The reason of the suicide attempt of Honey Gold

Honey Gold probably tried to commit a suicide because she was forced to fuck these Fags:

Ryan Driller, Faghags (Jessica Drake, Morgan Lee) and Straight Pornactors (Eric Masterson, Isiah Maxwell) in an Orgy:

Chad White:

Michael Vegas:

Johny Castle:


NOTE FROM MOD: All these whores that kill themselves or try to kill themselves its always the same story!Britsih pompous faggot Gay porn gogo dancer closet faggot gay suitcase pimp Derek Andrew Hay aka Ben English of LA Direct Models in Los Angeles California forced them to take drugs and fuck faggots and threatened them he would ruin them in porn and ruin there life telling there families if not. He has done this for decades and is protected by the Fagafornia gay mafia and will never get in trouble for it. #FACT

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