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What do people in the music industry and the general public say and think about Edward Bernard Prydzial aka Eddie Dzial aka Realgeneross aka Meangeneross aka Bernard Edwards?

So I was reading through that last link posted from 2005 where people were talking to and about little coward and life long failure homo with AIDS Edward Prydzial and couldnt help but coming back here to PWL to post some of the highlights of what people are posting. its a fucking riot ahhahahaha. This guy has been laughed at and failed his whole life. Someone so go post and let everyone know about how Edward went to jail for kid napping his own wife and daughter and the arresting officer married Edwards wife and changed the name of his kid and ran Edward out of the USA to Athens Greece where he hides to this day. Anyways read below and enjoy from “I just cant tolerate stupid” and its other 13 pages of people laughing at and kicking Eddie. It all starts when Edward starts calling people stupid and thinking he is smarter and better than everyone and then whines about freedom of speech and they take a shit on his head starting on page 7. AHHAHAHAHA Whats more funny is watching Edward’s responses and him hiding and avoiding there questions and truth as he always does.

“Freedom of speech doesn’t apply to mindless morons who whine about everything, people who post stupid ass pictures on every thread, and pedophiles. So you are shit out of luck my friend.”

“I’d be glad to say that to your face lol. Touch me = lawsuit = you going to jail = me happy. And probably = me getting some money too.”

“a lot of people must hate you.”

“He apparently enjoys getting kicked off of forums, as has happened elsewhere… (and hopefully soon here)

Just consider this POSER exposed.


he begged and pleaded to be allowed to stay here…Alan (one of the founders) posted the PM…it was rather humorous…he was claiming that we started it and were picking on him…HAHAHA…hopefully he’ll get banned in your neck of the woods soon too.”

“I would tell you to talk to them about their comments, but then I guess you can’t…

because you are banned.

Or do you deny your banning as well? Which would be fine, people leave too, they just said you were banned.

I could care less if you pleaded, that parts just funny, but I’m guessing if you, as an avid left basher managed to get kicked from a “Left-Bashing” site, then you probably have no room to talk. Especially if all you have to say is that they are stupid and banned you because you are honest. Though they may be stupid, and though you may be honest, there is something else.

That would be your attitude, and no, not the attitude currently being displayed, which is perfectly acceptable. Which is all anyone has ever asked of you. “

Now watch Edward cry and beg like a bitch ahahahahah


Please let me stay… guys are so cool…


poser exposer wrote:
sorry. please understand they attacked me and i responded the wrong way. i like this site. i’ve been looking for a site like this because i have tried being a protest warrior by myself… the idea is a good one.

just let me know what you and i can do to keep the peace and i’ll comply so i don’t get banned.



You say tomato, I say Fuck You.  “

Then on page 8 Edward argues with them and lies lies lies lies to ry to cover his HIV infested ass here

Then on page 8 it starts getting good like this post:

“Poser, why are you still here? No one likes you. You have no input, on any subject, all you do is post stupid pictures of yourself, making you look like an idiot. You don’t explain your views, making you look like an idiot. You say things such as “d00d” and “rotflmao” making you look like an idiot. Contribute something insightful to this forum, and maybe you will get some respect around here. If not, then do us all a favor, and leave. kkthanx.”

and then

“Poser Exposer (whose real name I will not divulge at the moment) is a legendary figure on the internet and in his own mind. My upcoming film will reveal all.”

“That is the absolute truth. Ed called the Howard Stern Show and begged him to play his crappy music. They did, it sucked and Stern told him so. Ed freaked out after that and started spamming every Howard Stern board on the internet. I first encountered him on a forum site called Portal Of Evil.”

“This guy is on so many boards how in the hell does he find the time?… or is he still in jail?
A crazy man but an intruiging one as well…. My perception of humanity is now changed – I thought i knew crazy people…I was wrong

“He lives in Los Angeles and has nothing better to do than harass people online. You’ll notice that he is hiding now rather than confront me. What a coward!”

“Thats what he’s best at, being a coward and a blowhard.

All I can say is that I hope he is all hot air, but with the attention he tries so hard to garner, if he did try anything on anyone (especially young girls) he could easily be dealt with.

Surely he must have a criminal record to have fun with, any news there? He’s obviously at least a wanna be predator online as well.”

Then Edward in this thread makes a fake account and pretends to be someone sticking up for Eddie ahahahhahaa. He has been doing this and failing at impersonating people for decades.

“im not angry. i just think it is stupid of you to hold someone in such high regard max. poser was doing a fine job promoting himself and his band long before you showed up, he doesnt need silly little fan boys clammering around him, online or off.

this is a place to express your ideas, thoughts, inner feelings ect. i dont give two shits if its the president or god himself posting on here, the only thing that matters is the productivity of discussions, and this kind of thing is not productive. im sure this will all get deleted, its way off topic. im done.”


Then they start pounding Edwards faggot gay HIV ridden asshole and he runs like the coward he is!

“No tell us about jail! Was it fun did you get laid a lot?”

Then on page 12 they start clowning autistic Edward to the point of uncontrollable laughter

“Ah, speaking of stupid intolerable people, Kiss does come to mind, I’ll admit to having not heard a lot of them, because what I have heard sucked so bad.

You guys are aware they are not known for their “ability” to make music right?

But I guess its enough to inspire special “ed” here.”

“You mean Gene Simmon’s retarded younger brother?”

“No, I mean the biggest exposed poser not worthy of being associated even with the skid marks of an outlived and overrated flash in the pan like Gene Simmons. “
“poser exposer/Edward/Bernard
Glad to see you have a sense of humor. I was beginning to wonder. Look, I’m serious about LA. I’ll be there in a few weeks and I think we should discuss this project face to face.
Btw, to hear the Bernard Edwards phone callls, click here:

“Hahaha, someone is a serious gimp, who spent a little too much time as a prison bitch.

Cowards are so amusing.

“How’s Brittany, Edward?”

Its amazing how dumb someone can stay for so many years and not learn a fucking thing and decades later will still go online and kick the bull over and over and over only to get the horns each time. Next up, who Britney is and why she hates her father that commenters was asking about and more forums I found Edward has made a fool of himself on and been kicked off.

Grandpa Dzial

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