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We will try to help Alexandra Mayers this one time

Instead of enabling Mayers like Kelly Shore and others who just blow smoke up her ass while she gets fat and old, we are here to help but this won’t happen again. If she doesn’t take this advice, she will end up like we said, in our 2032 death pool.

Get off the computer. She sits all day which is ruining her body. Turn off the computer and spend more time moving around.

Stop talking about porn. She has nothing to do with porn except when she was in it for maybe 2 or 3 years. She has now spent more time talking about it as a blogger than she spent actually performing in it. Her time has past. She should just shut up about it and stop stressing over something that has nothing to do with her.

No more booze, drugs, cigarettes, bad food. This stuff is killing her. She should try Johnny Sins lifestyle recommendations especially the part about a little personal sex. Get laid. You will feel better.

That’s it. We won’t hep her again and her “friends” do nothing but enable her and watch her kill herself with stress, bad food, and substance abuse. PWL has now gone where no one in porn has and has tried to help her.

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