Sean Tompkins wants dick in his ass

Sean Douchekins is so desperate to be like this mentor Christianx3 (windinhisass) that he has been practicing with dildos and strap ons up his ass
and getting it ready for AVN 2015 when he will be flying in and having his fag boyfriend and his beard Christina Pigerria pick him up and drive out to
Henderson to stay and get filmed taking tranny dick up his ass. He is really needing to find relevance to the industry and that shit 5th rate blog that he
runs for practically free TheFakePornWikkleaks is eventually going full tranny and gay so. PWL is the CIA of the porn industry and when we speak everybody listens.
Whiteacre needs another fucking toupee. Jews with fucked up toupee look creepy and he looks creepy as it is.

File:Tompkins family (24).jpg

File:Sean Matthew Tompkins porn fanboi.jpg

Sean Matthew Tompkins bigger trash than a ghetto nigger bum!

You know whats bigger trash than a ghetto, thieving, drug abusing, drug dealing, rapist, slang talking, panting hanging down, homeless, criminal, gang member, 10 by having, low class, pussy ass thinking he is hard and a bad ass, trash nigger???

A white version of one named Sean Matthew Tompkins.
I was reading old post on PWL and found an old thread about him and a link to his old twitter and was reading his tweets from the beginning of 2009 and this scumbag listens to the most annoying nigger rap like this one.

read his twitter from the bottom up at some of this shit. Its sad to see a 40 year old man with 4 kids act this way and think he is a black punk kid.

Here are some of the better tweets.

Sean Tompkins [email protected] 15 May 2009
@devDillinger what’s good
Sean Tompkins [email protected] 15 May 2009
@Attevocai yo. Can u get one of ur people to get me a write up 4 a club that’s poppin. I need it for collapse
Sean Tompkins [email protected] 16 May 2009
@Kimsuet still haven’t put gas in it its sittin in my driveway its past the E thou
Sean Tompkins [email protected] 16 May 2009
Gona see how far past the E my gas gage will go

Not a Happy Birthday for Sean Matthew Tompkins

Post below on the forum why what Seans going to be doing on his Bday. LOL

This deadbeat loser tweeted “If I could walk away from this I would, but I can’t ..So watch out cuz 2014 is gonna be a most epic year” and he is basically saying that his loser life will continue to be a slave to Mark Spiegler’s payroll of 100 dollars a month and keep being a fanboi stalking  and harassing successful porn stars for Spiegler. He also lets Spiegler use all his accounts to post under so people dont know its Spiegler.  Anyways have fun making fun of him on his birthday below.


See faglier, kikeacre, and fagkins are all popping off over and over and over while fagging at AVN sucking each other off taking pix together. While straight male porn god super heros are getting there photos taken and getting paid for it these 3 gay Jew faggots are taking the pictures, stalking, and sucking each other off.



Faggots trying to be like Christianx tweeting food pix

Adult Wiki Media [email protected] 1h

Homemade chicken potpie.
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homemade chicken pot pie

To our Members, Trolls, Fags, or Fags pretending to be members

LISTEN UP! Someone posted some true facts on our forum:”tompkins is just a degenerate that doesn’t pay his bills, a real scumbag that wants to be in porn circles because porn is full of low-lives like him. how fucked up does someone have to be if fucking mark spiegler, mike south and fucking christian are your idols? jesus. that alone is reason enough not to give a shit about the pathetic sack of shit. ok, he hacked this site and stole the name to use on his crappy site, he wrote some cheesy, unfunny articles about donny but so what? at the end of the day who is he? a big fat no one.”

I WANT TO SAY FIRST OF ALL NO ONE EVER HACKED OUR SITE OR SHUT IT DOWN. Second I want to say Donny Long or any other super porn straight god has every right and is encouraged to come here and kick a faggot or a gay mafia supporter. Fags are still ruining the straight porn industry and spreading HIV to straights and fanboi or not that faggot scumbag Sean Matthew Tompkins is part of the gay mafia and also likes to try and kick Donny so Donny and his fans give him a pounding here. If you dont like it get the fuck off our site. This site is about kicking and exposing the gay mafia and its supporters which fanboi fagkins is a loud mouth homosexual supporter.

Also to people saying he is not relevant in porn anymore he is very much so because he owns which happens to be the largest adult job site and agency on the net with over 400 porn stars.

Donny Long and PWL always wins so keep up the good work Donny.

Sean Matthew Tompkins family failures photo collection

I have put together a nice collection of Sean Matthew Tompkins family failures photos for everyone’s enjoyment. Just like Mercedes Trashley and many more PWL army members need to never let up on such a level of scumbag so here is a kick for gay jew fagkins and his whole failed family.



Sean Matthew Tompkins even more of a loser than we thought

Sean Matthew Tompkins even more of a loser than we thought bashing his x wifes daughter that doesnt even belong to him but to Michael Camiso but carries the Tompkins last name. I hope this Michael Camiso guy beats the living fuck out of this fat sack of gay shit for bashing his daughter Brooke L. Tompkins.

Monica Foster [email protected] 20h

@teamlongwinning @realadultjobs @pwlrecentchange Initially someone on your forum thought that dude was the wife’s brother. Nope, ex husband.
Monica Foster [email protected] 20h

@teamlongwinning @realadultjobs @pwlrecentchange This is the bio – father. He emailed me & believes Fatkin’s lies. …
Monica Foster [email protected] 20h

@teamlongwinning @realadultjobs @pwlrecentchange why he doesn’t mind you bashing her and ruining her reputation. …
Monica Foster [email protected] 20h

@teamlongwinning @realadultjobs @pwlrecentchange Did you know Fatkin’s wife Vantrese’s ex is the biological father of his daughter? That’s