Why is AMM giving advice to DCS?

What is up with these posts of AMM’s?

One more thing DCS – you need to start educating your wife heavily on Christianity. Get her a Bible, start taking her and your kids to church, etc because part of your problem is there’s a demon within her sucking the life out of you. You’ve never looked worse. It’s killing you.

First of all Donny looks fine. In case you haven’t noticed, he isn’t 20 anymore and either is AMM. Her metabolism is slow and she is having a bitch of a time keeping the weight off. Everyone gets older. As far as religion, she has probably never set foot in church and is going straight to hell. It is very funny that this woman is 40 and alone and is giving advice to a married man with kids. Right there he has more than she can ever have. Some 40 year old women are happy being single and childless but she isn’t.

In all seriousness DCS, look at yourself in the mirror & then take a real good look at @TRPWL‘s life and do your best to be EXACTLY LIKE HIM, because he is happy for the most part. He’s not perfect, BUT he is happy & successful which is what you desperately want to be…

Do not worry. This Tompkins love of hers is always short lived and then she will be back to crapping on him. But as for being a 51 year old creepy porn blogger, no, that is not what anyone should shoot for. Plus if Donny was like Tompkins, he would be attracted to nappy headed hoes. Again, not something to strive for.

This fail of a woman needs help from a professional and should not think she can give out advice just because she scammed some people with her phony fake news psychic reading scams.

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