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VIDEO: God Long ALWAYS WINS! Gay mafia scumbag faghag Holly Randall OWNED by Donny Long!

You kick the bull and you get the horns! For those that dont know the back story, earlier this week Holly Randall thought it would be a good idea to interview gay child rapist suitcase pimp Mark Spiegler and one of his whores and sit and talk shit making up lies and libeling the straight male porn god fag kicking super hero. After Holly was called out to remove the video within 48 hours or face the wrath of god. So she thought it would be a good idea to play the stupid whore ignore game instead of owning up to her faults and apologizing and POW the games begin! You can search about it here:


PS, A little birdy told me Holly has many more suspensions on many more profiles and websites about to happens and that the PWL army in support of Donny is going to make her life a living hell till she says sorry and takes back the lies and libelous things she said about Donny Long.

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