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VIDEO: THE END OF DEREK HAY? Derek Andrew hay of LA Direct Models taking it up the ass because of Donny Long and PWL Army and much more to come

DID I MENTION WE HAVE NOT EVEN GOT STARTED YET? LOL For those that dont know was created and born because of British gay pimp Derek Andrew Hay of LA Direct Models to target him and his illegal business of abusing models and forcing them to work with and fuck his homosexual boyfriends that he pimps into straight porn from gay porn.

He has driven countless girls to suicide that are now dead and this keeps happening on a almost monthly basis and it never stops. started out as which was moved here. When it was we threatened all of the Derek Hay’s Models that if they didn’t leave there agent that we would release there real names and we did. Models that did leave Derek and his LA Direct Models we didn’t release there real names. When the site was taken to the next level and moved here to in a attempt to put Derek in jail or out of business we targeted the whole straight porn industry and AIM healthcare the testing clinic for the porn biz.

We told the whole industry that directors, photographers, producers, models and anyone and everyone connected to straight porn that if they didn’t take Derek Hay out of business that we would release the real names of everyone in the business onto over 15k wiki pages and we did! This war against Derek has been going on for over a decade now of trying to take out the trash that is closet homo Derek hay.

Over the years we have predicted many things that would happen to the business that these homosexuals would cause including the now condom law in affect in California and more! We have said countless times and proven it that homosexuals like Derek Hay that pimp homos into straight porn and force girls to fuck these homos would cause the industry to be banned all together and we still say it. Derek hay needs to be behind bars where he belongs and anyone and everyone in The Gay Mafia!

Anyways back in 2011 Donny Long did a phone interview with Dan Przygoda the same producer from ABC NBC NEWS THAT JUST DID A DOCUMENTARY ABOUT DEREK HAYS CRIMES AND IN THE INTERVIEW FROM 2011 DONNY TALKS about the business and gays and gay pimp Derek hay and everything in the newest Doc is in the Interview with Donny from 2011! Dan wanted to get Donny on video while Donny lived in Thailand and fly him to Ney York all expenses paid but Donny refused to come to USA on camera on the matter! Dan Przygoda and Donny been in contact ever since and Donny helped Dan with the Documentary. You can say Donny caused it and thank Donny, Derek! Here it is from 2011:

Now back in 2016 or so a few years ago Donny Long did a whole video about this again and more here:

Now lets fast forward to 2019 and see the the NBC documentary about Derek Hay’s crimes and abuse by Dan Przygoda and ask yourself who caused this? AHHAHAHA


Anyways I wanted to mention that TLC and Dave and karen were wrongful brought into all of this and they have no connections to this crap.

Remember the starting days of and when it turned into and when we wrote post after post telling girls that there agents contract were not legal and told them to go to California labor board? Search through the keyboard “Derek” on the forum and start at the last page and work your way to today! then go on our front page blog and search “Labor” starting at the last page and work your way forward!

Shit just search through 19 pages of keyword “Derek”

Now fast forward to the future and whats coming! Stay tuned! Much fun times ahead!


If Derek Hay is not taken down soon this time once and for all the WHOLE industry will get to suffer AGAIN soon but this time much worse! We did it before and will do it AGAIN. This time maybe a nice video about all these videos and explaining to models with any agent how they can go to the labor board and file a complaint and then win and get all money back a agent has ever charged them just like Derek’s 4 victims did and also get out of there illegal contracts! Agents I suggest you all ban together and take Derek down once and for all or its going to hurt you all. We are going to start just like we did in 2011 by targeting and contacting each and ever LA Direct Model Derek hay girl and then if Derek is not done we will go agency by agency and come after your girls next!



Here are Derek’s current 50 models:

Anissa Kate

Anissa Kate

Best Foreign Female, Performer of the Year – AVN 2014


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