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VIDEO: Sad Fathers Day for openly gay homosexual Ivan Leacock Mayers and his daughter Alexandra Melody Mayers he didnt raise

So for Fathers Day we want to wish a very sad fathers day to the whole piece of shit criminal failed losers in the  Mayers family: Now openly gay homosexual Ivan Leacock Mayers that ran off when his daughter Alexandra Melody Mayers was not even a teen and didnt raise her or support her or Alexandras mother Joan Rucker Mayers or Ivans other daughter Victoria Mayers. This piece of shit life failure is what caused Alexandra and Victoria to become the failed criminal hooker trash they are today. Ivan moved to Texas leaving his wife Joan when his daughters were not even teens yet. Ivan ran off to suck and fuck and rape the German white underage cock he lives with to this day! His greed and hunger for white cock and children got the best of him and he ruined Joan, Alexandra and Victorias lives instead of being a man and coming out the closet before hiding from his own shadow and getting married to Joan and impregnating her TWICE with two shitlets!

Anyways here is a audio recording Alexandra aka Monica Foster thought she had long gone removed from the internet of her father Ivan coming out in the public as gay and running for City Council and failing like everything else all the Mayers have done in life. Enjoy Mayers!


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