shots posted on the net. This is also not the fault of Donny Long or PWL members. And there is no way for Porn Wiki Leaks members to "Call her work" as Foster does not work. She web cams from home and that is her only job. And finally, Foster is always one step away from killing HERSELF and has threatened to do it many times. The only one Foster is in danger from is HERSELF. No one ever showed up at her place and no one ever will. Foster is a liar, but Chen did not do his homework and actually printed her lies. Chen has no credibility because of this.

Adrian Chen Pictures

Adrian Chen gay as ever
Adrian Chen in timeout for sucking to0 many cocks

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