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Whois Victoria Mayers? Well we will tell you

Victoria Mayers of 623 Nw 47 Terrace, DEERFIELD BEACH, FL  is a black African America Liberal scumbag hooker child abuser stalker that lives with her mother and sister sitting on the internet all day living on mother Joan Rucker Mayers retirement. She is a failed hooker and failed mother just like her mother and sister. This women just like the rest of the failed family needs to be locked in jail where she belongs. She also has herpes and HIV and is sick much of the time and not just in the head. She is currently helping her sister Alexandra Melody Mayers run some stalking extortion platforms online that are fronts for exposing pimps. This whole family is a piece of shit and anyone having anything to do with any of them should stand well clear! Victoria sometimes moves out the house with her child she beats and abuses but always ends up back living off mommy just like her sister Alexandra. She was thrown from her homosexual fathers house Ivan Leecock Mayers in Texas. She is a drug addict and drunk and has a long criminal record including two DUIs. Her pussy sticks of rotton eggs and fish just like her sister.


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