Tristan Stadtmuller = Sorely missed!

This American military hero along with Marc Randazza are two of the only people who have been able to confront the cross eyed, buck toothed freak in person in Las Vegas and their efforts are appreciated. Actually, Tristan is the only one as Marc couldn’t get the gutless coward Mayers to show for her court dates but that did not stop Marc from legally sodomizing Mayers. And Donny Long has tried to draw her out of her hole on occasion to no avail. We would like to let all these gentlemen know that we appreciate their efforts but it appears that Tristan has dropped off social media due to her stalking and harassment of him and her efforts to get him banned and silenced from the internet – the most cowardly of tactics.

Stop by sometime and check in, your efforts did not go unnoticed!

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