Faghag and Faggot liberal American dumbasses still dont tell the truth about HIV infested faggots ruining porn

After all these years of straight super hero porn god Donny Long exposing fags and throwing them from there closets and posting and proving how fags are straight porns every problem to this day the Faghag and Faggot liberal American dumbasses still dont tell the truth about HIV infested faggots ruining porn. I ran across a video the other day of of that faghag Cameron Bay crying about her HIV and how the porn industry didnt protect her and how there needs to be condoms laws bla bla bla and still she nor anyone else seem to mention her live in sicko faggot boyfriend Rod Daily which gay her the HIV was activity taking it up the ass in UNTESTED gay porn AND BAREBACK GAY ESCORTING and thats where it came from. So sad that only Donny Long and this site seem to tell the truth about these sick fucks. Youtube cameron bay gay and you dont get anything but her and others whining about porn but nothing about her gay porn star live-in boyfriend that gave it to her which you can see whining next to her in this video below!

Here is a video of the sick fuck talking about his untested and unprotected bisexual 3somes with whores and fags and gay escorting.





I am Proud to be HIV+ Rod Daily

I am Proud to be HIV+ and couldnt care less what all you jealous haters say. I can still work in gay porn and make loads of cash working POS on POS while laughing at all you jealous losers. I can even work with females as long as they are ok with me using a condom and my status. I am HIV positive and proud. Me and Cameron Bay by the way will still fuck off on and off camera and make money doing it. FUCK YOU STRAIGHTS IN THE CLOSET THAT WISH YOU COULD BE AS OPEN AS ME.

Rod Daily

Rod Daily Real Name Joshua Rodgers HIV infested faggot wiki

Rod Daily Real Name Joshua Rodgers is a HIV infested faggot that needs one of the biggest wiki pages here. This stupid queer shutdown the straight porn industry of 2013 by giving his fag hag Beard Cameron Bay HIV and has had a free ride being protected by the gay mafia run media. Everyone please go put on blast on his page everything about this queer and his family and anyone around him including his dog.

Rod Daily Wiki

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Rod Daily Escort Ad

Porn star as escorts – Trevor of SC, Marcus Mojo, & Rod Daily (Thanks Martin and Olaf)

TREVOR of SC Scenes of Trevor were released by Sean Cody from Sept 2009 to Sept 2010 where he had 12 scenes. He is based in New York and now escorts and offers hot nude massage (info sent by Martin).

Trevor_seancody_01 Trevor_seancody_02
Trevor_seancody_03 Trevor_seancody_04

MARCUS MOJO & ROD DAILY Two exclusives of Next Door Studios, Marcus Mojo [escort] and Rod Daily [escort], had escort pages at Rent Boy. Olaf wants to know “Does this mean they’re not with NDS anymore?






Rod Daily info

is this the faggot that brought HIV in porn this year? Is Rod Daily https://twitter.com/Rod_Daily Cameron Bay’s boyfriend? This faggot needs to be exposed either way. His twitter says “I Love my wang and he loves to FU*K all the flavors the world has to offer.#NOLABEL 1billion% supporter of EQUALITY.” he is clearly another Christianx that fucks dudes in the ass.