TJ Hart confirms Derek Hay is a gay escort

TJ Hart has told PWL and affiliates several times about Derek Hay aka Ben English’s gay porn and his being an escort in San Fransisco and his past as a gay hustler. She has told many stories about how Derek use to be a gogo dancer at gay clubs and gay escort and how he prefers trannies over women and men.

True story! No exaggeration!

TJ Hart spoke about being Derek “girlfriend” during his early porn career when he was hustling old fags in Northern California and commuting to Los Angeles on a regular basis.


Feel free to give TJ Hart a call to confirm our story at:

(815) 758-7972

After some research we found TJ Hart did 3 BI scene’s with Derek where he fucks a guy in the ass, gets his dick sucked by a fag AND stares into his eyes while he jerks off for 2 min. to cum on the dudes face.

Wow! Derek Hay of LA Direct Models is really a queer!

No surprise to the folks at PWL. Why? Because queers are always the most competitive, greedy and vindictive cunts in the universe.

As is Derek Gay.

Given these facts, it makes sense that Derek Hay has attempted to force his gay agenda on the straight porn business.

To see Derek in full action and watch him smile away at his gay partner sucking his cock but be sure to watch it to the end when they show Derek Hay’s face of joy. Click  here:

Derek Gay in action


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