Fake Doctor Porn Hooker Drug Addict Sharon Mitchell Stole $371,000 And Xbiz fags lie

After reading this story below put out by xbiz you will tonice that not only does Fake Doctor Porn Hooker Drug Addict Sharon Mitchell Steele and ripped people off for over $371,000 she pocked instead of paying but also that all the fags and fag hags at Xbiz lie. Not one thing after pornwikileaks.com or the fact that pornwikileaks.com caused all this is mentioned. lol read below.

AIM Records Willfully Destroyed in Midst of Bankruptcy, Class-Action Suit

WOODLAND HILLS, Calif. — from www.xbiz.com – Patient files and financial records used during the business operations of AIM Medical Associates were “willfully destroyed,” a bankruptcy trustee says.

The trustee assigned to oversee the AIM bankruptcy said that all of the testing clinic’s records, stored at a Public Storage locker in Sherman Oaks, Calif., were destroyed in March.

AIM, the primary performer-testing facility for years led by former porn star Sharon Mitchell, filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in May 2011, listing $3,500 in assets and $371,000 in liabilities, primarily owed to laboratories it worked with and legal counsel.

AIM’s patient files and financial records were being stored at the locker in preparation for litigation targeting adult entertainment producers who used the clinic and signed indemnity agreements with the clinic, the trustee says.

The pending legal action against adult producers centers around an unnamed performer who filed a class-action claim in 2011 against AIM for violating the California Medical Information Act, unfair and deceptive trade practices and the public disclosure of private facts.

“The complaint alleged that [AIM], in connection with the online portal … violated numerous federal and state laws by disclosing the test results to the producers without the necessary consent/release/waiver of the performers,” the trustee says.

The trustee, in a motion to the bankruptcy court, said that he was to employ special counsel to sue adult producers using AIM’s database based upon the indemnity agreements.

Identities of an untold number of targeted producers were not revealed in the trustee’s statements to the court, but the trustee is considering an XBIZ request to acquire that information.

The funds anticipated from settlements or judgments would be substantial to pay off performer claims because the trustee anticipated that punitive damages would be available based upon the “willful violation of state and federal laws.”

AIM several years ago created an online database to provide producers performer-test results, but the clinic did not have consent from the adult actors, the trustee said.

To go online and see performer-test results, “producers paid a fee and entered into an indemnity agreement whereby the producers agreed to indemnify [AIM] for any claims resulting from the unlawful/unintended disclosure of confidential test results,” the trustee said.­­­­­­­

“These documents, including the indemnity agreements, were maintained by AIM as part of its books and records and were placed in storage at the facility owned, maintained and operated by [Public Storage].”

With the patient files and financial records now destroyed, the trustee anticipates that a substantial cost will be incurred in recreating the destroyed records.

The trustee has asked for a $1 million bond be put up by Public Storage because employees, specifically the district manager, at the facility were aware of the trustee’s earlier order that the contents of the locker were not to be removed or destroyed.

The trustee has asked the bankruptcy court to hold Public Storage in civil contempt and order the storage giant to compensate for re-creation of the evidence.

Public Storage counsel did not return XBIZ calls for comment.

A hearing over the bond issue will be held at U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Woodland Hills, Calif., on Oct. 23.

What happened to Sharon Mitchell the fake doctor Crack Whore?

After pornwikileaks exposed Sharon Mitchell as the fake doctor Crack Whore running an illegal clinic and released all her doctors office database of patients and put her out of business what happen to her? Is she even alive? Did she go back to shooting up and hooking? Is she secretly behind one of these new fag businesses in straight porn? Is she helping her girlfriend Diane Duke with ripping off industry peeps through the FSC? You remember the “Free Speech Coalition” the one that tried and silence and sue PWL lol.



File:Aim heathcare closed because of porn wiki leaks.jpg

HIV Alert, Nacho Vidal is back in town – Pimped by gay pimp Derek Hay

Another trannyfucker Nacho Vidal is back in town and of course repped by Lord Derek Gays. Odd that Vidal is back after Christianx got kicked out of his gig at Naughty America and that the HIV testing situation is out of whack. Nacho will be filling vaginas and assholes with his HIV sperm to finish porn off as we know it. The FSC might as well start buying anti-retrovirals in bulk, unless Diane Dike and Sharon Mitchell have drained the treasury to take their pussy munching pandering parade on the road. We need the PWL Army to throw Nacho out of the country before he infects everyone.

His tranny fucking partner Belladonna is repped by Gay rapist Mark Spiegler-what a shock. He has a huge rep as a Brazilian trannyfucker throughout the whole industry. He claims he never fucked the trannies himself but was just in threesomes with them with a chick (Belladonna) as a “gift” to his homo fans. Our wiki photo of him is hilarious. Notice how the porn media talks about him like his performing abilities are legendary. He’s just a gay mope

Discuss Nacho Vidals gay porn hazard here

Diane Duke and Sharon Mitchell fail at scamming people AGAIN!!

We have some interesting things unfolding after Diane Duke from the Free Speech Coalition and her lawyers wanted to shut down Pornwikileaks.com After they made a public statement about wanting to take PWL’s free speech rights away, and PWL found out why. It turns out the FSC had had funded $13,000 dollars for AIM health care when they opened and that Sharon Mitchell is Diane Duke’s not only friend but secret business partner.

Diane Duke can't get enough of your money

So after AIM healthcare went out of business and closed due to several lawsuits coming their way all of a sudden the FSC is now trying to get control of all the money again.. It doesn’t stop there, now not only are the FSC trying to gain control of the money porn talent spends on HIV testing,  they are trying to rip off talent and producers and charge $20 dollars more than AIM was charging for these tests ($150 total) and $40 more than Talent Testing Service is currently charging! They also want to charge a $50 dollar a year pocket fee to join some dumb organization they’re trying to form.

Get this, they also want to charge each producer $250 dollars a month. AIM tried to do this and failed. Everyone shared the passwords. If the government is not looking into the money laundering, scams and extortion that these drug addict bull dykes are doing, then something is terribly wrong.

It’s $250 PER MONTH for Producers that are not FSC members. $150 per month if you are a member. Are they fucking crazy?

Why does the porn business even need this service? Porn performer STD status should no longer be in the hands of these tyrants. They have proven they  cannot secure test data or personal information. Nor do they care about doing so.

If the FSC cared about YOUR personal information they would implement a new system instead of regurgitating the same failed program that didn’t work for AIM.

PWL did not release ANY medical information or STD test data. PWL ONLY released real names. PWL has been falsely accused by mainstream media of releasing medical information. It never happened.

All the FSC cares about is getting the money back that they lost when AIM closed.

Porn performer testing dollars is the LIFEBLOOD of the FSC vampires. Without it they too will die.

It’s time to put a fork in the FSC. Without the support of performers and studios, they are done.

The FSC doesn’t deserve the porn industry’s money.

The FSC vampires want your money!

Below are some comments from director/producer Justdavexxx, who is really someone on the inside of the business, unlike jokes like Mike South and Spiegler. JustDaveXXX shoots hundreds of performers every year for all the big porn companies. He has his own studio.

Justdavexxx sums it up on GFY:

“Rob no disrespect to you, but my gripe and disagreement is with FSC and the bullshit agenda that they are ‘trying’ to push on the adult industry is a strait insult. They want all of this money, annual fees, monthly producer fees and all that they are going to do is point you to an adult friendly clinic (because they don’t have one) and put all of the talents information into a data base and make bank. I already can get tested and get access to a talent data base for $110 per test with out my performers paying a $50 annually and me paying $250 per month producer fees for access to talents tests online. Now RedRob, I do understand that you get paid for giving us this information and I do not hold any of this against you. You seem like a good guy, but with the numbers I, and others have posted here what makes more sense to you? FSC’s bullshit, completely laughable idea of testing in the future? Or Talent Testing which is already in place for $110 per test, with No $50 Annual talent fees and no $250 per month producers fees? How can FSC be this dumb!! I truly believe that they have no idea that talent testing exists. I’m thinking that FSC thinks that there is no other game in town and feels they can charge what they want. What pissed me off the most is not the price but the intentions of the prices per test and all of the monthly producers dues and annual dues attached to it. I do know one thing and that is when I shoot anal, I use lube.”

JustDaveXXX continues on GFY:

“Fair warning to you guys at FSC; I work a lot and deal with talent day in and day out, one thing I do know is that if you charge more than $110 you will fail before you start. And as far as me being on GFY and complaining, I can do that all day long. Because at the end of the day, I already have a place to get my talent tested and it only costs me $110. Its fast, its reliable and it already works. Before I go to any type of meeting and waste my time, I want to know what the fees are going to be to get my talent tested. Keep in mind, I don’t need to convince you, you guys need to convince me. I got another option. Best advice I can give you guys; charge $95, have the tests available the next day and you wont even need a meeting, everyone will just come.”

But this is the porn industry. No one wants to come. They just want to cum.

IF you need HIV or STD testing, go to Talent Testing Service.

Fuck the FSC.

Discuss this post here: FSC is fucked!!

Three people show to Free Speech Coalition’s “Industry Wide” meeting

Diane Duke is a real party animal.

No doubt when the Free Speech Coalition closes up shop after failing to organize the pool of porn performers in the adult industry, she has a great future promoting and planning parties and events.

The Free Speech Coalition, aka Fag Speech Coalition, held an “Industry Wide” meeting on Thursday, May 26, 2011.

Three people showed. Chrisitianx, Nina Hartley, and Jules Jordan.

Perhaps this is because no one cares? Where was Derek Hay? Where was Mark Spiegler?

Maybe it’s because no one trusts the FSC after realizing that they were behind and profiting from AIM Healthcare and their shoddy handling of patient data.

AIM Healthcare kept a database of performers testing history, real name and stage names and ID numbers in a public online database for years after people left the business. AIM made sure EVERYONE in the adult business had a password and for anyone else passwords were freely traded inside the industry.

Why would AIM keep all that testing history and information available online? Why wouldn’t they limit the amount of testing history available? Or allow only performers to see and share the info with whom they see fit?

We’ll never know because Diane Duke‘s fall gal, Sharon Mitchell, has gone into hiding. No doubt Sharon Mitchell is advising Diane Duke and the FSC on how to pull off this latest scam.

Free Speech Coalition: It's a joke, right?

No doubt the FSC is freaking out that they have lost their stranglehold on the business through their cash cow AIM Healthcare.

Who is going to fund the FSC if some form of Talent Testing Service can’t be implemented that they can control?

From their press release:

“Free Speech Coalition (FSC) is calling all industry stakeholders to a meeting to preview plans for Adult Production Health & Safety Services (APHSS). Performers, producers, agents and other industry members that are concerned with STD testing protocols and workplaces safety are encouraged to attend. Media also will be allowed to attend.”

Wow! Three people showed up.

I guess the entire Adult Industry just can’t wait to give the FSC control of their personal and medical information again?

Kind of ironic that the FSC’s Twitter account is @fscarmy.

Looks like this is a war the Free Speech Coalition is going to lose.

Discuss this post here: http://pornwikileaks.com/forum/showthread.php?t=70708

AIM Closed, Gay Mafia going down, Derek Hay’s models are next

(Discuss this post here:  AIM Closed, Gay Mafia going down, Derek Hay’s models are next)

The first pillar of the porn industry’s Gay Mafia has fallen.

Who's pulling the strings?

AIM healthcare has closed for good among lawsuits and claims of leaked data that will have the owners of AIM filing for bankruptcy protection to protect the money its principals have already made off the porn industry’s roster of cock sucking, crossover, “lay down and take it in the ass” talent.

Is it true that AIM was started by a $13,000 loan to Sharon Mitchell from a bull dyke named Diane Duke that runs the Free Speech Coalition?

At its height AIM serviced upwards of 1,500 adult performers monthly; grossing in the neighborhood of $200,000 per month.

How much of that money went into the pockets of Diane Dyke, oops, Diane Duke and the Free Speech Coalition?

Why do you think Diane Duke is going after that money now in her attempt to form a porn performer “union’ that regulates and administers HIV testing?

$100,000 or more per month is a lot of money to let slip away with the closing of AIM.

It IS true that AIM Healthcare knew about Porn Wiki Leaks release of porn star real names for months but did not comment or take note until it became mainstream news.

It IS true that AIM calmly planned to reopen as PWL released real names and cared not one bit about the release of real names until mainstream news forced them to respond.

AIM healthcare deserves to be closed. Their reckless use of medical data and failure to keep industry crossovers from infecting the straight porn industry proved them worthless.

Porn is lucky to be legal at all in Southern California. Thanks to the liberal film industry and a lot of failed actors, models, and directors, the porn industry has been allowed to thrive under the guise that it is NOT prostitution.

But we all know money for sex IS prostitution and THAT is why no one will EVER take down PWL for calling porn stars, “WHORES and HOOKERS!!”

Sometime in the late 1980’s Los Angeles prosecutors attempted to shut down the porn industry based on the fact that money is exchanged for sex and therefore the porn industry is nothing more than “filming the criminal act of prostitution.”

The porn industry wasn’t “legalized” as much as it was “not made illegal.”

The porn industry was allowed to continue under a favorable interpretation of the first amendment. The problem with this narrow victory for the porn industry is it left the industry wide open to attacks in the future.

What does PWL mean by this?

When you have an industry that is barely legal (pun intended) and pushing pseudo underage porn on the masses while parodying Hollywood blockbusters in idiotic, unfunny parodies; and you add to that that 90% of the performers in the industry are currently active in illegal acts of prostitution (prostitution is STILL ILLEGAL in case you didn’t know) and you add to that agents like Derek Hay, pimping girls and laundering the profits through their agencies (LA Direct Models,) etc.

These things make for a thin line that the porn industry is treading upon. A very thin and illegal line. At this point the porn industry becomes very open to attacks based on interpretations of laws.

Remember, the porn industry is only legal because of a favorable “interpretation” of the first amendment. But other laws require interpretation too; Cal-OSHA guidelines for example.

When you have an industry based on very flimsy victories and interpretations, the legality of the business and its permission to continue operates “by agreement.”

In other words, it is allowed to continue because the majority of citizens “agree that it should be allowed to continue.”

Whether there is a vote put to ballot or not, citizens vote with their visa cards, and as long as porn appears to NOT be a public health risk, and fills the coffers of California, it will be allowed to continue.

This is where the problems begin and this is what Sharon Mitchell never seemed to understand.

With the economy failing, and online porn taking the majority of the porn industry dollars away from California coffers and into foreign tax shelters, any public perception of high risk or health hazards could make the porn industry an easy target for political attacks.

Enter AIDS Healthcare Foundation.

Sharon Mitchell failed to protect the porn industry and its performers from the high risk crossovers that caused the latest HIV breakout and will cause the next HIV breakout.

Sharon Mitchell failed to provide any way for the industry to deal with the vast amount of gay crossover performers brought into the industry and promoted by Derek Hay, owner of LA Direct models.

The Porn industry can’t afford more than about one HIV breakout every 10 years; especially with it’s “barely legal” status and constant illegal activity in the form of escorting and prostitution networks run through porn “agencies.”

Sharon Mitchell failed and she deserved to be put out of business. If AIM healthcare didn’t want to become a “target” perhaps they should not have chosen this image as their logo?

AIM logo

Now that porn and HIV are often mentioned in the same sentence, and performing is now considered high risk, look for attacks on all fronts from opportunistic organizations seeking to make political points or a quick laugh off the gay baboons of porn.

Enter Porn Wiki Leaks.

In the state of California, where true “free speech” does NOT exist and felatio will soon be taught in schools by gay teachers, the porn industry is casting a bad light on California’s “gay agenda.”

Because of the irresponsible high risk behavior encouraged by the power players of porn, it is, again, now commonly accepted that:


No one wants to say it.

And the Politically Correct media will NEVER say it.

Porn Wiki Leaks just said it.

And you can thank PWL for resurrecting the word “faggot” when speaking of the high risk gay crossovers that endanger the lives of many everyday.

Some people aren’t too GLAAD about that.

But you can REALLY thank Derek Hay, the gay pimp who runs the illegal prostitution and money laundering front known as LA Direct Models and The Luxury Companion, for systematically destroying the porn industry by advancing his gay agenda and supporting the pillars of his “Gay Mafia” (Diane Duke, AIM, Christianx, his gay male talent roster, etc.)

It is due to Derek Hay and his aggressive and illegal business practices that PWL has taken shape. Derek Hay has put many many “straight shooters” out of business, both performers, directors, and companies. He has fully endorsed and promoted “gay for pay” performers in straight porn (including gay escort work and high end privates) also allowing their participation in high risk gay, bi-sexual, and trans-sexual scenes with untested and often HIV positive scene partners.

If you don’t like Porn Wiki Leaks you can thank Derek Hay.

At what point does GLAAD and the REAL gay mafia decide that Derek Hay and his “gay for pay” roster are a liability and NOT forwarding the gay agenda of California’s elite?

As the pillars of the porn industry’s gay mafia begin to fall, the future of the porn industry is in question. We at Porn Wiki Leaks are removing the gay mafia “pillars” of the illegally run porn industry one by one.

“If you don’t like Porn Wiki Leaks you can thank Derek Hay.”

Derek Hay and LA Direct models and his roster of high end prostitutes is next.

The gay mafia has been under attack by Pornwikileaks.com since PWL began as derekandrewhay.com six months ago. PWL apparently struck a nerve as traffic and supporters grows daily.

What is the Gay Mafia you ask? It is anyone that is a high risk performer that works in the UNTESTED gay industry and then jumps the fence into the straight “TESTED” porn industry and risk the lives of straight performers.

Who else is in the gay mafia? ANYONE who does business with them or supports them.

PWL and our online army of members are here to put a stop to the gay mafia and their forcing of their homo agenda on straights.

Who are the biggest player leading the gay mafia?


Sharon Mitchell, Derek Hay, Naughty America, Christianx aka Christian Michael Wians, Diane Duke of the Free Speech Coalition and many more.

Sharon Mitchell the child porn performer and heroin addict with her mail-order doctor degree lost her company.

AIM Healthcare and was put out of business by Pornwikileaks.com due to her being a part of and supporting the gay mafia and Porn Wiki Leaks took her pillar down.

The media is reporting that AIM is gone due to the AHF but they had little to do with it.

PWL took her out and she is only one of many more pillars of the gay mafia that will fall.

ANYONE and EVERYONE that supports and or helps the gays that work in untested gay porn and jump the fence into straight porn will fall.

Our next target is Derek Gay, oops, Derek Hay from LA Direct Models and his roster of gay loving HOOKERS and WHORES.

Also, Diane Dyke, oops, Diane Duke from FSC, Trannyfuckerxxx, oops I mean Christianxxx and all his crossover butt pirate HIV loving friends.

How did PWL take out AIM Healthcare and how will it take out Derek Hay and the rest of the gay mafia ? Its simple, by telling the TRUTH.

We released nothing more than real names of porn stars which caused AIM to go out of business due to rumors that the names came from Sharon Mitchell. The sad thing is over 16,000 porn stars information had to go public for AIM to fall.

Derek Hay is a former San Francisco gay escort, gay porn star,  gay go-go dancer, and crossover performer aka Ben English. He is also an illegal gay pimp that operates the prostitution front known as LA Direct Models and hooking prostitution network known as The Luxury Companion.

We at Porn Wiki Leaks hereby call on the PWL army of members to update every single one of LA Direct Models wiki pages with as much info as possible on these gay-loving illegal hookers and to also tweet all their fans and families all the info, including a warning to them about law enforcement and their illegal prostitution activities, drug use, etc.

Tell them PWL sent you.

Whores and pimps can’t make money doing their illegal prostitution if their Johns are scared to do business with them.

What we nned is to do nothing more than expose the truth to make this pillar fall.

Follow the money and take it away and this pillar will fall just like Sharon Mitchell did.

Here is a list of current models on LA Direct Models website:

Addie Juniper, Addison Oriley, Adriana Sephora, Aleksa Nicole, Alektra Sky, Alexia Rae, Alexis Amore, Alexis Love, Alexis Texas, Allie Haze, Amy Brooke, Angelina Valentine, Ann Marie Rios, Annie Lee, April ONeil, Ash Hollywood, Ashton Marie, Asphyxia Noir, Athena Pleasures, Ava Devine, Ava Addams, Bella Rose, Blake rose, Brandy Talore, Breanne Benson, Brittany Harper, Brooklyn Lee, Brynn Tyler, Cali Lee, Candy manson, Capri Anderson, Carina Roman, Cassandra Cruz, Charisma Cappelli, Charity Bangs, Charity Love, Chloe Reece Ryder, Courtney Cummz, Daisy Marie, Daisy Cruz, Dani Jensen, Darla Crane, Diamond Foxxx, Eden Adams, Eden Von Sleaze, Evanni Solei, Faye Reagan, Gina Lynn, Gracie Glam, Heather Vahn, Indigo Augustine, Jackie Daniels, Jaelyn Fox, Jazy Berlin, Jenaveve Jolie, Jenna Presley, Jordan Kingsley, Joslyn James, Kagney Linn Karter, Katie Jordin, Kaylani Lei, Kerry Louise, Kimber Peters, Kirsten Price, Kita Zen, Krissy Lynn, Kylee King, Layden Sinn, Lela Star, Lexi belle, Lexi Swallow, Lylith LaVey, Mackenzee Pierce, Madison Fox, Maggie Green, Makayla Cox, Mallory Rae Murphy, Mary Carey, Mckenzee Miles McKenzie Lee, Melanie Rios, Michelle Maylene, Michelle Bombshell McGee, Missy Daniels, Misti Dawn, Misty Anderson, Monique Alexander, Nadia Hilton, Nella Jay, Nina Mercedez, Persia Pele, Phoenix Marie, Reagan Ross, Riley Evans, Riley Jensen, Rosemary Radeva, Sadie Swede, Sam Morgan / Samora, Sara Stone, Sara Jaymes, Sarah Jessie, Sarah Vandella / Sara Sloane, Sea J Raw, Sheena Ryder, Skylar Price, Sunny Leone, Taryn Thomas, Tasha Reign, Taylor Wane, Tori Black, Tory Lane, Tyler Faith, Vanessa Cage, Vanessa Veracruz, Vicki Chase, Yurizan Beltran

Please take these names above and start searching the PWL wiki for them and update them with any information you have about their past and present illegal activities.

Each wiki should have links to the girl’s twitter account, facebook, myspace etc… for easy contact of the models and their Johns.

Also, post any reviews of their hooking performances and escort profiles and what they charge for prostitution appointments, both UTR (Under the Radar) and through overpriced pimps like Derek Hay.

When enough of you work as a team and really pound on the issue we can get the industry cleaned up and Derek Hay SHUT DOWN.

We will also be exposing any Johns that use the prostitution services of ANY of these girls or LA Direct Models.

LA Direct Models will fall and Derek Hay will be put out of business.

Porn Wiki Leaks and the PWL army will make sure of it.

PWL is pissed...

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Former Porn Star Neesa aka Marcy Justine Greer responds to Porn Wiki Leaks

Neesa, the former porn star and controversial porn figure aka Marcy Justine Greer, posted the following on Porn Wiki Leaks forum yesterday. We are including her post word for word with all spelling and grammatical errors.

Neesa (pictured left)

You can respond to this post and read the posts leading up to it here.

You can Neesa’s wiki here.


Neesa’s post begin:

Neesa here..

This will b my first post here.SO I hope it goes through.I finally took the time out to read all the stuff on your site.Until just now,I was only aware of my wiki page.I am very happy that AIM got shut down.I had no idea who u were for or against. Besides my hate for Sharon Mitchell(SInce 2002.Before it was cool to hate her),I also hate Derek Hays for talking down/shouting at me on the phone and when I met him in person at a CALOSHA meeting,I hate Christianxxx bcause he too attacked me verbally at CALOSHA.Derek Hay is a pimp in my opinion,and needs to go back to his country.

Of course I hate max hardcore for obvious reasons,and Naughty America’s director who referred to me as ,”Women”,as appose to,”Neesa”.So I walked off the set and that’s when the guys on that set posted saying I am crazy.WHich I am,but I am not crazy 4 walking off a set w a controlling asshole.I think he was Russian.Brett? I won’t let anyone talk down to me,but especially someone who is not from my country.

I own up to everything..My being crazy,emotional,off and on meds.Nobody has me.I’m a self admitted fuck up.I don’t walk around like a porn Princess like os many others.I actually never did.There are not alot of porn actresses willing to name names of those they dislike.I do.There needs to be some corrections on my wiki.But this is long enough,when I get time I will giv u the correct info,such as dates of filming.If u choose to post,then do so.I am no longer angry bcause I did the best I could.I told u I wanted it down,u didn’t being my info down.I tried.I still feel like the strong women I am.I am so busy hating Joe Loughlin,max and others. My question to u is,why does AMA models advertise on my wiki? I took those pics to work for Girlzinc in 09.They were ready 2 book me,but I told Brian(WHo I never met) I was not willing to live in the L.A. Porn house.I don’t want to live/work with the same ppl,ya know? So Girlz inc never booked me.They will tell u that.There is no record of that.
When I was in the biz,I chose not to hang out with anyone in porn or in the industry.I just wanted to keep work separate.And I was interested in different things.Like vacationing at mental hospitals.

My psychiatrist felt I should take down some of my vids.It’s as simple as that.If u would like to ask me any quest,I will answer them for you.ALso,I did not know who DIane Duke was affiliated with.Of course she would never be on my side.She has an issue w the Pink Cross,loves max hardcore,and did u say she is friends w Sharon Mitchell? For the record,so many ppl in the porn biz were verbally attacking me for being anti Sharon Mitchell.Look at them now.Fucking puppets.It’s so 2010 2 hate that women.I’m over it.Justice was served.She knew what max was up to,and continued to feel comfortable watching his future victims come in and get tested.This is karma.So we hate alot of the same ppl.ANd u can hate me.But that person that posted,”Neesa is entertaining”..

U can’t deny that.U can laugh w or at me..But I know I am a fucking funny bitch! Eventually I will make a video about how DIane Duke is ugly and all that jazz.SImilar to my,”Sharon Mitchell is a cunt” video.oh,one main correction.I seriously have never had an abortion.I am pro choice.I do not want children.I am on the pill.I am fucked up in the head.but,u can keep it posted,or correct my wiki and let ppl kno that I think theres enoug children in the world,and I would hav an abortion if I ever did get pregnant.And all 4 hospital stays were really for bipolar.Never drug rehab. I have no shame,no reason to lie.Drug rehab is actually more accepting than the loony bin these days.Sincerely,crazy ass bitch, Neesa

Neesa post end.

(You can respond to this post and read the posts leading up to it here.)

(You can Neesa’s wiki here.)

Is AIM Healthcare closed for good?

(Discuss this article here)

AIM healthcare has closed their doors for remodeling? They can’t be serious. Could this be the end of the sham that is AIM Healthcare and Sharon Mitchell’s reign as a fake doctor?

Did Porn Wiki Leaks have anything to do with this?

Maybe next time there is an HIV outbreak (and it WILL happen) the doctor in charge will let performers, the people that fuck on camera, see the quarantine list?

Will AIM Healthcare ever re-open again?

What is this referral for performers to use your “online testing services?”

is AIM Healthcare closed for good?

Is this the HIV van that AIM owns where one of your “doctors” comes out to a performers house and sticks a needle in your arm and draws blood in the back seat of Sharon Mitchell’s 1977 Pinto?

This must bring back memories from the good old days huh Sharon?

This sounds REAL LEGIT and HEALTHY!

We here at Porn Wiki Leaks would recommend that all Gay Crossover performers and Gay Loving Whores should go to Out of the Closet Thrift stores to get your testing done!

Crossover HIV Testing!

While your getting tested, you can buy some used clothing that used to belong to someone who died of AIDS!

RIP AIM Healthcare

This is win win for everyone!

Only time will tell what happens with AIM Healthcare. We here at Porn Wiki Leaks would like to think that it will end positively.

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