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“Tolerant” leftist Emma Hix fans to PWL: “Do the world a favour and kill yourself you piece of shit.”

The tolerant left strikes again. While Emma Hix friends and fans and probably Hix herself are busy calling PWL ‘racist homophobe incels,’ they also encourage PWL commenters to kill themselves in the comment section here:

“Do the world a favour and kill yourself you piece of shit.”

“Supreme Gentleman” – just a fucking incel. Kill yourself you useless sack of shit. Fuck you.

You’re just a fucking cowardly, racist, homophobic incel hiding behind the anonymity of the internet. Show your face you piece of shit. Own your hateful comments otherwise you’re just an incel coward. Fuck you, fucking cunt. You haven’t got the balls to show yourself because you know you’ll get fuckin killed. Fucking loser.

That’s some tolerant stuff, folks. We know these are leftists because all the left’s favorite buzzwords are there. These comments were in reply to very reasonable posts so once again we see how angry and hateful letfists are. We’ve been seeing it with Alexandra Mayers for a decade. It’s a double standard where they want to spout off as much hate as they feel like, death threats and invitations for suicide while expecting nice comments in return. Let’s also remember that hateful homosexual Jaxton Wheeler encouraged August Ames to swallow cyanide and eventually pushed her to hang herself simply because she said she did not feel comfortable working with homosexuals. And she was right as there is one HIV breakout after another, always caused by gays.

As for Hix trying to guilt trip felipealou into trying to get her forum thread taken down by calling herself suicidal, she can go fuck herself. Her fans have proven here that leftist fag hags will always have way more support than straights do. Just for the record, PWL also never encourages anyone to harm themselves while you see by the posts above, we get invited to off ourselves every day.

1 Comment on "“Tolerant” leftist Emma Hix fans to PWL: “Do the world a favour and kill yourself you piece of shit.”"

  1. Leftism is the 21st century mass plague!

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