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sean tompkins

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Why is Failkins such a hypocrite

I’m just curious has anyone paid attention? He thinks that it’s ok for him to drag peoples families, like Desi Foxx ex-husband and son, into the light, yet he makes it an issue when people…

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Thug tatics

Mike South said that his website was being hacked from the area that Tompkins lives. This guy is a thug. He bullies people on Twitter and his website. He keeps bringing up about Desi Foxx’s…

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Sean Tompkins protects women beaters

It’s funny how Sean Tompkins talks down on people in his shitty blog site about people he doesn’t like, yet he won’t ever blog about his good friend beating up on his wife. Especially when…

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Sean Tompkins wants dick in his ass

Sean Douchekins is so desperate to be like this mentor Christianx3 (windinhisass) that he has been practicing with dildos and strap ons up his ass and getting it ready for AVN 2015 when he will…

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Faggots trying to be like Christianx tweeting food pix

Adult Wiki Media [email protected] 1h Homemade chicken potpie. View photo

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