The GDP forum nerds that pop up on our forum every now and then and make derogatory comments about how this site “Sold out” to GDP can just place their bids to this site and if their offer beats GDP, maybe that forum will be brought back. We all know that will never happen. GDP did what any smart entity did and paid the bull before the bull could gouge them with his horns. Now GDP is a friend of this site and of our sister site, AdultFYI.COM. There is no be NO negative discussion involving GDP or PWL here. The GDP forum here was indeed legendary but that time has past. And frankly, when we did offer that forum we had way too many complaints towards the end that the forum was losing steam and not posting juicy info. Be careful what you wish for, fellas. It is time for you to move on and find another interest. Even the most stubborn PWL trolls have moved on from this site in 2016 and now it is your time to exit stage left and leave this site to do what it does best and what it was intended for – Names and info of PORN STARS. Not amateurs, not cam whores, not some dude’s girlfriend that he’s trying to get back at and not stupid off topic bullshit. We pretty much don’t give a fuck about male performers either. The forum here is probably as on topic as it has ever been and we’d like to keep it that way. And that’s that.

Clean up on aisle 1, faggots take over the PWL general forum!

What’s it going to take to clean up the mess from the gays and the bored trolls who wrecked the general forum over the past few days with dick pics and topics that have nothing to do with porn? Maybe worstnightmare should revise the rules. Just because ‘The only rule is don’t bash straight male porn gods’ does that mean the forum should be open to dick pic posters and assholes that don’t watch porn and use it as their own personal playground? There’s a ‘Dump Your Gaygent Here’ forum that describes its content as ‘Post your Junk here Spam or Useless Garbage or Self Promotion or Off Topic Shit’ that all this garbage should be relocated to and where ‘Eddie Dzial’ and pals should take their ongoing drama to. Most people that visit PWL do it for discussion about female performers. Male performer threads are necessary once in awhile but the PWL general forum has been fagged up but good lately. How about revising the rules and banning dick pics from the general forum or REQUIRING a warning in the title of threads containing dick pics? This all seems so Mark Spieglerish. Would not be surprised if he was paying these trolls to take the forum as far off topic as possible after he recently got hammered here for the 10,756th time and now that this site has declared war on his “models.”

To our Members, Trolls, Fags, or Fags pretending to be members

LISTEN UP! Someone posted some true facts on our forum:”tompkins is just a degenerate that doesn’t pay his bills, a real scumbag that wants to be in porn circles because porn is full of low-lives like him. how fucked up does someone have to be if fucking mark spiegler, mike south and fucking christian are your idols? jesus. that alone is reason enough not to give a shit about the pathetic sack of shit. ok, he hacked this site and stole the name to use on his crappy site, he wrote some cheesy, unfunny articles about donny but so what? at the end of the day who is he? a big fat no one.”

I WANT TO SAY FIRST OF ALL NO ONE EVER HACKED OUR SITE OR SHUT IT DOWN. Second I want to say Donny Long or any other super porn straight god has every right and is encouraged to come here and kick a faggot or a gay mafia supporter. Fags are still ruining the straight porn industry and spreading HIV to straights and fanboi or not that faggot scumbag Sean Matthew Tompkins is part of the gay mafia and also likes to try and kick Donny so Donny and his fans give him a pounding here. If you dont like it get the fuck off our site. This site is about kicking and exposing the gay mafia and its supporters which fanboi fagkins is a loud mouth homosexual supporter.

Also to people saying he is not relevant in porn anymore he is very much so because he owns which happens to be the largest adult job site and agency on the net with over 400 porn stars.

Donny Long and PWL always wins so keep up the good work Donny.