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The Real Mike South

On March 13th Mike south decided to make a blog post about me under his Stripper stories section on . He rudely calls me a dumb bitch, among other things; Which is pretty funny considering the proof I’m showing shows the items were never delivered to anyone, as it busted in transit and was sent back to Mr. South. Mr. South still has not even given UPS his address to get the items, as they are already in Georgia . The address he says I gave him doesn’t even exist, as the numbers on the street only go up to 2100. He also fails to mention the girl girl scene I shot with Lindsey Lovehands, that was supposed to be sent to me with my company tanning items. He has yet to pay me for the scene or return my content to me as he promised per the pic of the email he sent me acknowledging the situation. This man makes a living off of blasting others for the same things that he himself does to girls that work with him. Then, won’t even post the rebuttal with clear proof that he is lying to simply drum up business for his dwindling blog site. Surely, a Man of his stature has better stories than posting one of what he calls, a, “Dumb Bitch” But, I digress. All I wanted was help with my site from someone I thought I could trust, what I got was the real Mike South.

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