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and getting it ready for AVN 2015 when he will be flying in and having his fag boyfriend and his beard Christina Pigerria pick him up and drive out to
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File:Tompkins family (24).jpg

File:Sean Matthew Tompkins porn fanboi.jpg

Sean Matthew Tompkins family failures photo collection

I have put together a nice collection of Sean Matthew Tompkins family failures photos for everyone’s enjoyment. Just like Mercedes Trashley and many more PWL army members need to never let up on such a level of scumbag so here is a kick for gay jew fagkins and his whole failed family.



LEAKED Encyclopedia Dramatica owner Sean Matthew Tompkins San Antonio Texas?

While searching around the net I found one of the most hated people in the world that many would like to kill that’s the real owner of Encyclopedia Dramatica. To no surprise its the same  fanboy loser stalker keyboard tough guy Sean Matthew Tompkins that use to help run the gay child rapist website. We feel it the right to leak this info here for the world to see so that his victims can contact him about his actions.

This below is pulled from the blog where I found it at

Encyclopedia Dramatica owner Sean Matthew Tompkins of San Antonio Texas is the secret Stalker behind This guy is a class clown loser that was picked on in high school and has ZERO friends. He has 4 half black kids and 3 x wives and owes over 100k in child support. He sits on his computer 24/7 stalking people online with his many stalking websites including Encyclopedia Dramatica, TRPWL, and many more. Read all about this loser here and find not only his contact info but all his family.

Sean Matthew Tompkins wiki owner of encyclopedia dramatica

Also read what one of his many victims Monica Foster says about him Sean Matthew Tompkins Stalker