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Vanessa Blue “Outs” Eddie Dzial

Porn Valley- A year ago, I spoke at length with Vanessa Blue regarding the sexuality of Edward Bernard Prydzial, under whom (not literally! not me at least…) I directed the first gay movie, My First Interracial, for his otherwise straight video company, Mercenary Pictures.

Constant readers will remember it wasn’t pretty. After he screamed “faggot” into the phone and threatened to “beat my ass” (which now, takes on an entirely different conotation), I pretty much decided my work there was done. But hey, the movie was nominated for a GayVN Award!

Blue had been of the opinion for quite some time that Dzial was bisexual or even a full-on closeted homosexual and her suspicions were confirmed for her one day when she caught him red handed. A year ago, she was contemplating going public with the information to explain why she had broken up with him. She decided to keep quiet. Until last night.

Blue said on her live Prime Time Uncensored show that in her last relationship, her man had been “seeing another man on the downlow.” The dominatrix/directrix said she first became wary upon finding condoms in the bedroom that would have been too big to fit Dzial. Blue said that despite other obvious signs, she was shocked upon finding him and his “male companion” asleep on top of each other. She also cited another instance in which she caught them in a hot tub.

According to the recap, Blue claimed he would “express angry views about homosexuals and bisexuals and troll forums accusing straights of being gay,” as was witnessed with your’s truly.

But I wasn’t the only one getting the brunt of Dzial’s wrath during the making of My First Interraical.

Lexx Parker, one of the stars of the movie, was wary about coming on set from the beginning, eventually fessing up to me that he had been intimate with Dzial himself. I assured him that Dzial would not be on the set and rolled my eyes at the whole thing, assuming it was some tale Parker had concocted in his own head.

That is, until I was told by others that when Dzial was reviewing the scenes shot for My First Interracial, upon seeing Parker on screen, he reportedly “flipped out” violently and started asking who had cast “that faggot” in anger.

After Blue came to me with her story, I knew Lexx Parker had been telling the truth.

There’s more to the story, of course.

There were other, much more serious, problems in the Blue/Dzial relationship.

There were also others who Dzial had cheated on her with, including one relationship with a well-known male performer that lasted several years.

But none of that is mine to reveal. They will talk about it in their own time, as Blue has.
I just wanted to confirm Blue’s accusations. The girl needed a little back up.
And her main guy will always have her back.

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