What did Monica Foster want Tristan Stadtmuller agree to in Mediation?

Well Monica Foster sure won’t talk about it, so I think that it would make a good posting. It turns out that Fostard wanted Stadtmuller to agree not to communicate with Donny Long (despite him being a grown man & he can communicate with whoever he wants), but most of all, she wanted him to agree that he wouldn’t get involved in the lawsuit against her! Wow, that really says a lot! Especially since Randazza has been getting depositions from people to testify against Foster (Sean Tompkins recently went to Vegas to provide his against her), and yet no one is testifying on behalf of Foster. I’m sorry, Desi Foxx submitted an idiotic affidavit that got tossed out of court for being stupid and Foxx lying that she trains law enforcement in sex trafficking. Of course Stadtmuller didn’t agree to neither, he just agreed that he wouldn’t talk to her directly, but he didn’t agree that he wouldn’t talk about her. Foster also agreed that she wouldn’t talk to Stadtmuller directly, of course, if she creates any of her fake accounts on harasses him, she still violates it. Wow Foster, you’re truly winning!!!!

Tristan Stadtmuller is within his civil rights talking about Monica Foster

According to the retarded logic of Monica Foster, freedom of speech only works one way, & it’s the way that benefits her slanderous & stalking ass.

Tristan Stadtmuller agreed not to talk to Monica Foster directly during MEDIATION, but he never agreed that he wouldn’t stop talking about her. Stadtmuller speaks the truth when he wants people that Goster is a psycho & a failed hooker. He warned team Jenna, but they ignored him only to realize the truth about her themselves about a month later & they 86 Foster from their social group.

Foster is a public figure! So Stadtmuller is within civil rights of making fun of her because she says stupid shit and she does stupid shit! Stadtmuller has never slandered Foster in any way, everything that he has ever said about her is true and he backs it up! Foster on the other hand twist facts around and other shit! Who is being sued for defamation & in $167G in debt?

Stadtmuller is within his civil rights using Foster’s pictures because it’s covered under Fair Use. He needs to put the face to the woman who stalks people and tries to ruin people’s lives.

As we all know, Stadtmuller backs ups his shit with what he says about Foster and he’s within his civil rights. Foster can call it stalking all that she wants, but she’ll NEVER stand in front of a judge with him nor get the cops on him.

Tristan Stadtmuller vs Monica Foster

Back in December of 2015 of the same day that Monica Foster had her hearing for her motion to strike the lawsuit against her (which she lost) she had filed for a temporary protection order against Tristan Stadtmuller. She made false allegations against him for stalking, harassment, etc.

The court requested for the case to go into mediation, but Monica Foster declined.

Tristan Stadtmuller appeared in person, but Monica Foster was a NO SHOW!!!

This helps prove that Monica Foster is full of shit with what she publishes about him by writing her shitty blogs that he’s a sex trafficker, pimp, a well-known stalker, hates women, etc. if Monica Foster really could prove all of that, then she would of had no problem appearing in court that day and presenting her evidence to the judge.

Monica Foster has proven, not just with this, but with others like Donny Long, that she post libel and defames people in order to ruin their lives and reputations and that she has no guts to face them in court. Foster has failed twice to get the lawsuit against her dropped and she went as far as filing an idiotic pleading to the court that Randazza is trying to sex traffic her to court. I’m sure that the judge had a good time laughing about that!

Here’s a question for Foster, why won’t she post this on her shit site, www.removedbymod.com? Is it because that it proves that all of her postings about Stadtmuller are false and defamatory?


Dr. Phil is interested in having Monica Foster on his show

Hey Foster,

It turns out that Tristan Stadtmuller had contacted the Dr. Phil show to confront you up there in front of millions of people watching! They’re interested in having you both on, especially with ALL the wonderful things that he had told them about you and shown them about you.

I know that you’re a coward who hides behind the computer all the time talking shit, getting peoples accounts deleted for talking shit about (even when it’s true) and other bull shit. Well, I had contacted Dr. Phil’s show and I had told them ALL about you! How you failed as a hooker, how your family wants nothing to do with you, how you praise Hitler, beg for a husband on Twitter, and etc.

I’m posting up here because I know that you LOVE to use this website so much to try to make yourself look like a victim. Well, the producers of the show are trying to contact you. You have no excuse good enough no to appear. I’ll even pay your travel. But you finally have the chance to bring all of your BS about me and the porn biz and Donny Long in front of a live audience with about a million people at home watching.

If you refuse to go on this show, it will prove that you’re a coward who hides at home and that you’re nothing more but a keyboard warrior. 2015 is the end of Monica Foster. For all of us who have been victimized by you, we are all teaming up together to get you discredited and embarrassed.


Monica foster crackhead

Tristan Stadtmuller is a Sex Trafficker

Tristan Stadtmuller is a sex trafficker here in Vegas and he is going to have his ass professionally kicked! He hides behind the internet, he is a pervert and cries all the time about not getting laid. He is trying to run a fake porn company which is completely not legit. He is a mall cop and works at a casino as security. He likes to hide behind screens and watch people. He is hateful, look at his twitter for God sakes, he just hates on people, no love in his heart whatsoever. He is disgusting. Their are a lot of people after him, a restraining order against him, and still, hate hate hate from him, always picking fights. He’s going to end up in a ditch in the desert right outside Vegas. Watch and see. Pictures will be posted online and video of him crying for his life after it is done. Which casino you in Stadtmuller? I know he is reading this, he has nothing better to do. Girls, run from this professional faggot. He never served in the marines, he is a troll online, and once you meet him and hang with him, he will never let you go ever or he will do a million youtube videos on you crying about why you dont want to fuck him. Hilarious. Saddest guy in the industry. Police are onto him. Just waiting for his next move so he can be arrested. He is blacklisted in the Porn industry. Good thing he has a job jerking off behind a small tv screen at a casino staring at the ass that comes in. He is a predator, looking for girls to do his fake ass movies and shit. Bust this bitches cap hard core. All the hate in the world coming down on this shithead. Sex trafficker. I live on the strip, so I will run into him soon.