Which Agent is worse…?

Which agent is worse.
Jim South who pimped underage minors not to mention cross booking?

Sandra from OC who continually allows gay dudes to come back and forth then threatens to sue anyone with lawsuits all the while the faggots girlfriend is turning tricks for Ben English?

Ben English gay foreign national who runs illegal operations and pimps his coked out bimbos to any touring Japanese businessman or anyone who has access to the luxury companion or a boyfriend who loves to bottom?

Dennis Hof aging pimp of the brothel system who houses mental cases like Heidi Fleiss so when the working women are not talking to the birds they are forced to sit on his lap so he can play daddy?

Hugh Hefner the oldest mother fucker on the face of the planet. Made his entire fortune by taking pictures of struggling college students and smut not to mention his sons are women beaters. Hello I’m Hugh Hefner would you like to be a playmate so my spoiled son can whip you around a couple of times at the mansion?

Sounds like the cream of Western Civilization folks.
I’m going to grab a condom so I can make certain my semen does not ever come into contact with these wonderful pillars of our society.