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Timmy Von Swine is really hurting

Porn good guy Tim Von Swine is in a bad place according to his blog, Belligerent Purity ~ winning at losing…….

One depressing recent blog entry:

Something donned on me a couple-few years back, but it didn’t sink in like it’s sinking in of late. I’m in my late 40’s and am soon to start looking for a new job outside of porno. Other than cleaning pools, I have NO job experience that will mean a damn thing on paper. And what’s worse?.. I have not ONE person I can use as a reference for what I’ve been doing for the past 15 years….

So hear I am, nearly 50, totally out of shape mentally & physically, and am looking for ‘labor’ based employment since I don’t have a Hi-School diploma or GED equivalent. There’s a technical term for my current situation I have going on, it’s called ‘TOTALLY FUCKED’…lol. I shouldn’t be laughing at this,.. it’s brutal. It’s been terrifying me the past few months too, making it almost impossible to chop scenes, so now my stores are failing,.. and they’re my only income now that I’ve separated completely from Mike since August.

This isn’t going to end pretty… or, I get the feeling this is all going to snafu beyond my ability to recover… Whatevs,.. just wanted to throw this out there before I go over the falls in this wooden barrel.

See, twats like Alexandra Mayers can just move back home and shack up with mama but that isn’t the case with most people. Do you still want to claim that you are oppressed, Mayers? Few have it as easy as you.

If anyone has any work for Mr. Von Swine, you can contact him here:


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