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Tag: Sharon Mitchell

Fake Doctor Porn Hooker Drug Addict Sharon Mitchell Stole $371,000 And Xbiz fags lie

After reading this story below put out by xbiz you will tonice that not only does Fake Doctor Porn Hooker Drug Addict Sharon Mitchell Steele and ripped people off for over $371,000 she pocked instead of paying but also that all the fags and fag hags at Xbiz lie. Not one thing after or […]

What happened to Sharon Mitchell the fake doctor Crack Whore?

After pornwikileaks exposed Sharon Mitchell as the fake doctor Crack Whore running an illegal clinic and released all her doctors office database of patients and put her out of business what happen to her? Is she even alive? Did she go back to shooting up and hooking? Is she secretly behind one of these new […]

HIV Alert, Nacho Vidal is back in town – Pimped by gay pimp Derek Hay

Another trannyfucker Nacho Vidal is back in town and of course repped by Lord Derek Gays. Odd that Vidal is back after Christianx got kicked out of his gig at Naughty America and that the HIV testing situation is out of whack. Nacho will be filling vaginas and assholes with his HIV sperm to finish […]

Diane Duke and Sharon Mitchell fail at scamming people AGAIN!!

We have some interesting things unfolding after Diane Duke from the Free Speech Coalition and her lawyers wanted to shut down After they made a public statement about wanting to take PWL’s free speech rights away, and PWL found out why. It turns out the FSC had had funded $13,000 dollars for AIM health […]

Three people show to Free Speech Coalition’s “Industry Wide” meeting

Diane Duke is a real party animal. No doubt when the Free Speech Coalition closes up shop after failing to organize the pool of porn performers in the adult industry, she has a great future promoting and planning parties and events. The Free Speech Coalition, aka Fag Speech Coalition, held an “Industry Wide” meeting on […]

AIM Closed, Gay Mafia going down, Derek Hay’s models are next

(Discuss this post here:  AIM Closed, Gay Mafia going down, Derek Hay’s models are next) The first pillar of the porn industry’s Gay Mafia has fallen. AIM healthcare has closed for good among lawsuits and claims of leaked data that will have the owners of AIM filing for bankruptcy protection to protect the money its […]

Former Porn Star Neesa aka Marcy Justine Greer responds to Porn Wiki Leaks

Neesa, the former porn star and controversial porn figure aka Marcy Justine Greer, posted the following on Porn Wiki Leaks forum yesterday. We are including her post word for word with all spelling and grammatical errors. You can respond to this post and read the posts leading up to it here. You can Neesa’s wiki […]

Is AIM Healthcare closed for good?

(Discuss this article here) AIM healthcare has closed their doors for remodeling? They can’t be serious. Could this be the end of the sham that is AIM Healthcare and Sharon Mitchell’s reign as a fake doctor? Did Porn Wiki Leaks have anything to do with this? Maybe next time there is an HIV outbreak (and […]

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