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We don’t want to write about Monica Foster anymore…but we will

Folks, we have posted this before and we will post it again. Our readers care about young, active XXX performers, they are not interested in a washed up, busted out old hag like Monica Foster civilian name Alexandra Mayers and you can look in the forum for proof. When her blogs get posted on the front page, they get their own threads on the forum. Foster’s threads get almost no views. No one knows who this woman is or cares about her. Her sell by date is past and she has been replaced by all kinds of new talent in the many years since she has been on an XXX set. We’re sure PWL visitors look out of curiosity at her wiki since she gets so much play here but when they look at her pictures they lose interest. She doesn’t fit the mold of what an attractive XXX performer should look like. She had her chance at fame during Dykstra-gate and again when she was interviewed by mainstream media about her PWL wiki. She couldn’t parlay that into success and now her time has past.

Now, with all that said, she gets written about here because she won’t shut the fuck up about this site and incorrectly claims that PWL is stalking and harassing her when it is the opposite. She wants no articles about her to run here while she sits in her safe haven over on far left leaning Twitter and pot shots PWL while hiding behind her block and delete buttons. When she realizes she can’t control what is written about her and can’t silence people, she threatens legal action and has in the past threatened bodily harm and even murder. In the past, even famous XXX and mainstream star Ron Jeremy was seen telling Twitter users to report her for threatening her enemies with acid attacks.

She is trying hard to be an e-lawyer and do to others what was done to her earlier this year by PROFESSIONAL attorney Mark Randazza. This is some serious entitlement going on here. SHE. IS. NOT. AN. ATTORNEY. And doesn’t know jack shit about the law. Even Mark had to go through a couple years of hassles to get her taken care of by the courts. Word has it that she is claiming that she wrote her name on some type of legal form this past week and then snapped her fingers and voilà, won some type of victory against PWL. She is showing her 85 IQ again. Nothing has happened.

PWL hasn’t done anything to her that she hasn’t done to other people on the internet. Problem is she can’t take it and wants to use her black and female privilege to shut down the truthful articles being posted here that are cramping her style and appearing in Google for all her potential suitors to see. One look at any of her wikis here and they will run the other way from this witch.

In closing, we do not want to write about her because the articles are not fruitful and not well received by the audience of PWL. They want youth, they want fun girls, they don’t want stories of angry black supremacists and old maids that live with their mothers but what can PWL do? PWL is playing fair and giving it back to a cyber bully, stalker and criminal just like anyone would. This will continue until she plays fair and moves on and forgets the silly charade of “serving” people, suing them and scoring “injunctions” against them. She doesn’t even have an attorney and does not know the law herself. Stop playing an attorney on the internet and get a job you are actually qualified for. McDonald’s is always hiring.

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