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The Monica Foster/Alexandra Mayers blogs should CEASE here on PWL

My fellow PWL associates,

Please see to it that the Foster/Mayers articles slow to a crawl here or cease entirely. The PWL community does not want to read about a washed up has been and she has been given way more than her 15 minutes. In fact, she has been given attention for over NINE. FUCKING. YEARS since her uninspiring porn career came to halt. That is too long.

Friends, she is in desperation mode. The walls are closing in. She is 40 in a few months, she has nothing to show for it. She lives with her mother. She has no prospects for jobs, careers, an apartment of her own or romantic relationships. Our wonderful President #45 is in office and doing great and she can’t stand it and he will be there 6 more years. She has already lost at life. Why kick this sack of shit any longer?

She is in the hole for over one hundred and sixty grand for libeling a woman. This means nothing she says can be trusted. Court documents prove Ms. Mayers word means nothing. She is a liar and a libeler. A total fraud.

Stop reading her social media and her lies. PWL is her only audience as her Twitter followers are fake and she gets no YouTube views. Should she read PWL or the social media of Donny Long and harass his family and make creepy comments, well, that makes her the stalker then doesn’t it? Especially if Donny ceases to mention her as has been the case the past few days with him being offline and busy. What kind of creepy loser stalks a man and his young wife and 2 small children? What kind of trash attacks the appearance of a man’s wife? The same kind of trash that attacks our wonderful First Lady.

Let Mayers fade away and die off a lonely and unfulfilled old woman. She is asking for massive health problems by putting out bad karma and committing hate crimes. She may not have problems today or tomorrow but she will topple over one day soon and be a fat old maid, stricken with diabetes, high blood pressure, possible cancer and may even suffer a stroke or heart attack. Her diet is not good. She doesn’t get enough exercise and gets no sex. It is coming, friends. And when it does, the problems will be many.

Additionally, one of our associates has been in contact with some authorities that assure us that PWL is in no danger from Mayers’s threats of legal action. PWL is in the clear. Mayers can not hurt this site nor take it down. Mayers is a fake and a drama queen. Her “court documents” aren’t fit to be used as toilet paper. Let her continue her posturing. Don’t play her game.

Let’s work together to close the book on this miserable old maid and let’s do that today.

-PWL Staff

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